Is it true that Christy Chung has a crush on Stephen Chow? Is it true that Christy Chung was rejected by Stephen Chow

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Christy Chung and Stephen Chow have cooperated in many films, such as the king of destruction, nine grades of sesame official white bread Qingtian, 97 happy events, God of food. The two men also had an affair that year, but they were not together. Christy Chung has a crush on Stephen Chow really? Is it true that Christy Chung once confessed that Stephen Chow was rejected? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Christy Chung has a crush on Stephen Chow really

Stephen Chow was so handsome and talented when he was young. He still has a position in the entertainment industry. Naturally, there are many girls who like him, including Christy Chung. After many years, Christy Chung said that she had a crush on Stephen Chow. In those days, many Hong Kong people wanted to immigrate. Christy Chung told Stephen Chow that she was Canadian. If Stephen Chow became her partner, she could immigrate directly to Canada.

Unfortunately, Stephen Chow didn’t get the meaning of Christy Chung’s words. He didn’t realize that Christy Chung was confessing to her at all, so the two people missed it. Stephen Chow’s love road is not very smooth, and he is still single, and he is still making a lot of trouble with his ex girlfriend. Although Christy Zhong has been married for three times and has had three children, everyone still feels that her current marriage is not very happy. Zhang lunshuo is not a good man who knows how to cherish her.

Christy Chung was rejected by Stephen Chow

If Stephen Chow had understood Christy Chung’s words, or if Christy Chung could be more brave and frank, maybe they could really be together. Moreover, Christy Chung’s simplicity, belief in love and the greatest character of love are still very suitable for Stephen Chow. When two people are together, male and female are absolutely good life partners. Unfortunately, not so, Christy Chung and Stephen Chow just missed it. However, the two have cooperated in so many films, which still create a lot of beautiful love stories for everyone.

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