Is monkey king really born? What is the real origin of monkey king?

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Is monkey king really born? Is it a question many people want? The following China story network editor will bring you detailed answers.

We are familiar with the monkey king, but his life experience has always been a mystery. We know that the original text of journey to the west says that an immortal stone on Huaguo Mountain was conceived by absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon. There are so many stones on the mountain, but this one has become “essence”, which shows that the origin of this stone is also unusual. And many people have different opinions. Xiaobian sorted out several.


First of all, many people believe that Wukong originated from Nuwa stone. Nuwa goddess was originally the God of creation in ancient times, so it is not surprising that her stone can be bred into life. However, it is not very reliable to say that Wukong is a sky mending multicolored stone. Too many immortals and ghosts say that Nuwa’s sky mending multicolored stone is missing, such as Jia Baoyu in a dream of Red Mansions. In this way, Nu Wa is too careless. Can’t you calculate the quantities clearly?

Secondly, it is said that Wukong was transformed by a Buddhist relic. After all, there is insufficient evidence. It is mainly the setting in the afterlife of journey to the west, which is not only the most precious treasure of Buddhism, but also the ultimate fate with Buddhism.

However, the well-documented view is that Wukong is the son of Dayu. This is a precedent. Yu’s wife, nvjiao, is Tu Shan’s daughter. Yu is often busy with water treatment and rarely goes home to have a look. After taking nvjiao, she went out to treat the water a few days later, but her wife was pregnant, so her wife searched for her husband thousands of miles, and finally turned into a “Wangfu stone”. After hearing this, Yu came to Wangfu stone and said “return my son”, so Bang’s life, someone jumped out of the stone. This is not Sunwukong, but Qi. Qi may be Wukong’s brother.


Later, there were two theories. One was that Yu later married the younger sister of nvjiao, and Yu followed the previous style. He was away from home all year round. His second wife was pregnant again, so she turned into stone, and then absorbed the essence of the sun and moon. On a sunny day, Sun Wukong was born. Then why is Wukong a monkey but Qi a man? This may have something to do with Yu’s frequent absence from home (you taste it carefully (this is a joke, don’t take it seriously))

Another theory is that Yu had an affair while nvjiao was still alive, and this “third party” has a great relationship with the queen mother. There are different opinions about who it is. So that let the monkey go to see flat peach, flat peach garden is the patent of the queen mother. Later, it was only 500 years’ imprisonment to make such a scene in Tianting. As a descendant of Yu, Wukong must have a high affinity for his father’s thing, the golden cudgel. In order to dredge the waterway, Yu used to turn bears into mountains, which shows that Yu was also good at change. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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