Is Princess Iron Fan a goblin or a fairy? Why is Princess Iron Fan called & ldquo; Luocha female;?

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Is Princess Iron Fan a goblin or a fairy? Why is Princess Iron Fan also called “Luocha woman”? The following Chinese story network Xiaobian will bring you detailed answers.

What is the identity of Princess Iron Fan? Flaming Mountain is burning all the time, and Princess Iron Fan can fan out the fire of Flaming Mountain. Maybe in the imagination of many people, the vicinity of Flaming Mountain is either desolate or the people are in dire straits. Because there is such a mountain here, people are afraid that they can’t live normally. Then Princess Iron Fan, who is in charge of banana fans, must be a monster if she sees the people’s suffering but doesn’t help them. But Princess Iron Fan doesn’t have a real body like other monsters. Is she a monster?

Many people are curious about the true identity of Princess Iron Fan, and to a large extent, it is her husband, Niu demon, who decides whether she is a monster or an immortal. The ox demon king is an out and out monster. Who would be called the “demon king”? Then, in people’s minds, as the wife of the monster ox demon king, she must also be a monster, and if an immortal sees human suffering, how can he not save it? Princess Iron Fan allowed the Flaming Mountain to burn all the time but did not extinguish it. It must be a monster.

But in fact, the real identity of Princess Iron Fan is not so simple. Sun Wukong was thrown into the Bagua furnace to refine his golden eyes. He could see the incarnations of various monsters at a glance. Why didn’t he say what the real body of Princess Iron Fan was? In the original of journey to the west, the ox demon king said that his wife was “also a virtuous Fairy”. This shows that Princess Iron Fan may have other identities, no matter what demons and ghosts, but she eventually became an immortal, so she has left the ranks of demons.

In the original book, it is also mentioned that Princess Iron Fan is also known as “Luocha woman”, which may be helpful to explain the identity of Princess Iron Fan. “Luocha” means evil spirits. They eat human flesh and blood. They can fly in the sky and walk on the ground. If they are men, they are ugly. But if they are women, they are beautiful. Therefore, Princess Iron Fan was probably trained by Luosha. Her original identity was evil ghost, and later she became a fairy.

As for why Princess Iron Fan didn’t take the initiative to fan out the fire of Flaming Mountain and refused to let Sun Wukong fan it out, but she only took out the banana fan when the ox demon king was in trouble. On the one hand, it can be said that she didn’t trust Sun Wukong, protected her husband ox demon king, and hated her “lost” child red boy. But there are actually other reasons. On the surface, Princess Iron Fan thought that red boy was killed by Sun Wukong, so she always hated him, but this is only one of many reasons.


There have always been people living near Flaming Mountain. In the eyes of local people, Princess Iron Fan is not a “Luocha woman” or a “wife of the ox demon king”, but an iron fan fairy. In their opinion, Princess Iron Fan can help them achieve a good harvest. They go to pray once every ten years, asking the iron fan fairy to extinguish the fire of Flaming Mountain, let rain fall from the sky, and let crops grow in the ground. That is to say, If the people want to survive, they must rely on Princess Iron Fan, otherwise they will not survive.

In this case, Princess Iron Fan is equivalent to their protective god. What would happen to ancient people when they met this “Fairy”? Of course, it is to offer it to provide her with something she needs, which is very meaningful for Princess Iron Fan’s cultivation. Therefore, this matter is beneficial to Princess Iron Fan. Whether it is people, demons or immortals, they all seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. Princess Iron Fan will not take the initiative to put out the flame mountain. Therefore, the choice of Princess Iron Fan is actually very reasonable. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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