Is the Aegean Sea considered as the birthplace of the Third World War? Start with the blood feud between the two countries!

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Source: a bad potato (ID: iamhtd)

Recently, Dr. Robert Farley, an American expert, predicted that the Third World War might break out.

He believed that the Third World War could mainly start in five places. These five places are:

Ukraine, the Taiwan Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Korean Peninsula and the China-India border.

Robert Farley’s remark was widely reprinted by many American media. In fact, it is also a form of fanning the flames and increasing regional instability.

Is his statement reliable?

It is obviously unreliable, that is, I don’t know whether American netizens will say that experts should not suggest.

It’s just strange that in this list, why would the Love Sea region be regarded as one of the five major war sources, which is totally inconspicuous.

In fact, the situation in the Love Sea area has been tense for a long time. Türkiye and the Greek navy and air force face off daily. Under normal circumstances, several conflicts will break out every month.

The most recent one was last week, when the coast guard ships of Türkiye and Greece faced off at sea. Gunfire was heard at the scene and the two sides exchanged fire head-on. Fortunately, no casualties were caused.

Later, Greece said that the cause of the incident was that a Türkiye Coast Guard ship tried to collide with a Greek ship, and the Greek Coast Guard fired warning shots in the security zone to push the Türkiye ship back.

The year 2023 has just begun, and February has not ended. This is the ninth conflict between Greece and Türkiye. If there is a real fight, it will not end for both countries.

Because Greece and Türkiye have had blood feuds for thousands of years, they hate each other no less than Russia and Poland, and everyone wants to destroy each other.

Today, let’s talk about their stories.

Part I: Where there is Türkiye, there is a negative vote from Greece

On February 28, 2020, at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, an emergency meeting was being held. The theme of the meeting was: whether to support Türkiye to send troops to Syria.

The United States, France, Britain and Germany have a clear attitude and expressed their support. As soon as the NATO member countries saw the Big Brother’s statement, they followed in succession. Erdogan looked at the prospect of victory, but did not expect a one-vote veto from Greece.

In fact, NATO leaders do not want Türkiye to interfere in Africa at all. The reason why they voted in favour is that they know that Greece will vote against Türkiye 100%.

Anyway, it’s a veto, so it doesn’t matter what you vote for.

When he saw that his good deeds had been wronged by Greece, Erdogan was furious and cursed Greece for public and private revenge. In a rage, he opened the border, and more than 30000 Syrian refugees stormed into Greece!

Erdogan was not so happy to see Greece in a hurry caused by refugees:

Come on, hurt each other.

Look who’s afraid!

In addition to NATO meetings, Greece has no blind spot against Türkiye in all aspects.

Türkiye’s biggest dream was to join the EU. It can be said that as much as India wants to join the P5, Türkiye wants to join the EU.

However, it has been applying for membership in the European Community since 1987. By 1999, it was only a candidate country. It has been nearly 40 years since the candidacy.

Because, he can only wait for the veto of Greece!

Greece said that as long as I was there, you should stop dreaming and die!

Greece and Türkiye are geographically close neighbors, both at the junction of Europe and Asia. Greece is the easternmost in Western Europe and Türkiye is the westernmost in Asia.

But if you look at the map, you can find something strange. The Greek coastline has been drawn to Türkiye.

In other words, as long as Turks go to the seaside, they will see the Greek territory when they look up, and they will go abroad soon after they go to sea!

In this regard, the Turks said that uncle and aunt could not endure!


Why is this? This has to start with their history.

As we all know in ancient Greece, about the birthplace of western civilization, democratic system, western philosophy, Olympic Games, literature, history, political science, science, mathematics

What I’m saying here is about, because Greek civilization is too suspicious in history. Logically, a tiny Athens city-state with 400000 people, and 70% of the people are slaves, it is impossible to have the conditions to create such a civilization. No so-called western scholar can explain this doubt.

Population and scale are the basis for the generation of ancient civilization, otherwise nothing is to be said, which is the consensus of any human historian. Because only with scale can there be surplus labor products, there can be enough non-productive population engaged in science, engineering, philosophy, art, and there can be more exchanges with enough scale These 160000 people are a big town, and the so-called ancient European civilization cannot be supported from the logic of human science.

It’s too far This is not the focus of our discussion today. Let’s refer to it first, otherwise the ancient European history will not know how to talk about it. Anyway, Europeans believe that their civilization originated from Greece.

The civilization of ancient Greece is actually a combination of a number of city-states, the two most powerful of which are Athens and Sparta.

