Is Sunwukong the strongest monster in travel notes? There is a person who even fears the Tathagata

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When it comes to the strongest monster in the journey to the west, you may think it is the monkey king, but in fact, there is a powerful monster in the West that even the Tathagata are afraid of, and even spend a considerable price to subdue it.

In order to suppress the influence of the Supreme Lord, the Jade Emperor summoned the Western Buddha and the Buddha to subdue the demons. The Jade Emperor’s move is obviously to elevate the Tathagata to check and balance the old monarch. The Tathagata Buddha was unwilling to be used as a gun, so he took the opportunity to propose a sutra learning plan. The plan of getting scriptures is called preaching scriptures. In fact, it is in the name of getting scriptures to clear up non Buddhist forces along the way from Eastern earth to Western Heaven. Through the careful layout of the Tathagata Buddha and the close cooperation of the Tang monks and disciples, the two big countries on the Western Road, Wuji and Chechi, have become countries that worship Buddhism.

On the way to learn scriptures, those monsters with low skills were directly killed, those with a heavenly background were recalled by immortals, and the rest were powerful monsters in the west, represented by the ox demon king family. They are just the objects that the Tathagata Buddha wants to accept wholeheartedly. In order to subdue the ox demon king, the Buddha has worked hard for hundreds of years. The ox demon king has great powers. With the banana fan, the Tathagata Buddha has to be cautious. Buddha Buddha should have guessed the secret relationship between the ox demon king and the Supreme Lord Lao Jun. What can we do to subdue the ox demon king without provoking the Supreme Lord? Naturally, it is necessary to become famous. When Nezha appeared on the stage, he said something: yesterday, the foolish father and son saw the Buddha, called on the Jade Emperor and said that Tang Monk Lu blocked the flame mountain, and sun Dasheng could not defeat the ox demon king. The Jade Emperor sent a message to my father and king to lead the crowd.

To savor these words carefully is actually to make two reasons for arresting the ox demon king. First, the ox demon king is guilty of impeding the scripture taking action. The scripture taking action is an official action approved by the Jade Emperor. It hinders the great cause of Scripture taking, that is, it does not give the Jade Emperor face! Even the old gentleman, it is not convenient to come out for the ox demon king publicly. Why doesn’t the Tathagata Buddha send Guanyin to arrest the ox demon king? Avalokitesvara will be a success. Even other Bodhisattvas like Manjusri and Samantabhadra can. But the Tathagata Buddha only sent four vajras. What is the status of the four vajras in the Buddhist sect? It’s just the four security section chiefs of Lingshan!


In addition, the four King Kong didn’t actually make any moves, but were only responsible for blocking the Bull Demon King from escaping. Nezha and Li Jing, the king of tota, are really responsible for the operation! Why? On the one hand, the Tathagata has upgraded Li Jing’s mirror. Nezha and Li Jing should be able to subdue the ox demon king together. On the other hand, Nezha and Li Jing were sent by the Jade Emperor to represent heaven. Even if you are dissatisfied, you should be angry with the Jade Emperor. It has nothing to do with his Western Buddha, the old Tathagata! Second, the monkey king could not subdue the ox demon king. Nezha acted on behalf of Tianting.

Nezha emphasized that their father and son saw the Tathagata yesterday. The Tathagata told them that the monkey king could not win the ox demon king, so the Jade Emperor sent them out. However, the monkey king in the book clearly said: “this fellow is brave! Since yesterday’s declaration of time, he has fought with Lao sun until tonight, but you two have to relay. Such a hard struggle for half a day and one night.” The first time Sunwukong fought with the ox demon king was at five o’clock yesterday afternoon. They fought from dusk to dawn. After daybreak, I took a rest and continued to fight. That afternoon, Nezha and Li Jing arrived. Did Sunwukong defeat the ox demon king? No,

In other words, the Tathagata did not hope that the monkey king could subdue the ox demon king. It is very likely that he had written to the Jade Emperor before the monkey king fought the ox demon king, inviting Nezha and Li Jing to go to Lingshan, and then set out with the four King Kong. Why does Tathagata Buddha not believe in Sunwukong? First, the Tathagata Buddha knows that the magic power of Sunwukong is equal to that of the ox demon king. He can resist it, but he can’t subdue it. Second, the ox demon king has three strange treasure plantain fans. Once used, almost no one can stop them. In order to solve this problem, Tathagata Buddha has been planning for many years. Finally, he finally refined the nemesis of banana fan – Dingfeng bead! When he was at Huangfeng mountain, Monkey King fought against Huangfeng monster, and then sought LINGJI Bodhisattva to subdue the demon. LINGJI Bodhisattva successfully captured the yellow wind monster with the flying dragon staff, leaving the Dingfeng bead unused.


Just because, on the first night (that is, the night when the monkey king fought with the ox demon king), the land of Flaming Mountain said to the ox demon king: King Dali, stop it. Tang Sanzang learned from the Western Heaven. No God is not protected, no heaven is not blessed. The three realms informed, and ten parties supported it. Quickly fan the plantain to the flame and teach him to cross the mountain early without disaster or obstacles; Otherwise, heaven will punish you for your sins. ” What is the purpose of this remark? First, the action of learning scriptures is that there is no heaven without protection, and ten sides support it. The Supreme Lord will not take the lead for you. Second, you have already committed a great crime by hindering the study of Buddhist scriptures. Soon, Tianting and the Buddha sect will send people to arrest you! According to common sense, the ox demon king should immediately hand over his fan to help Tang Monk pass through the Flaming Mountain. However, the ox demon king said, “that monkey stole my son, cheated my concubine, cheated my wife, and I have no way. I can’t wait to swallow him whole and feed him as shit to the dog. How can I lend him my baby!” Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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