Is it true that the bottom hot kids plagiarize

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There are a lot of cross dressing videos on Tiktok. Recently, the most popular cross dressing blogger should be the bottom hot child. His Tiktok fans are really growing fast. Now there are 9.49 million, and it is about to break through tens of millions of fans. Is it true that the bottom hot child is suspected of plagiarism? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Introduction to hot kids at the bottom of the Internet

The bottom child, whose real name is Yan Hao, was born in 2003 and is only 19 years old this year. The bottom spicy child is from Huaiyuan, Anhui Province. He began to play Tiktok in 2021. The bottom child is an art student, who was admitted to Shenzhen University with a good score of No. 7 in Anhui Provincial Art joint examination and No. 1 in Huainan. Of course, there is also a push behind the popularity of the bottom spicy child in Tiktok. Because he signed a contract with Beijing to see the world culture media, this online celebrity company is still very strong. It also has online celebrities such as XIAOBAWANG, critical Shiying and liyufei.

The feature of the video of the bottom spicy child is to make himself dirty and ugly first, and then disguise as a handsome guy. Among them, some of the videos of the bottom spicy children disguised as famous models of various brands are also super popular with netizens. In the video, the bottom spicy children make their own “ Uniform ”. However, it is also these videos that make the bottom hot child fall into the dispute of plagiarism.

Is it true that the bottom hot child plagiarizes

Because in Tiktok, wanghong has long made such a series of large brand cross dressing, and it is also self-made clothes made of waste materials. If you have seen the video comparison, it is estimated that the bottom hot child is suspected of plagiarism. But in Tiktok, such plagiarism and imitation are too many. In addition to the bottom spicy children, there are many people who imitate them. But in the end, the hot kids are the bottom ones. It seems that everyone doesn’t care who is the net star of the original video.

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