Athens is a literary country, loves to study democracy, pursues knowledge, loves debate, and has a style, representing the residents of Solon, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

Sparta is a warrior, advocates force, is brave and good at fighting, and militarized management. He began military training at the age of 7, and is represented by the 300 warriors of Sparta.

After the Greeks stayed in the city-state for four or five hundred years, they were conquered by the Romans, and both Greece and Türkiye became part of the ancient Roman Empire.

However, the conflict between Roman culture and Greek culture is not big. Both sides appreciate each other,

Basically perfect integration and transition.

Under the influence of the Roman Empire, the Greeks were no longer limited to the islands on the Aegean coast, and slowly landed on the peninsula of Asia Minor, which is now Türkiye’s territory.

After living in this way for hundreds of years, the Roman Emperor Theodosius died. Before his death, he divided the Roman Empire into two parts, giving the eldest son in the east and the youngest son in the west.

Greece became part of the Eastern Roman Empire, also known as the Byzantine Empire.

The core of the Byzantine Empire is Greek culture, and the capital is Constantinople, which is now Istanbul in Türkiye.

At this time, Turks will come on the stage.

Part II: Greece, the day of conquest

Türkiye has recognized a lot of wild fathers, and its history is hard to say, but it is probably believed that they originally lived in Uzbekistan now, and then moved all the way to the Black Sea, in a small country called the Roma Sultan.

Taking advantage of the split of this small country, the Turks declared their independence and began to annex it everywhere. The result became more and more mixed.

More than a hundred years later, he actually overthrew the Byzantine Empire, occupied Greece, and named it the Ottoman Türkiye Empire.

At this time, the Ottoman Empire included all the territories of modern Greece.

This is the peak moment of Erando’s cherished ancestors. The Ottoman Türkiye Empire is definitely the No. 1 super empire in history.


It has integrated eastern and western civilizations, spanned three continents, and held land transportation lines for six centuries. The military force has made Europe tremble.

In 1453, the Turks renamed Constantinople Istanbul, meaning to go to the city, and claimed to be the successor of the Roman Empire in the east.

Of course, the Greeks did not want to. They believed that they were the orthodox and the only cultural heirs of the East Rome.

But it’s useless if you don’t like it. Big fists are the absolute principle. Soon, the Greeks were defeated by the Turks by force.

This is the end of cultural hatred between Greece and Türkiye.

Greece believes that Constantinople in the East Roman Empire is the peak of Greece;

Türkiye believes that the conquest of Constantinople and the establishment of Ottoman Istanbul is the peak of Türkiye.

Türkiye is ready to celebrate the anniversary of the capture of Constantinople.

In the eyes of the Greeks, this is a shameless act, and it is a public commemoration of the invasion.

The Greeks look at military Edinburgh just as we look at Chang’an

In their minds, the land lost by the Eastern Roman Empire is the homeland of Greece.

Although the Eastern Roman Empire was not founded by the Greeks, it has been highly Hellenized, or assimilated by Greece. The emperor and the common people both speak Greek and believe in the Greek Orthodox Church.

As a result, all this was destroyed by Türkiye.

But there is no way to accept it. Under the influence of the Turks, the Greeks are only severely excluded.

After all, the collision between the Ottoman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire is not the relationship of changing dynasties, but the collision between Islam and Christianity, and the collision between the East and the West.

Then Ottoman began to pick up the conquered Greeks, saying that if he did not believe in Allah, he would pay twice as much tax;

Unless the Greeks are willing to convert to Commander Mu, you can be regarded as Turkish.

In Ottoman, Commander Mu is a first-class citizen, while others are restricted everywhere and can only be second-class citizens.

The Greeks said that if we believe in Allah, it is better to kill me.

Thus, the Greeks lived in a state of discrimination for nearly 400 years.

In order not to be completely assimilated, the Orthodox Church provoked the responsibility of propagating the Greek culture. The Greek city-states revolted again and again, but the effect was average. It did not raise any big waves. It also angered the Ottoman Empire, and repeatedly launched the massive repression, massacre and looting of the Greeks.

The most influential one was that in 1821, the Greek bishop was hanged directly by the Ottoman Empire in the streets of Istanbul.

This is not bad, because the whole Europe believes that Greece is the birthplace of its own culture.

Now the spiritual leader was hanged by Osman!

This can’t be tolerated!

