Is the conspiracy theory of westward travel true? What is the truth of the true and false monkey king?

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What is the truth of the true and false monkey king? Readers who are not clear can read it together with the editors of China story network.

Actually, there are quite a lot of conspiracy theories about the journey to the west, but anyone who has read a little journey to the west can get some conspiracy theories for you. Recently, many people have also asked about it. If you want to know a complete version of the conspiracy theory about the journey to the West, please don’t worry. I will collect it for you to see if it is true!


The conspiracy theory in the journey to the west is a huge foreshadowing. Cheng en has a major conspiracy in the journey to the west, but it has not been discovered for a long time!

In the 57th chapter of journey to the west, it was said that the six eared macaque “turned into the monkey king, injured the Tang monk, and fought with the monkey king again.” This fake Sun Wukong, needless to say, is just like the real Sun Wukong. He goes from heaven to earth. In the Tang Monk’s place, when he was recited the mantra, both of them cried out pain. Naturally, they could not see which was true or false; When I came to the heavenly palace, the king of tota took a magic mirror, but I could not see it; When we came to Guanyin again, Guanyin could not see it. Finally, he went to the netherworld, where he said: “I saw it, but I dare not say it”… Finally, he was beaten to death by Sun Wukong after the Buddha said six ears and covered it with a golden bowl.

This is the whole story. It seems very simple and complete, but there is a big conspiracy theory. Let’s assume that the one who was killed was the monkey king and the one who was alive was the six eared macaque. Please see the argument:

First, the six eared macaque and the monkey king are the same. No one can see it. Even if the Tathagata deceives everyone that the six eared macaque is the real monkey king, only the Tathagata knows the truth. The real monkey king can only eat Coptis.

Second, the six eared macaque is probably arranged by the Tathagata. Sun Wukong is a rebel, and the Tathagata is the supreme ruler of the West. Which ruler will allow a rebel to live in his own territory? In addition, Sun Wukong has never respected the Tathagata, so the Tathagata has always tried to destroy Sun Wukong. Of course, you can’t kill the monkey king directly. That’s why there is an identical Monkey King. Killing the monkey king is invisible. And the evidence is here:

1: in the underworld, “listening” knows the truth but dare not say it. The idea is not that two Wukong will make trouble in the underworld, but that this six eared macaque has a strong background, that is, the Tathagata. Therefore, “listening” naturally dare not tell the truth.

2. There is another reason why “listening” is not afraid of two monkeys making trouble in the underworld. As we all know, there was also a person with strong magic power present at that time. Of course, it was not Yan Luo, but “the king Bodhisattva of Tibet”. Who is the “Tibetan king Bodhisattva”? He is the first of the four great bodhisattvas in Buddhism. He is as famous as Guanyin, Manjusri and Samantabhadra. It can be seen that he is powerful. Since there is such a powerful Buddhist immortal here, is “listening” still worried that these two monkeys will lift the hell?


3. As we all know, Sun Wukong’s master is the Bodhi master. Who is the Bodhi master? There is a clue in the list of deities that he is the disciple of “master Hun Kun”. It happens that there are numerous disciples of “master Hun Kun”. The two most proud disciples of him are Tathagata (also known as “the guide”) and Bodhi (also known as “the zhunti Taoist”).

IV. since the two saints are brothers of the same sect, and it was mentioned in the list of deities that the second disciple zhunti Taoist (that is, Bodhi patriarch) did not know what happened to the Taoist (Tathagata) during this period, and suddenly disappeared mysteriously, and never heard of any trace again. This is a very powerful clue to prove that there are contradictions between the two. However, Sun Wukong happens to be the disciple of Bodhi. When the Tathagata sees the disciple of his former enemy, he has the ability to turn the world around. When will he not do anything to eliminate it? Journey to the West tells us that Sun Wukong became very powerful only after he learned all kinds of magic from Bodhi.

