Is Tang Yixin’s father a corrupt official? Secrets of Tang Yixin’s family background

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Tang Yixin and Zhang Ruoyun are one of the few couples in the entertainment circle who have always loved each other. However, there are also some people who do not like them. Roast that they are a match made in heaven. One is the son of Laolai and the other is the daughter of a corrupt official. Is Tang Yixin’s father a corrupt official? Is she really the daughter of a corrupt official? Today, the editor will unveil the secret and introduce Tang Yixin’s family background.

Is Tang Yixin’s father a corrupt official

In 2017, Tang Yixin was exposed by the media as a second-generation official. Tang Yixin’s father, Tang Yong, is a member of the Party committee and deputy director of the Chuanshan District Economic Information Bureau. During the May Day holiday in 2017, Tang Yixin returned to his hometown. At that time, Tang Yixin was already a famous artist. Tang Yixin’s father also specially took her to invite the cadres and workers of the whole situation to dinner. He thanked his colleagues for their love for his daughter. It can be seen that Zhang Yong is very proud of his daughter. It is also this matter that makes many people know the identity of the second generation of Tang Yixin official.

Later, some netizens found out that in 2012, some media reported that an organization illegally raised 3 million yuan. The main members were Feng and Tang. Tang was also the director of the economic information bureau of Chuanshan district. When these two pieces of information are put together, many people think that Tang Yong, the main member of this illegal fund-raising, is Tang Yixin’s father.

Tang Yixin’s family background

But let’s take a look at the sequence. Illegal fund-raising is the news of 2012. If Tang Yixin’s father has been arrested for illegal fund-raising, as everyone said, how can he still be his deputy director in 2017 and take his star daughter and so many colleagues to dinner? This is obviously unreasonable. Therefore, this matter is simply an oolong, but it just happens that Tang Yixin’s father and the people who were arrested before are leaders of the same level, all surnamed Tang.

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