Is Taishang Laojun the founder of Taoism? Why didn’t the Supreme Lord kill the monkey king?

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Hi, I’ve met you again. Today, the editor of China story network brought an article about why the Supreme Lord didn’t kill the monkey king. I hope you like it.

In ancient mythology, people pay great attention to the arrangement of assets and generations. It is like the queen mother holding a peach Festival. The invitations sent out are arranged from high to low. Naturally, Sanqing is in the front. Many people say that Sanqing is nothing more than this. When Sun Wukong was making a big fuss in the heaven palace, even one Sun Wukong could not be killed.

No matter in the 86 version of the film and television series, Taishang Laojun was scared out of his mind by the monkey king who jumped out of the Bagua stove. In the original book, Taishang Laojun was pushed to the ground by the monkey king who jumped out of the Bagua stove. The impression of Laojun is really so unbearable, but is this really the case? Why can’t you kill the monkey king?


First of all, let’s look at the origin of the Taoist ancestor. When Sun Wukong steals the peaches and takes away all the wine and delicacies from the peaches Festival, and makes trouble at the scene, it is written in the original book: “immortal officials are waiting to play:” I don’t know who messed up the ‘peaches Festival’ “and four great masters came to play:” the great Taoist is coming. ” The Jade Emperor went out to greet the queen mother. “

Have you seen that, in fact, the supreme Lao Jun is not under the command of the Jade Emperor, and only the order of the Jade Emperor is to follow. The identity of the founder of Taoism is higher than the Jade Emperor, so the Jade Emperor and the queen mother know that when the Lao Jun comes to the Lingxiao temple in person, the first and second leaders of the heaven have to meet him personally.


Moreover, when they subdued the king of golden horn and the king of silver horn, the two also revealed a secret. The original book wrote: “my gourd is the first division of chaos, and the world was opened up. There was a great ancestor who solved the name of Nuwa and refined stones to mend the sky. At the foot of a Kunlun Mountain, there was a wisp of fairy vine with this purple gold and red gourd on it. But it was the one left by the old gentleman to this day.”

It turned out that the mother of the earth and the mother of nature in ancient times were just one of the incarnations of the supreme Lao Jun. one can imagine how terrible Lao Jun’s magic power and cultivation are. Moreover, when Lao Jun’s Mount qingniu Jing’s lower world made trouble, the Tathagata also said, “although I know that monster, I can’t tell you. As soon as I say he preaches, he won’t fight with you, and will shout to Lingshan, instead of causing disaster to me.”


Since the bull force of the overlord Lao Jun is so powerful, why can’t the monkey be killed when the monkey king is making a big fuss in the heaven? It turned out that Buddha Tathagata revealed when he was in Lingshan: “there are five immortals in the sky, which are gods, human beings and ghosts of heaven and earth; there are five insects, which are scales and hairy feathers. There are also four monkeys mixed in the world, which are not among the ten categories.”

The four mixed monkeys mentioned by Tathagata are lingmingshi monkey, chijiri horse monkey, arm monkey, and six eared macaque. These four monkeys belong to less than ten categories and less than two names. Therefore, the four mixed monkeys are not in the three realms at all. Even if they are really “killed”, it is just the body dead, because the souls of the four monkeys such as monkey king are not in the three realms at all.

As the founder of Taoism, the Supreme Lord also understood the truth, so he did not want to kill the monkey king at all, because even if he was killed, the soul of the monkey king could still return from outside the three realms to the three realms. That is why the Supreme Lord, the founder of Taoism, could not kill the monkey king. What do you think? Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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