And coincidentally, the six eared macaque posing as the monkey king also has the same magic as the monkey king, and even has the same appearance and sound. Is it a coincidence? We all know that Sun Wukong only learned 72 changes and somersault clouds for a few years. Six eared macaques can’t be born with these skills, can they? There must be an expert who came from the same school as Sun Wukong. Naturally, Bodhi would not be among them. Since the old man has such a loving and righteous disciple as Sun Wukong, why should he create a six eared macaque to confront Sun Wukong? Therefore, there is only one person who instructs the six eared macaque to confront Sun Wukong, that is the Buddha, the same disciple of Bodhi.


5. Returning to chapter 58 of the journey to the west, it is said that two monkeys fight with the Tathagata to ask the Tathagata to argue the truth and the false. However, the Tathagata said to the Buddhas: “I see that the false Wukong is a six eared macaque. If this monkey stands in one place, it can know things thousands of miles away, and ordinary people can also speak. Therefore, the monkey is good at listening, observing, and knowing everything before and after. The six eared macaque is the same as the true Wukong.”. After the Buddha said this, all Buddhas know that there is such a “six eared macaque” among all living beings in the world. However, readers of journey to the West have ignored another clue in this sentence of the Buddha: what the Buddha said is that this monkey is different from Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong is a “bright stone monkey”. With changes, he knows the heaven, the earth and the stars. The six eared macaque is “knowing before and after, everything is clear”. He is so powerful that he knows everything that happened in the past and in the future.

Since the six eared macaque knows that he will be subdued by the Tathagata and beaten to death by the monkey king, why does he still have to go to the Tathagata with the monkey king to argue the truth and the false? Isn’t that asking for trouble? Therefore, there is only one possibility. The Tathagata had arranged things well long ago. Under his explanation, all Buddhas thought that the six eared macaque was the “real Wukong”. However, the real Wukong was treated as the “six eared macaque” and was subdued by the Tathagata, and then was beaten to death. However, after the “six eared macaque” was killed, the Buddha, who has always been compassionate, did not have any intention of blaming him. He just combined his hands and said: “good, good!” With the ability of the Tathagata, when the “Monkey King” wants to kill the “six eared macaque” with a stick, how easy it is for the Tathagata to rescue him. It can be seen that the original intention of the Tathagata is to let him die. However, the “six eared macaque” has not committed too great a crime. That is to say, why should the benevolent Tathagata let him die after quarreling with the monkey king? Why should the Tathagata let him die even though the monkey king had caused trouble in the Dragon Palace, the underworld, and the heaven palace? How could the “six eared macaque” have to die for such a small mistake? The secret is that the Tathagata really wants to kill Sun Wukong, but the one who was killed by a stick happens to be the real Sun Wukong.

6. Many people think that Sun Wukong has been deleted from the book of life and death. After eating so many peaches and elixirs, he can long live forever. With the immortal body of King Kong, how can he be killed so easily. Maybe only the Tathagata knows this.


Seven, back to Sun Wukong’s master “Bodhi master”. In the journey to the west, it was recorded that Sun Wukong had caused a lot of trouble after he caused havoc in the heavenly palace, so he had to follow the Tang monk to the west to learn scriptures. When he encountered difficulties and went back to find his master Bodhi, the “Bodhi master” had long disappeared. He just talked with Sun Wukong and did not meet him. Why is this? It must be that after Sun Wukong made a fuss in heaven with the skills taught by the Bodhi master, the Tathagata must have noticed that the 72 changes and the tumbling cloud are the same magic. There were some contradictions between Bodhi and Tathagata. Later Bodhi lived in seclusion; When the Tathagata saw the skill of Sun Wukong, he knew that this skill was taught by Bodhisattva, and naturally he wanted to pursue this long lost enemy. Therefore, after the Bodhi master learned that Sun Wukong had caused havoc in heaven, he disappeared in order to prevent unnecessary troubles.

8. Before the real and fake Monkey King happened, Sun Wukong did not completely listen to the Tang monk, and sometimes even made a small conflict, which led to the Tang Monk having to recite the tight hoop mantra, a typical image of a rebel. However, since the real monkey king and the fake Monkey King happened, Sun Wukong has protected the Tang monk from now on. It can be said that he is completely different.

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