Is it true that Liu Wen and Jing Boran appear in the hotel and have an affair

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Before, some netizens came across Liu Wen and Jing Boran riding bicycles. At that time, many netizens questioned whether the scandal was true or false, and thought that they would be ordinary friends. Unexpectedly, Liu Wen and Jing Boran appeared in the hotel and were photographed again. Is the scandal between them true or false? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Liuwen Jing Boran shows up at the hotel

In fact, when Liu Wen and Jing Boran were photographed riding bicycles last time, many netizens uncovered traces of their love, such as the same type of lovers, vegetable juice in the morning, and so on. However, many people have doubts about Jing Boran’s sexual orientation. Although Jing Boran had an open relationship with Ni Ni before, it was said on the Internet that they were contract lovers. The sweetness of the two people during the love period was pretended, and they broke up automatically after the contract expired.

So after the love affair between Liu Wen and Jing Boran came out, many netizens thought it was just a good friend. However, some netizens recently photographed Liu Wen showing up at Jing Boran’s hotel. At that time, Liu Wen also took her bag and shopping bag, and then left alone the next day. It is obvious that Liu Wen spent the night in the hotel that day. According to the current situation, people naturally think that Liu Wen was with Jing Biran that night.

Is the rumor about Liu Wen and Jing Boran true

In fact, the news that Liu Wen and Jing Boran are in love has basically been hammered, but both Liu Wen and Jing Boran are very low-key people. They are not willing to make public, or the time is not ripe. Moreover, Jing Boran has always liked girls of Liu Wen’s type, that is, girls with more temperament and very atmospheric appearance. Fans who like Liu Wen will know that she is actually a very simple girl. So Xiaobian also hopes that Jing Boran can cherish Liu Wen and never hurt the beauty’s heart.

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