Is Qi Peixin’s girlfriend cheating during pregnancy true or false

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Many people know that Qi Peixin’s reason for this play is that Chen Qingling is so popular that many supporting actors in the play are also very popular and become familiar through this play. Qipeixin plays Jinling in the petition, which is a highly recognizable role. However, not long after Qi Peixin gained popularity, he fell into a negative scandal. Qi Peixin is a hot potato. Qi Peixin was hammered by his girlfriend and cheated during her pregnancy. Is it true or false? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Qipeixin popcorn

As soon as Qi Peixin became famous, he immediately set up a car overturn and was exposed by his girlfriend. The woman said that when she was with Qi Peixin, Qi Peixin claimed to have been single for about a year. But in fact, this is not the case. Before Qi Peixin interacted with girls, he also had an affair with other girls. And during the two contacts, Qi Peixin also constantly cheated.

The girl got pregnant unexpectedly later. When she told Qi Peixin the news, Qi Peixin said it was the same whether she said it or not. Then she began to urge the girl to go to the hospital to abort her child. They even started cold violence against girls, forcing girls to kill their children. The girl was so disappointed with Qi Peixin that she went to the hospital to beat her child. The girl also disclosed that during the two people’s exchanges, Qi Peixin often asked him for a variety of needs, such as asking to play SM with the girl, and even asking the girl to bring her best friend to play 3P with him.

Qipeixin’s girlfriend cheated during pregnancy

Finally, the girl was also extremely disappointed with Qi Peixin, so she came out to disclose Qi Peixin. She hoped that other girls could see Qi Peixin’s character and not be cheated by Qi Peixin’s rhetoric. Moreover, as a girl, she also disclosed the nude photos of Qi Peixin and the screenshots of the two people’s wechat chat, etc., to prove that the strong information she reported was true.

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