Part III: The revenge of Greece and the decline of Ottoman

Under the influence of the French Revolution, Ottoman’s domestic contradictions immediately rose to a clash of civilizations between Christianity and Muhammad.

The resistance of the Greeks gained widespread moral support, and European countries began to condemn the Ottoman Empire.

The great poet Byron wrote a lament for Greece;

The French painting master Delacroix created the oil painting of the Shios Massacre;

Journalists report extensively throughout Europe;


So a year later, Greece rose again and declared independence.

The independence of Greece has led to the independence of the rest of the Balkans. If this continues, Ottoman will fall apart.

Türkiye panicked and ran to the island of Hios to express its anger at the massacre of Greek residents. 23000 Greek people were killed and 47000 were sold as slaves.

Then we talked about cooperation with Egypt and suppressed the Greek uprising together. Within a few days, we captured the city of Athens.

On the whole, the uprising in Greece was not smooth. Everything was still under the control of Türkiye. Greece was still a long way from completely getting rid of Ottoman.

At this time, Britain, France and Russia have come forward. I’m in charge of your business. We can’t let Ottoman bully Greece.

Of course, each of them has his own ideas.

The Russian Empire believed that supporting the independence of Greece could weaken Ottoman, after all, the Russian-Turkish War had lasted for more than 300 years.

The UK is ambiguous, and Russia takes the opportunity to spread its influence as a big brother, so I should also keep up with it.

France is more simple. It is purely the sympathy of freedom for the Greek revolution. What’s more, France has not been a big country in Europe. How can it lose its share in this matter for fear of losing the chain?

The three people, although they have their own plans, are surprisingly on the Greek side.

The three eldest brothers stood up and said: I hope you can force a ceasefire. If you don’t stop, we can only take coercive measures

Greece must have obeyed, while Türkiye certainly refused to listen. It refused to recognize the Three Kingdoms Agreement of Britain, France and Russia, saying that you should take care of my own family affairs?

As a result, the United Kingdom, France and Russia are really in charge.

In 1827, the British, French and Russian fleets launched a four-hour naval battle, which directly fooled the Turkish joint fleet of Egypt.

In 1928, the eighth Russian Turkish War broke out, and France also sent troops to Peloponnese, and Türkiye was attacked on several sides.

In 1829, Ottoman Türkiye had to obey because it could not fight. After bargaining with Russia, Britain and France, it signed a three country London treaty, which recognized the independence of Greece.

Although independence is independent, the goal of restoring the country is far from complete.

Independent Greece has only 800000 people, and 2.5 million compatriots still live in the Ottoman Empire.

The ultimate goal of Greece is to establish the capital of Constantinople and restore the territory and glory of the Middle Roman Empire.

If we don’t take Constantinople, can we call for the restoration of the country?

The revolution has not yet been successful, and comrades still need to work hard.

Hearing this, Türkiye went crazy.

It’s not enough to make you independent. You want to take my Constantinople? Then I will fight with you!

In order to recapture Crete, the birthplace of Greek civilization, we fought with Türkiye again, which is called the first Greek Turkish War in history.

However, the size of Greece was really too small. Finally, Greece was defeated. Not only did the island of Crete not recover, it was also posted to six small but strategically important regions in Türkiye.

The Greeks were unconvinced and could not do it alone. Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria in the Balkan Peninsula were called the first Balkan War.

The number of people and the strength are great. This time, the former humiliation was finally removed. Greece took back Crete as expected, and the Ottoman Empire lost a large part of its territory.

Just after the war, World War I broke out again in 1914.

World War I is different from World War II. World War II has the nature of anti-aggression war, while World War I is purely a group of overlords fighting for territory.

Ottoman Türkiye chose an ally, that is, to stand with the German Empire and the Austro Hungarian Empire.

Greece, of course, followed Britain, France and Russia, and chose the opposite countries, the British Empire, the Third Republic of France, the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Italy and the United States of America.

This strength contrast is not a level. The Ottoman Empire was beaten and retreated. After the end of the First World War in 1918, the Ottoman Empire was beaten and crumbled.

After defeat, the Ottoman Empire was torn down into more than 40 countries by Paris and around overnight.

The Ottoman Empire was made like this. The Turks hated the Greeks thoroughly and would certainly revenge. A circle of passionate people set up the Türkiye Youth Party, which targeted the Greeks in various ways, mainly in various ways.

From 1914 to the time after the defeat of World War I, about 75-90 million Greeks died of massacre and persecution.

