Is Sha Seng the deepest in the Western game? Why do you say that?

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Is Sha Seng the deepest in the Western game? Why do you say that? The editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

Sha Seng has always been regarded as the most honest person in the journey to the West. He does not make a show of himself, nor does he steal the show. He works diligently and conscientiously. He always carries his luggage and does very tired work, but he has no complaints. Although his sense of existence is weak, he cannot be absent. Even if he is absent, he will not have much influence, but he just feels that there is something wrong. However, why do some people think that in fact, monk Sha is the deepest one among them?


In the journey to the west, monk Sha seems to be a person who has no quarrel with the world. He protects the Tang monk from scriptures. He gives the impression that he works hard and has a good temper. Especially in the TV series journey to the west, the appearance of monk Sha is to endure humiliation and bear heavy burdens. In fact, in the original work, monk Sha’s work was not heavy. At that time, Sun Wukong’s assignment of monk Sha’s work was to lead horses and put him in the work of carrying burdens. That was the matter of Zhu Bajie. Later, the Buddha also said that the eight Commandments were meritorious in carrying burdens. As for monk Sha, he really did not help in carrying burdens.

The burden of Bajie is not light: four yellow vines and eight ropes. It should also be protected from rain and rain. The felt bag should have three or four layers. The plaque is still worried and slippery, and the two ends are nailed. A copper inlaid iron nine ring staff, and a large cloak wrapped with silk and rattan. Although sometimes Bajie’s mouth is a little broken, his heart is actually very kind. Monk Sha is a very deep person in the city. He seldom shows up and hides until he has to. After Sun Wukong was expelled for the second time, Tang monk was teased by a fake monkey. Zhu Bajie wanted to go to theory, but Tang Monk did not let him, so he sent monk Sha to go. At this time, monk Sha was not afraid at all. He talked to the monkey king with confidence, Sha Seng said: “I told elder martial brother that the former was really Shifu’s sexual violence. I wrongly blamed the elder martial brother. I cursed the elder martial brother several times and drove him home. On the one hand, I didn’t dissuade him, and on the other hand, I went to find water for Shifu’s hunger and thirst. I didn’t expect the elder martial brother to come back with good intentions, and blamed Shifu for not keeping the law. So I knocked Shifu down, fainted on the ground, and grabbed the luggage. Later, I rescued Shifu and came to pay respects to him. If I didn’t hate Shifu, I would like to return my luggage with my younger brother to see Shifu and go west together Oh, my God, this is the right result. If you are so resentful that you are unwilling to go with me, you must give your brother the burden. My brother is in the deep mountains, and the evening scenery of lesangyu is the best of both worlds. ” The monkey king didn’t agree, and monk Sha continued to be careful: “elder martial brother’s words are not right. Since then, there has been no one who has learned the Scriptures.

The Buddha Buddha created the Tripitaka Sutra. Originally, Guanyin Bodhisattva asked the people in the east to seek the Sutra. He asked us to go through thousands of mountains, consult other countries, and protect the people who got the Sutra. The Bodhisattva once said that the person who took the Scriptures was a disciple of the Tathagata. He was called elder Jinchan, but because he did not listen to the Buddha’s scriptures, he was demoted to Lingshan mountain and reincarnated in the East. He taught him to correct the West and restore the main road. There should be such a magic barrier on the road. Free the three of us and do Dharma protection with him. Brother, if Tang monk is not allowed to go, the Buddha will pass on the Scriptures to you! But it’s not a waste of time. “


Monk Sha is a capable person. Facing the monkey as the former leader, he is not only unmoved, but also filled with righteous indignation. You should know that in the past monk Sha only followed the monkey’s lead. Seeing that the monkey wanted to learn the scriptures by himself, he was so angry that he even killed the fake monk Sha. Monk Sha’s skills are not weak, and you can’t see it until the critical moment. The fake Monkey King, even Sun Wukong, can’t tell the difference between the high and the low. However, monk Sha can break through the tight encirclement: good monk Sha, hold the demon subduing staff in both hands, and kill a fake monk Sha at the head. It turns out that this is a monkey spirit. The traveler was annoyed. He surrounded monk Sha with a golden cudgel and handsome monkeys. Monk Sha dashed around and hit the intersection and escaped through the clouds.

