Is it that Henan rural bank deposits cannot be withdrawn? Or is it a fraud crime of collusion inside and outside the network P2P layer upon layer?!

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Author: zhouxiaoping from official account: Pingju (zg5201949)

Foreword: in order to attract money, these online financial products disguised as “deposits” have given many “preferential policies”, such as subsidized interest, doubling the first month’s interest, rolling interest package, etc. After a comprehensive calculation, the interest can reach 4.8-5.5%!! How terrible is this interest?? Now the interest on your bank loan to buy a house is only 4%, that is to say, if this is true, you can make a steady profit from the bank loan and then deposit it back in the bank. Is it possible?

The Henan rural bank could not withdraw money. A reader asked me to write about it long ago. I didn’t write it because I didn’t want to or didn’t dare, but because I was observing and confirming something. It was not until the recent announcement of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission that I was sure that the essence of the matter was exactly the same as I expected.


The thunder of Henan Rural Bank originates from the network P2P company. In other words, the money that Henan rural banks can’t withdraw is essentially caused by the network P2P company. After women disguised as men and disguised as men, they hang the sheep’s head of the bank to sell the third-party high-risk investment and wealth management products of the network P2P company.

Village banks can’t withdraw money. At first, the problem was not found by ordinary depositors of village banks, but the development of netizens around the country. It was first exposed in some forums such as post B, but it was severely deleted at the beginning. As the problem became bigger and bigger, the behavior of deleting Posts gradually decreased after the cover could not be covered. Why is it that the problems of a local rural bank in Henan are first discovered by the users of the network platform? In fact, the netizens who suffered this time included the users of the financial platform of online companies including “d Xiaoman”. The high interest return deposit financial products of Henan rural banks purchased by these users through “d Xiaoman” and other platforms appear to be fixed-term, principal guaranteed and deposit products, but in fact they are not delivered through formal bank deposit procedures, but through the purchase of financial products online. Misleading users is to “buy fixed deposit products”, but the actual online purchase transaction is a financial wealth management product that does not allow minimum guarantee, breaks the rigid cashing and has great risks. Now, all this money can not be withdrawn because it was not saved in the beginning.

With the strange wind and chaos of online financial innovation in the past few years, the major online P2P companies across the country have been thundering wildly, which can be howling everywhere for a time. After the network P2P storm, some suspected suspect were arrested, and some people who got away cunningly through layers of equity penetration and defense were still hiding in the dark waiting for opportunities. There is no wealth in finance itself. Once finance is inserted into the wings of speculation, it will become a man eating demon. As the country breaks the rigid regulations on cashing, as the Bank Insurance Regulatory Commission strengthens the management of the banking system, as major financial products are forced to label financial risks and other regulatory means, and as the national security publicity and warning education on the high risk of online P2P is strengthened, the public has actually become vigilant and defensive about online P2P companies.

Therefore, the products of many online P2P companies have begun to be unsalable. Even the users who participate in the purchase are well aware that they are high-risk speculation and have been prepared for property losses. However, this will not satisfy the hungry appetite of the financial wolves hiding in the dark. They will lie down and eat meat instead of hiding and eating grass. After being constantly forced to remind that high-risk online P2P products are unsalable, the financial wolves who have not been sanctioned by law begin to think of ways to use their brains. That is, how to bypass supervision and make people mistakenly think that buying financial management is a deposit.


It is not easy to achieve this. First of all, the bank has perfect regulations in all aspects, strict management and financial risk prediction. It is impossible for regular banks, especially the four major state-owned banks, to package financial products as deposit products. However, some small banks and local village banks with poor reserve absorption capacity and relatively loose internal supervision may be breached by interests.

After linking up with a third-party online P2P company, Henan new wealth group, on the one hand, promised to open up the internal fortress of rural banks for online P2P companies and disguise the financial products of online P2P companies as fixed-term deposit products of rural banks. On the other hand, it provided false information to rural banks, making rural banks think that they are only selling third-party online financial products instead of deposit products to users. Therefore, the “fixed deposit financial products” of rural banks, which are widely publicized and sold on the Internet, are actually “high-risk financial products” of third-party network companies, and the user’s money does not enter the bank’s fixed deposit fund pool at all, but flows into the pockets of third-party network P2P companies.

We can see that, in order to attract money, these financial products disguised as deposits have many “preferential policies”, such as bank subsidy interest, doubling the interest of the first deposit in March, interest roll over package, etc. After a comprehensive calculation, the interest can reach 4.8-5.5%!! How terrible is this interest?? At present, the interest on the bank loan to buy a house is only 4%, that is to say, if this is true, you can make a steady profit from the bank loan and then deposit it back in the bank. Do you think it is possible?


Although the crimes committed by Henan new wealth group are heinous, I think depositors should strengthen their risk awareness and financial awareness to protect themselves, because obviously this is not in line with common sense and is totally unreasonable. This kind of pie in the sky can only be a fraud. As long as any bank dares to charge me this interest, I will definitely not buy this deposit product. As I said, if the deposit bank can offer 5% interest, but the loan bank can only receive 4% interest, is the bank crazy? Why don’t the bank lend itself money? Unless the bank is crazy, it will give you the extra money for nothing to earn.

After all, all property losses in the world are caused by greed. All financial crimes are also the precise manipulation and precise harvesting of human greed. Without greed, there will be no damage, and without greed, there will be no harm. If you want to covet its interest, it will certainly eat the principal. There is no difference between earthworm fishing and bamboo screen catching birds. In my opinion, although people are also animals, they are high-level animals. People should use their wisdom to fight against these greed, anger and ignorance in the dynamic nature. No wisdom is the eternal defender of wealth.


The case of rural banks has sounded an alarm to our financial supervision system, which shows that there are still loopholes in our financial supervision and risk control system, and that our financial crime cost is still low. For the vast number of victims, they did buy it after seeing the words “deposit product” and “principal and interest protection” on the website. This is because of their trust in the network platform, but this trust was betrayed. In the author’s opinion, only by characterizing such P2P companies as fraud (which can be sentenced to death at most), can we truly curb those eager criminals.

In addition, the “coquettish operation” of privately turning the health code of the victim depositors of village banks into red in an attempt to prevent them from continuing to petition and report is really shocking, and it also shows that some people are bold! Not killing is not enough to calm the people’s anger.

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