Armenians who believe in Christianity were also killed by Turks, and the death toll was between 1 million and 1.5 million.

These actions made Türkiye’s image more barbaric, so after the end of World War I, it was severely cleaned up.

The Treaty of Sevre appropriated 71% of the territory of Ottoman Türkiye at one go,

There was no way. The Ottoman government, as a defeated country, was dying and could only be slaughtered. The government also agreed to sign.

There are many contents of this treaty, which are related to Greece:

Ismir was ceded to Greece

The islands of Türkiye in the Aegean Sea belong to Greece

The Istanbul region is handed over to the international trusteeship. Anyway, the trusteeship is finally handed over to Greece.

Greece, as the victor, successfully pocketed almost all of the Aegean Sea, leaving the Turks with incomplete exclusive economic zones, and the ship rushed into the Greek territorial waters with a slight step on the accelerator.


The Ottoman Empire, which was once roared by cattle, became the sick man of West Asia in a twinkling of an eye.

The government of Türkiye did not resist, resigned and lay down directly

I have to say that Greece is indeed lucky. Without the help of Britain, France and Russia, it may never be able to defeat Türkiye by strength alone.

In June 1920, under the banner of implementing the Treaty of Sevre, Greece rushed to Türkiye with weapons provided by Britain.


At the time of life and death, Türkiye’s powerful man from heaven changed the course of history. This man is called Kemal.

This man is a legendary figure in Türkiye’s modern history, the father of Türkiye, the first president, and the largest airport in Istanbul is named after him.


Interestingly, Kemal was actually born in Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, and went to school in Greece. He looked like a European.

Kemal was the military commander of Türkiye at that time. When he heard that the Türkiye government was going to obey, he directly led a group of young officers of Türkiye to rise up.

One is against the old Ottoman regime, and the other is against Greece, Britain and France.

They refused to carry out any order of the Ottoman imperial government, nor recognized the Sevre Treaty, and were determined to fight with force.

Seeing that Türkiye was disobedient and wanted to become independent, the Allies immediately chose to use force. Greece struck while the iron was hot and followed the British to liberate most of its territory and occupy Istanbul and Izmir.

The Greeks seem to be only one step away from the ideal of the great revival of the Eastern Roman Empire.

It was unexpected that Kemal was not a free father of the country. His army was extremely fierce. In the battle of the Sakaria River, he defeated the 100000 army led by the Greek king himself.

In 1922, Kemal took back Ismir and Istanbul.

The Allies did not want to spend more time fighting when they saw Türkiye going crazy in the war, so they signed a compromise plan with Türkiye, the Treaty of Lausanne, and returned some places to Türkiye.

It is easier for the allies. Türkiye has kept its basic territory, but Greece has no chance to take back these two places.

At the time of compromise, Greece and Türkiye engaged in a population exchange.

The main reason is that they are afraid of continuing to slaughter and exchanging heads.

Because there are 1.5 million Greeks living in Türkiye and 500000 Turks living in Greece, these people have been sent back to their respective places in a simple and crude way.

The population exchange was not based on race, but on religious belief. Some of the Greek MuCommander were driven to Türkiye, and Turkish Orthodox believers were driven to Greece.

Since then, the two sides have been completely tied up, and both want to kill each other.

Greece blamed Türkiye for destroying the Byzantine Empire:

If Türkiye had not expanded everywhere, the Eastern Roman Empire would not have been destroyed.

Türkiye hates Greece for bringing down the Ottoman Empire:

But for the independence of Greece, the Ottoman Empire would not collapse.

Part IV: Greece Encounters Eastern Powers

The Turks are unhappy that the Greeks still covet their capital, Istanbul.

In particular, Greece took away more than 2400 Aegean islands, leaving only more than 80 for itself, and strongly demanded that the Aegean Sea be divided equally.

However, Greece believes that the Aegean Sea is the territory of Greece since ancient times and the birthplace of ancient Greek civilization. Greece has indisputable sovereignty.

In order to seize the island of Cyprus, the two sides drew a line of two or eight points against each other. Now Cyprus has been reunified under reconciliation, but the Greeks on the island who fly to Türkiye with passports will be refused entry. The reason is that you come from a place that does not exist.

Hundreds of years of war and the clash of civilizations, neither side was convinced, so there was a one-vote veto and a long-term confrontation in the first scene.

Where Türkiye agrees, Greece will resolutely send a negative vote.

This opposition has slowly evolved into international relations.

For example, we all know the way home of China’s Varyag aircraft carrier.