Monk Sha is so talented. Why is he so low-key?

First, I have been around leaders and know that I should be cautious in my words and deeds. In those years, I was a demoted cadre just because I missed the glass lamp and made the leaders unhappy. Of course, I had to change my mind and become a new man. Monk Sha knew that his words and deeds of the Jade Emperor, the Buddha, and even the Tang elders were all seen and remembered in his heart. Therefore, he dared not say one more word and do a wrong thing.

Second, I don’t like the reputation of being empty headed. Contrary to Sun Wukong’s high-profile character, monk Sha is not concerned about himself, but he knows that the world is impermanent after his painful experience in exile in Liusha river. In the past, there was a lot of arrogance around the leaders, and they wanted wind and rain, but now they are living with Liusha river. Naturally, I hope that someone will liberate me. Therefore, I am naturally happy to see the team of scriptures. In addition, the elder martial brother likes to publicize, and the second martial brother is lazy. Naturally, I want to survive in the cracks. It is no wonder that one is sun Dasheng, who is self reliant as king, and the other is Marshal Tianpeng of the Tianhe world in the past. Among them, monk Sha dares to be a big one. He can only be his own junior.


Third, monk Sha can speak. When the Tang Monk and Wukong Bajie don’t talk, Lao Sha has always been a master of harmony, and always makes the Tang Monk happy. It sounds very comfortable. Saying goodbye to King Zhu Zi, the three Zang of the speech table straightened out the pommel horse and marched westward. There are so many mountains and endless waterways, and it is worth the beautiful spring when autumn and winter are gone. The teachers and apprentices were walking along the road to enjoy the scenery when they saw a nunnery forest. Sanzang rolled off the saddle and stood beside the main road. The walker asked, “master, this road is smooth and innocent. Why don’t you go?” Bajie said: “elder martial brother, you are so unreasonable! Shifu is sleepy on the horse. Let him come down to Guanfeng.” Sanzang said: “it’s not Guan Feng. I think it’s a family there, and I want to go to eat some vegetarian food.” The Walker said with a smile, “you see what the master said. If you want to eat fast, I will change it. As the saying goes: one day is a teacher, and the whole life is a father. How can it be that those who are disciples sit high and the teacher’s father goes to the fast?” Sanzang said, “I’m not waiting for you.

On weekdays, you can see the boundless. You go to the Ramadan every day. Today, people are approaching. You can ask me to come and take one. ” Bajie said: “master doesn’t advocate. As the saying goes, when three people go out, the little child suffers. You are a father, and we are all disciples. The ancient book says: if you have something to do, please wait for my old pig.” Sanzang said: “disciple, it’s sunny today. It’s different from the rainy day. At that time, you must be far away. This family, when I go, can walk back if there is a room but no room.” Monk Sha smiled and said, “elder martial brother, there is no need to talk more. Master’s mind is like this. There is no need to contradict him. If you annoy him, you will turn him into a general and he will not eat.” Why does monk Sha’s words sound so sweet to the ears of Tang monk? I wonder that monk Sha has been serving the leaders all the time. How can the eight commandments Wukong understand it.

Fourth, monk Sha knows the world, which is better than Wukong’s eight commandments. It was said that red boy was the son of the ox demon king. Sun Wukong and pig Bajie were overjoyed. But monk Sha was very calm: “brother, as the saying goes, if you don’t come to the house for three years, you won’t kiss. You haven’t seen him for five or six hundred years, haven’t returned a cup of wine, and haven’t been invited to a festival. Where does he know you?” The Walker said: “how can you be such an equal person! As the saying goes, a leaf of duckweed returns to the sea. Where can we not meet each other? Even if he doesn’t recognize his relatives, the good Tao won’t hurt my master. If you don’t expect him to keep a banquet, you must return me to the Tang monk.” In the end, the master of nature didn’t come back. Wukong was almost burnt to death, and Bajie was almost made into a roast pig. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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