Is it true that Shaobing likes caoheyang? Why did caoheyang quit Deyun club

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Shaobing and caoheyang are crosstalk actors of Deyun society, and they are still partners. As partners, Shaobing and Cao Heyang will naturally have a closer relationship, and rumors of the two have spread online. Is it true that Shaobing likes caoheyang? Why did caoheyang quit Deyun club? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Is it true that Shaobing likes caoheyang

The online gossip about Shaobing and Cao Heyang is also quite fierce. Although they both look like straight men, there are still rumors of an ambiguous relationship on the Internet. Even if Shaobing has married, married a particularly beautiful wife, and even had two children, some people on the Internet still say that Shaobing’s favorite person is Cao Heyang. I married Mrs. pancake just to give an account to my family. Of course, there is another version, saying that Shaobing is bisexual. Although she likes cake sister-in-law, she also likes Cao Heyang.

Many people on the Internet are also asking Cao Heyang why he wants to quit Deyun club, whether it is because of the reason of baking cakes, because it has been said on the Internet that cake sister-in-law cares about the interaction between the two people. But in fact, these are gossip, many of which are gossip spread by the melon eaters themselves. First of all, Cao Heyang didn’t quit the Deyun club. He stayed in the Deyun club well. This year, he also starred in the TV series “vashe Jianghu” produced by the Deyun club team.

Why did caoheyang quit Deyun society

As for the rumor that Shaobing likes Cao Heyang, few partners of Deyun society have never heard of an affair. It can only be said that today’s rotten women are really good at spreading. Looking at these partner crosstalk actors, rotten women all think that their relationship is not general. Shaobing and caoheyang are brothers who have a good relationship and are good partners who get along very well. I also hope netizens can eat melons and knock CP rationally, and don’t always think that their partnership is impure.

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