Türkiye blocked the negotiation in the Black Sea. After a year and a half of negotiations, Türkiye was blind. It wanted to blackmail arms exports from China, travel 2 million people to Türkiye every year, and provide 360 million dollars in aid.

We also need to pay a deposit of $1 billion, which is the same as robbery in the 1990s.

Finally, Greece came forward to coordinate, and also provided relevant tugboat services, sending frigates to escort the whole journey.

When the tow encountered a magnitude 11 storm, the Varyag was blown upside down and floated for 14 hours at sea. In order not to let Varyag run aground, Greece insisted on dragging out of the Aegean Sea, and a Greek crew member gave his precious life.

Greece helps China not only to annoy Türkiye, but also to make friends. In this regard, Türkiye’s ideological awareness is far from perfect, and its EQ is extremely low.

But from this time on, Greece has really become our good friend.

Why? Because Greece helped us not only tow the aircraft carrier this time.

Greece also assisted China to evacuate overseas Chinese four times.

In 1997, due to the internal strife in Albania, Greece dispatched warships to evacuate 158 Chinese personnel.

In 2006, in the conflict between Lebanon and Israel, Greece evacuated 170 Chinese personnel by boat.

In 2011, during the Libyan war, Greece dispatched three cruise ships to help Chinese personnel evacuate to Crete, Greece.

Greece arranged 20 hotels and mobilized more than 700 buses to help China evacuate 35800 overseas Chinese from Libya.

In 2011, Libya again clashed. The Greek warship “Salamis” withdrew 79 Chinese personnel to the Greek port of Piraeus

Comrades, can we forget these two waves of friendship? Of course not!

In 2004, Greece hosted the Athens Olympic Games. The original budget was 4.6 billion US dollars, but it overspent more than 10 billion US dollars. After the completion of the Games, the costs were confiscated, causing a chain effect.

On the one hand, the high cost of welfare in Greece is too large. Like France, when there is no money, it needs to pay benefits. Greece borrows money everywhere to pay benefits.

In particular, Greek civil servants work five hours a day and earn 14 salaries a year. This kind of welfare can also be inherited. After the death of civil servants, their children can receive 14 months’ annual salary.

On the other hand, Greece only spends money, but does not make money. Its industrial capacity is quite average, and there is no way to make money. Its main income is shipping and tourism.

The average annual working hours of Greeks are the highest in Europe, but the tax revenue cannot be collected at all, because the problem of tax evasion and corruption of Greek enterprises is quite serious.

When Greece joined the euro zone, it had a good life because it could not meet the rigid requirement that the budget deficit should not exceed 3% of GDP and the debt ratio should be less than 60% of GDP.

So they resorted to some opportunistic methods and mixed in the Canadian euro zone by making false accounts, but they did not have the strength of the euro zone countries at all.

Therefore, at the time of the Athens Olympic Games, the Greek economy was finally stretched out, on the verge of bankruptcy, and could only borrow money from the European Union, and finally fell into a cycle of debt and fiscal deficit.

Part V: China pulled Greece out of the quagmire

In 2008, the global financial crisis hit, which made Greece worse. The debt crisis broke out and GDP fell for eight consecutive years.

It also spread the crisis to the euro zone. In order to stabilize the euro, the European Union is trying to help Greece, but it is only collecting money to lend to Greece, which cannot solve any substantive problems.

The desperate Greece began to sell Piraeus.

However, no country in Europe has the ability to win it. For the sake of friendship and future strategic considerations, COSCO Group directly took the management right for 35 years, and finally increased its stake to 67%.

The West said that China was taking advantage of the fire.

But in fact, China was a timely help. At that time, the port of Reeves was too poor to work.

China’s investment has brought 1 billion euros to Greece, and built Piraeus Port into a project that can make money continuously.

By the end of 2019, the port cargo volume reached 5.8 million TEUs, an increase of seven times over 2008, surpassing Valencia in Spain and becoming the largest port in the Mediterranean.

It has directly created more than 3000 jobs and indirectly created more than 10000 jobs in Greece; It contributes 300 million euros to the local direct economy every year.


With the example of Port Bihar, the Greek government will naturally meet Chinese enterprises by the wayside:

There are four wind farm projects in Thrace, Greece, the Greek national grid, coal-fired power plants, high-voltage transmission projects, insurance, airports… too many.

From 2008 to 2019, China’s total investment in Greece exceeded US $40 billion, accounting for 40% of the total investment in Greece.

