Is liushishi and wuqilong divorced? Is it true or false that they are acting because of child custody

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Some time ago, it was reported that Liu Shishi and wuqilong had divorced, which also triggered a lot of onlookers and discussions among melon eaters. However, wuqilong soon came out to refute the rumors, and the news of the divorce of the two people was suppressed. Is liushishi and wuqilong divorced? An insider broke the news that they pretended not to divorce because of the custody of their children. Is the disclosure true or false? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Is liushishi and wuqilong divorced

Although the news of wuqilong and liushishi’s divorce has been suppressed, many melon eaters think it is a fake news. However, some netizens broke the news, saying that the divorce is really true, but they have not gone through the divorce procedures yet. Netizens broke the news that the relationship between liushishi and wuqilong had long been in trouble. At present, the two people have not reached an agreement on the upbringing of their children. Both of them want to fight for the custody of their children, so they have not gone through divorce procedures.

According to netizens, once wuqilong and liushishi reach a consensus on the issue of child custody, those two people will certainly divorce. As for the reasons for the divorce of the two people, there have been rumors on the Internet about wuqilong’s agent. Because before the news of the divorce between wuqilong and liushishi came out, many people on the Internet started to pick up the relationship between wuqilong and his agent.

Liushishi and wuqilong compete for custody of children

The agent stayed with wuqilong longer than liushishi. There were many gossip about the two of them on the Internet. He even said that wuqilong’s money was taken care of by his agent. Compared with liushishi, wuqilong was more intimate with the agent. Of course, you can just listen to these revelations. There are news on the Internet that Liu Shishi and wuqilong plan to have a second child. All the revelations can not be trusted until the two leaders have made an official announcement.

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