Is Poland ready to annex Ukraine?

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“I’ll make waves and you’ll make orchids. Let’s build a new country together.”.

Recently, the leaders of Russia and Belarus are hyping that Poland has other intentions towards Ukraine, trying to annex the territory of Ukraine.

These days, the Chinese network also spread rumors of the merger of Poland and Ukraine, making fun of Zelinski’s stories of humiliating the country by losing power. It is right to spread this way from the perspective of interests. It seems to make sense from the perspective of history, but we still need to understand the underlying logic.

The eight memoranda recently signed by Poland and Ukraine are expected to be signed more in the future. However, this is not to enable Poland to annex Ukraine, but to enable Ukraine to bypass Germany and France through Poland and get support from the EU and NATO.

Neither the EU nor NATO is monolithic on the issue of Russia. Whether Ukraine wants to join the EU or NATO, it will encounter a veto. Even the aid agreements for Ukraine passed by the parliaments of various countries and organizations will be delayed indefinitely at the level of government implementation.

For example, the just concluded sixth round of sanctions against Russia, with the tacit consent of France, Germany and Italy, Hungary jumped out and made a mess of the agreement initialed by the European Parliament, turning the sanctions into more nominal than substantive. After six months, the sanctions were implemented. Hungary, Czech Republic, China and India sold OEM oil and gas to Europe through the pipeline network, and China and India through sea transportation

The high oil and gas paid by the common people in the European Union with their noses turned into the GDP of the mysterious powers in the East.

The purpose of signing the agreement between Poland and Ukraine this time is to directly apply the framework established by the EU and NATO to Ukraine outside the system. By bypassing these obstacles, European and NATO assistance can be directly sent to Ukraine through Poland, and Ukrainian materials can also enter the euro zone beyond the high standard threshold of the EU.

In short, Poland, which most hates Russia within the EU, has become a pawn of the United States this time, and is ready to bypass France and Germany, which have always resolutely refused Ukraine’s entry into the EU and NATO and armed it.

This routine is very vicious and will also lead to the erosion and protracted war.

Therefore, from the top leaders of Russia and Belarus to the domestic political leaders who support Russia, they have been hyping that Poland is preparing to annex Ukraine, with the purpose of fighting a public opinion war to avoid further signing of the cooperation agreement between Poland and Ukraine.

Having written so much and understood the American routine, it is naturally helpful to avoid being attacked twice by the same trick.

Don’t think that this is a lost path for the United States, or that our counter-measures have achieved results. This routine is “tearing down roofs and opening windows” written by Lu Xun in those days.

Just a few days ago, the United States and Taiwan announced the launch of the “US Taiwan Trade Initiative in the 21st century” while canceling the deletion.

Recalling the previous Indian Pacific Economic Framework IPEF of “small NATO in Asia”, Taiwan, which has been actively preparing for a long time, was not included in the first round of the list, but the “21st century trade initiative” between the United States and Taiwan included all items of IPEF.

Friends who know the law understand that the United States is “emphasizing substance over form”. This move avoids the opposition within ASEAN and is ready to gradually add Taiwan to the IPEF.

This set of ideas is almost the same as the United States’ attempt to sign a cooperation agreement with Poland and Ukraine. It doesn’t care about the name and substantively integrates Ukraine into the EU and NATO.

Don’t think you don’t care. Just like a scum man, he still nominally admits that his sister is an honest girlfriend, but he is ready to take his sister away from home every day to participate in all kinds of multiplayer sports. This is not a problem of being green, but the rhythm of her being abducted sooner or later.

Therefore, in my opinion, on the one hand, China should prevent the US pawn in Asia “Poland” from jumping out to make trouble. On the other hand, China should also do the other way and burn the war to the backyard of the US emperor.

Continue to sell more licensed fuel to the Yellow waistcoat that is short of oil and gas in the EU, engage in energy alliance with the right-wing lords in the Gulf, and engage in APEC based cooperation with the left turning Latin American countries and Pacific island countries

As long as you exercise well, there are always opportunities.

After all, at present, it seems that the war in Europe will not end in a short time. The bulk government of the Democratic Party, facing the situation of endless flames and a decisive civil war, the white haired “sleeping king” will sooner or later lose energy and can’t hold back those active begonias.


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