Is Lei Zhenzi Lei Gong? So what is Xin Huan’s position?

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Who is Lei Gong? Today, the small editor of China story network will decrypt it for you!

Speaking of Xin Huan and Lei Zhenzi, we all know that this person is very, very interesting. These two people always don’t know who is Lei Gong. Some people ask, who is Lei Gong between Xin Huan and Lei Zhenzi? In fact, this issue has been debated for a long time. Let’s analyze it together to see what is going on!


Lei Zhenzi is not really Lei Gong, but Xin Huan is Lei Gong. Why do you say that? In fact, you can know why you have the illusion that Lei Zhenzi is Lei Gong by reading the romance of Fengshen. In fact, it’s just because Lei Zhenzi is famous. So how do you explain Lei Gong and Xin Huan in the romance of Fengshen? Then look down.


Lei Zhenzi is very famous in the novels of Fengshen romance. He is the 100th son of Ji Chang, king of Zhou Wen.

At that time, Jichang was deceived by King Zhou to Chaoge. On the way, there was a thunderstorm.

After the rain and thunder, the stars will appear. Ji Chang had people find Lei Zhenzi and take him as his adopted son. At that time, Yun zhongzi appeared, took Lei Zhenzi as his disciple and took him back to Zhongnan mountain.

This is the origin of Lei Zhenzi. Later, the God came and Lei Zhenzi became a saint!

Later, seven years later, Yun zhongzi asked Lei Zhenzi to go down the mountain to save his father, and gave him two apricots. Lei Zhenzi’s face was changed. His nose was high, his face was like indigo, his hair was like cinnabar, his eyes were blue, his teeth were wild, and his body was twenty feet long.

But the shape of this Lei Zhenzi is not ugly, except that the blue face and red hair are very similar to Lei Zhenzi!

Because Lei Zhenzi appears after the rain and thunders, many people think that Lei Zhenzi is Lei Gong, but in fact it is not!

Lei Gong’s appearance may be similar to that of Lei Zhenzi. They all have wings behind them, but a very important difference is that Lei Gong needs thunder!

However, according to the legend of Fengshen, Lei Zhenzi followed his master to Taoyuan. Yunzi took a gold stick and passed it on. Lei Zhenzi soared up and down, circling like the sound of wind and rain, and moving forward and backward like a dragon and a snake; He turned like a tiger shaking his head and rose like a dragon to sea.

At this time, we can see that Lei Zhenzi’s weapon is a gold stick.

But what Lei Gong needs to thunder is a hammer and a drill.

The hammer and the drill hit each other, giving out bursts of thunder.

In the novels of the apotheosis, the one who has such a weapon is Xin Huan.

Like Lei Zhenzi, Xin Huan has two wings on his back.

The two of them had fought.

According to the original description, Lei Zhenzi shouted: “I’m coming!” I’ll hit you with my stick. Xin Huan hammer drill is returned face to face. The four wings in the air are tossing, and the hammer and stick are loud.

With this passage, we can see that the weapons of Xin Huan are hammers and drills, and the weapons of Lei Zhenzi are gold sticks.


Xin Huan was later killed by Lei Zhenzi. After his death, he was named one of the 24 heavenly kings of the Ministry of thunder, and was named Xin Tianjun.

Xin Huan’s weapons are hammer and drill. After his death, he was a member of the Lei Department. Therefore, according to the legend of Fengshen, Xin Huan is Lei Gong.

The reason why many people mistake Lei Zhenzi for Lei Gong is that Lei Zhenzi is well-known. He is the 100th son of Jichang and has a deep background. In addition, in people’s impression, Lei Gong is very powerful, but in the end, Xin Huan, the real Lei Gong, died in the hands of Lei Zhenzi, which makes people reluctant to accept the reality that Xin Huan, a loser, is Lei Gong.

In fact, Lei Gong’s status is not high. He is just a wage earner in Tianting. No matter from the romance of Fengshen or the journey to the west, we can see the position of Lei Gong. He was just the one who thundered before the rain. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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