Is lixueqin really lazy? Why did lixueqin get to where she is today

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Two episodes of the second season of the 50km peach blossom dock have been broadcast. Whether it is the first season or the new season, lixueqin seems to be the laziest person in the eyes of the audience. Even if everyone went to the seaside to play and chat in the latest episode, lixueqin chose to go back to the house and lie on the sofa, which also led to her being scolded by many people for being lazy. Is lixueqin really lazy? Why did she get where she is today? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Is lixueqin really lazy

Many netizens have complained that roast is very blue in the 50km Taohuawu. They don’t understand why Li Xueqin wants to convey this funeral culture in the program. In fact, Xiaobian thinks that everyone misunderstood lixueqin. She can only say that she is not good at physical work, so she found that she was very unplanned in physical work. But from another angle, for example, in the area of mental work, lixueqin is definitely very diligent and hardworking.

For example, when Taohuawu holds a party and a radio station, Li Xueqin is very dedicated and is still discussing the manuscript in the early morning. Another example is another variety show that lixueqin recently participated in. It was a sitcom. She broke her bones in the last recording, but she insisted on performing this time. Lixueqin said in the variety show Mao xuewang that she would be very anxious if she didn’t have a job.

Why can lixueqin stay here today

Xiaobian thinks that lixueqin is not a lazy person. She just pursues high efficiency to complete her work, and once she accepts a job, she will definitely try to do it well. In Taohuawu, lixueqin’s laziness in the eyes of some netizens is just that she doesn’t want to be coerced into doing something inefficient, so she behaves “ Not active ”. If lixueqin is really a lazy person in the mouth of some netizens, she can’t mix up in the entertainment industry to today’s status.

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