Under the China-Greek trade, the Greek economy began to reverse in 2014, hit the bottom and rebounded in 2017, and the debt crisis was officially lifted in 2018.

China’s successful operation of salvaging Greece from the debt crisis has further deepened Greece’s determination to cooperate with us.

First of all, military exchanges: In 2017, the Greek Navy missile frigate and the Chinese Navy Chaohu warship held military exercises, and the Chinese ships Changchun and Jingzhou also visited Greece many times.

The second is financial cooperation. Unexpectedly, Alipay was the first to enter the Greek financial system.

Greece saw the strength of China’s Double 11 and was eager to join it. Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis personally met with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba Group.

So in 2017, Alipay was connected to the payment system of Greece’s largest national bank.

At the beginning of March 2019, the newly appointed Greek Foreign Minister visited China for the first time and expressed his eagerness to set up branches in Greece for Chinese-funded banks.

No problem, arrange!

Chinese-funded banks responded to the call. The Bank of China was the first to open a branch in Greece, and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the Export-Import Bank of China, the National Development Bank, and the first representative office in Greece.


Part VI: Greece, the bridgehead of Europe, and the transit station of the Mediterranean

Why can China and Greece cooperate so well?

There are some cultural reasons for this. Let’s say nothing else. The two countries with a thousand years of civilization still appreciate each other.

Look at the propaganda map of China-Greek exchanges. What is it called? This is called friendship between gentlemen. This is called mutual appreciation and mutual appreciation between the two excellent civilizations.


So many people asked me to talk about the false history of Europe, but I don’t usually say much Hey, anyway, I’m not a professional in European history. I’d like to talk more about how the British Museum robbed all the treasures of the world.

In any case, looking at the western world, Greece is always the source, which is a little more than the Vikings who only know about robbery for half a year, and the history is more colorful than that of the United States and Britain, at least the story is told well Compared with other countries in Europe that are prone to burning, killing and looting, it is an ancient civilization.

The most frequently mentioned word in the communication between China and Greece is the sense of intimacy.

Lao Tzu, Confucius, Chuang Tzu, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, this is the fate that was buried more than 2000 years ago.

The meeting between the senior leaders of the two countries has been beyond counting.

When we proposed the Belt and Road cooperation, Greece resolutely participated in the China CEEC cooperation mechanism, upgrading 16+1 to 17+1.

Many people say that Greece may become an old railway like Serbia and Pakistan.

Another part of people will jump out and say, you think too much, this is just a simple exchange of national interests.

If you have to say that, it’s no problem. In addition to the economic development and strategic complementarity between China and Greece, Greece certainly does not want China, one of the P5, to favor Türkiye.

Although both are interests and businesses, why not cooperate when the interests of both parties are extremely similar?

In other words, even if Greece cannot become China’s iron brother, it will never be the enemy.

In fact, Greece may become a key for China to open the door to Europe.

First of all, Greece is the first stop in the cooperation countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The previous trade all the way from the Mediterranean to the Suez Canal, without any transit point.

With the support of Greece, China has a foothold and transit station in the Mediterranean and even the Black Sea.

Secondly, Central and Eastern European countries are basically surrounded by European powers, while Germany, France, Northern Europe and Italy are developing well.

In fact, these countries are far behind them. In Europe, they are all marginal countries.


With the cooperation model and bridgehead role of Greece, our business can be directly connected to Central and Eastern Europe.

It directly radiates to 9 countries, 1500 outlets and 71 million people in Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

In this way, is it only China that benefits? Isn’t the possibility of the rise of Eastern Europe coming?

In addition to economy, our cooperation has another advantage:

The group of countries in the north of Greece, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, the former Yugoslav countries, were once popular. Many local people can speak Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping and Zhou Enlai in Chinese.

Therefore, they are not hostile to socialism, without the ideological burden of Western European countries, and will not jump up and accuse China.

This is the basis of our cooperation. Why not use such unique conditions.

We are not stupid, nor are Greece, nor are the Central and Eastern European countries.

Serbian President Vucic has said for a long time that European unity is non-existent and is a fairy tale on paper. In this case, only China can help us.

Türkiye, which cannot be clearly understood, has done several things in China alone, such as embarrassing the Varyag, supporting the East Turks, and tearing up the Red 9 contract.

Greece, a country with a weak sense of existence in modern times, has finally become independent by its own efforts and luck.

We have come together with China, the real millennium civilized country. With our strong support, we believe that the future can be expected.

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