Is the book of mountains and seas just a myth? Do you know how special the monsters there are?

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China story net Xiaobian knows that readers are very interested in the book of mountains and seas. Is it really just a myth? Do you know how special the monsters there are? Today, Xiaobian has brought you relevant content to share with you.

When we talk about the book of mountains and seas, we should first talk about the Nanshan Sutra. The first mountain range in the Nanshan Sutra is called Queshan mountain range. There are as many as ten famous peaks. Each mountain range is managed by a mountain god. The mountain god of Queshan mountain range is called queshen.

To be able to cultivate to the level of “God”, the first thing is to look powerful. This mountain range is not only rich in gold and jade treasures, but also has many water systems. Whether flying in the sky or swimming in the water, they all have their own unique skills. If a mountain god is not dignified, he will be short in momentum. The appearance of the magpie God is the leading bird body, which has both the majesty of the dragon and the flying speed of the bird. A roar makes the animals tremble; If you fly with your wings, no bird can escape.


The second is the high mana, otherwise the position will not be stable. “Dragon absorbs water” and “flaming red lips” are two skills, and all monsters cannot escape the law.

There are also ten heavenly kings under the magpie God, each of whom is in charge of a mountain, with a clear division of labor.

The king of the showy mountain is called Pang Pang (orangutan). Although he has a long tail and looks like a macaque, he has a face. It can crawl on all fours like a monkey and walk upright. What’s more amazing is that as long as it looks at you, it can know your past; Therefore, all the monsters on the mountain had their handle and weaknesses in his hands, and did not dare to disobey him. It’s a pity that he can’t predict the future. It’s said that people can walk like flying after eating the meat, so someone always wants to catch him.


The king of Qingqiu mountain is a Nine Tailed Fox. As the name suggests, it has nine tails. Foxes are famous for their cunning, and Nine Tailed foxes can confuse people. Its cry is like a baby crying. Not only animals, but also people are sometimes cheated. The Nine Tailed Fox has a cute face and sharp teeth. It often eats people. Because it is the king of a mountain, if people eat its meat, they can ward off evil spirits and guard against demons. Nine Tailed Fox also has a subordinate, Guanguan, which is a kind of bird. Its voice is like a village woman quarrelling. Despite its small size, the Nine Tailed Fox can also ward off evil spirits and guard against demons.

The king of Jishan is called “non” and looks even more strange: he is a sheep, but he has nine tails and four ears like a Nine Tailed Fox; The most interesting thing is that the eyes grow on the back. Normally, the eyes are looking forward. The wisdom of “not” is that the eyes are long behind the back, so you can accurately see all the coverage above the back; The four ears are very sharp, with clear division of labor, and grasp the four directions of front, back, left and right. Eyes and ears cooperate closely to command the nine tails to attack quickly. When you look forward, you can’t see the enemy on the side or behind, but its weapons are nine tails and behind, so it’s very inconvenient to attack. This special image also proves the magic of nature.

Its tail also has a strange feature: once it is attacked by the enemy, the hair on its tail will become as sharp as a steel needle, and its bones will immediately harden, just like a mace. Because of its omni-directional coverage of vision and hearing, it has further improved its combat effectiveness.

It is said that if you can put its skin on your body, you will not be afraid of any monster. Isn’t it amazing?


Because of the protection of the mountain god, the monsters did not dare to go down the mountain at will to harm the people. So when spring comes every year, when the ice and snow melt, people at the foot of the mountain will take the initiative to worship the mountain god: first, lay a mat made of thatch on the ground and invite the mountain god; Then, the animals such as pigs, cattle and sheep, jade and rice are used as tributes to start worshiping! Finally, all the sacrifices were buried in the ground. To thank the mountain god for his protection! Up to now, many mountains still have mountain temples! Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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