Is Shennong and Yan Emperor the same person? What is the relationship between them?

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For partners who are very interested in Shennong and Yan Di, the editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

The Chinese civilization has been inherited for 5000 years. In this long history, there have been countless literati and poets, who have splashed ink, pointed out the country, and left handed down Chinese essays; There have also been one after another heroic heroes and righteous men who have pulled out the mountains, leaving countless legends of chivalrous bones and tenderness, which are praised by later generations.


However, in addition to these, the most discussed Chinese civilization is the embryonic period of Chinese civilization, that is, the legendary ancient period. Due to the absence of words during this period, many things in this historical period have not been accurately recorded.

This vacuum period of historical records has created endless Fantasies for future generations, and the myths about this period are also fascinating. Among them, there are many historical stories about Shennong emperor. People always have such a question about Shennong, that is: is Shennong Emperor Yan? What is the relationship between Shennong and Yan Emperor?

First of all, we want to introduce Yan Di.

The legend of Emperor Yan is one of the ancestors of China. He and the Yellow Emperor are called the ancestors of China. Emperor Yan was a tribal leader in ancient times, also known as the Lieshan clan or the Red Emperor. According to legend, Emperor Yan taught people the method of farming, promoted the emergence of the concept of “market”, and invented linen training and clothing, so that people can hide their shame and hide their bodies, as well as the five stringed Qin, etc.

It is precisely these achievements of Emperor Yan that make him enjoy the reputation of “the first ancestor of humanity”. Later, Emperor Yan and Emperor Huang formed an alliance to develop into a Chinese nation. Therefore, as descendants, we call ourselves descendants of the Chinese emperor. It can be said that Yandi and Huangdi are the ancestors of many Chinese cultures and technologies. Many of the major inventions of that period were made by him and his men.


People read many ancient books left by their predecessors and found that these historical stories of Emperor Yan were so similar or even the same as those about Shennong. There was also a legend that Emperor Yan tasted all kinds of herbs in order to protect the people in the tribe from disease, which eventually led to poisoning and death. This seems to confirm the statement that Yan Emperor is Shennong, and is this really the case in history?

In myths and legends, Yan Emperor’s ox head and human body, of course, these are fairy stories after all, let’s have a look. Yan Di, surnamed Jiang, lived in Jiangshui. Later, for various reasons, he had a fierce conflict with the Jiuli nationality, and the leader of the Jiuli nationality was the same famous Chiyou.

According to legend, Chiyou beast has a human face and horns on its head. Of course, this is also a myth. Let’s have a look. Chiyou was extremely brave and belligerent. Later, in the battle for deer, Chiyou was once powerful. The defeated Yan Emperor asked the Yellow Emperor for help. The Yellow Emperor operated once and helped Yan Emperor defeat Chiyou.

Some historians have put forward such a statement, they believe that the Yellow Emperor and Yan Emperor here are actually one throne, that is, this is a kind of appellation, not referring to a specific person, and Shennong may be a Yan Emperor.

However, there is another saying spread in the academic circles, which is completely opposite to the view mentioned above. They believe that there is no connection between Yan Emperor and Shennong at all. They are completely two people, because there is such a record in the historical books that Shennong’s reign lasted for 70 centuries, and Shennong’s tribe gradually declined until the rise of the Yellow Emperor tribe.

Next, I want to explain that the Shennong family has ruled for 70 centuries. The Shennong family here refers to the leaders of several generations of this tribe, not just a person. It is just a title, the title of a tribal leader. This is also the reason why historical books record that Nuwa, Shennong and others ruled their tribes for thousands of years. Nuwa and Shennong are both appellations of a tribal leader.


According to the story that the Yellow Emperor once went to attack the Yan Emperor instead of Shennong, historians came to the conclusion that Shennong and Yan Emperor were not alone. Because, on the basis of determining that both Yan Emperor and Shennong are the titles of tribal leaders, it can be clearly seen from this allusion that at that time, Yan Emperor’s tribe and Shennong’s tribe existed at the same time, so they could not refer to the same person.

There are also relevant records in the historical records of the five emperors. The book introduces that during the period of the Yellow Emperor, the Shennong clan had gradually declined, and tribes fought against each other. However, at this time, the Shennong clan could not go to fight. Therefore, the Yellow Emperor removed the two great evils of Yan Emperor and Chiyou before he led the troops, and then the prestige of the Yellow Emperor soared and finally became the son of heaven.

According to the records, it is obvious that Emperor Yan and Shennong are two people.

However, unfortunately, the above is also based on some records of later generations, because there is no exact record in ancient times. Therefore, there is no definite conclusion about whether Yan Emperor and Shennong are the same person. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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