Is Taobao the Tathagata? Are Taoists of Duobao Buddhist or Taoist?

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For those who are interested in fairy tales, the editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

Speaking of Taoist Taobao, we all know that it’s interesting. I feel that this person is very strong and can actually eat heaven turning seals. This can’t happen in the legend of God worship, but Taoist Taobao has happened. So, we can imagine how powerful Taoist Taobao is. Recently, some people said that Taoist Taobao seems to be the legendary Buddha. Is this right? Let’s see who this Taobao Taoist is!

It’s a person. Taoist Duobao is the first of the four disciples of the leader of Tongtian sect. Acting as the master, he set up the immortal killing array. In the process of cutting off the sect, it can be said that one person is lower than ten thousand people. When guangchengzi broke the immortal sword array, Taoist Duobao was only hit by fantianyin, the treasure of guangchengzi. It should be noted that most immortal families have been killed long ago. This treasure can only be recovered by gathering the four treasure flags of Laozi, Yuanshi, Jieyin and Wangmu, which shows the profound Taoism of Duobao.


According to the description of Fengshen, zhunti was invited to participate in the war of Fengshen in order to recruit people from the West. It is clearly stated in the book that they recruited many people such as Kong Xuan. But there was one person they didn’t take away, that was Taoist Duobao. Before taking over the future, Lao Tzu had taken Duobao and sent him to xuandu. The guide zhunti arrived later. They didn’t know who Duobao was, and it was not written in the book that they would take Duobao away. It can be seen that Taoists of Duobao did not follow zhunti to the West. However, it is clearly written in the book that Duobao was released into Buddhism. It can be seen that it was arranged by Lao Jun. In the original book, Guangcheng wrote a poem about the battle of Duobao, “one is the immortal body of Guangcheng, and the other is the worship of Buddha in the west of Duobao”. The word “worship” is interpreted as “act, call, and confer an official”, such as the official worship the general. So we can guess that Taobao was later Sakyamuni, that is, the Buddha. There is a saying that the Buddha has many treasures. It can be seen that the Buddha has chosen the Buddha to be the ruler of the world. However, this is a high-level secret and Kong Xuan does not know it. When he saw that Duobao, a newcomer with a lower rank, was honored by the two old religious masters, he was unhappy and wanted to stand up for his master. Thus, the Buddha swallowing event mentioned by the Tathagata in the journey to the West was staged. After the Buddha came out of the peacock’s belly, he wanted to kill him. The Buddhas begged for mercy, and considering that he was a senior zhunti, and that it was up to the master to beat the peacock, he tried to save face and granted the peacock king Daming Bodhisattva, and everyone was happy. It has also calmed people’s hearts and earned enough popularity. So no one objected later. After Taobao became a Buddha, one was divided into six. His magic power greatly increased and he was close to the leader They were incarnated as Sakyamuni, the leader of the central Saha world, and the five Dharma protection kings around them

Since the fact that Lao Jun turned Hu into a Buddha, founded the western religion, and that many treasures are the Tathagata can be explained why people in the Taoist sect such as burning lanterns, Manjusri, sages, Cihang, and fear of leaving behind Sun would change to Buddhism. Moreover, this also explains the reason why Yandeng is an ancient Buddha. Yandeng is half the generation of Lao Tzu and half the generation of Gao Wenshu. Therefore, after Duobao ascends the throne, it is natural that Yandeng becomes an ancient Buddha. It seems that Manjusri and others were also influenced and arranged by Laozi.


In the first battle of Fengshen, the leader of Tongtian sect placed the immortal killing array at the jiepaiguan pass. The eldest disciple, Taoist Duobao, took the immortal killing array and the four swords of the immortal killing array and arranged the array on behalf of the master. Later, Taoist taiduobao, the Supreme Lord, fought with the leader of Tongtian sect and swept the Taoist Duobao away with wind and fire. The Supreme Lord is a saint of human education, who is in charge of humanity. Because of the heavy karma in the human world, it is difficult to become a immortal, and the people do not cultivate themselves. He stayed in the world after the first World War to enlighten the world.

In the spring and Autumn period, the Supreme Lord took Taobao Taoist to the west of Hangu pass, transformed Hu into a Buddha, and Taobao Taoist was transformed into Sakyamuni Buddha and was born in the central Saha world. He respected Amitabha Buddha, the blissful Buddha in the west, as his teacher, performed Hinayana Buddhism, and spread his teachings in the world. (later, Lu Ya Taoist joined the central Saha world, became a Zen master of WuChao, and became the founder of Tantric Buddhism by incarnating the Tathagata.)

Buddhism is powerful. The Bodhisattva, the king of Tibet, respected the decree of Amitabha Buddha, the Western leader, and entered the netherworld of hell. He led hundreds of millions of Buddhist soldiers to camp in Yinshan and made a vow; Hell is not empty, and you will not become a Buddha;, I am determined to accept the Asuras and convert them to Buddhism, so as not to disturb the six paths of samsara. However, the Bodhisattva of the Tibetan king is not as powerful as the founder of the Styx sect. Please ask Sakyamuni Buddha for help. Sakyamuni Buddha defeated the founder of the Styx sect with great magic power, and made him recuperate in the reincarnation pool.

Tathagata is the past, present and future Buddha, and there is the so-called “three corpses are cut to achieve great perfection” saying that Duobao should be one of them In the Fengshen series, the two Taoist and Buddhist families often make guest appearances, such as Guanyin, Yandeng, Manjusri, Samantabhadra and so on. They all belong to those who change jobs, and Taobao Taoist is also an example. The Taoist of Duobao in the old land ol is such an ambitious and farsighted person, who interprets the most profound enterprising spirit by hiding. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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