Is the jade emperor the most important Taoist deity?

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Is the jade emperor the most important Taoist deity? The Jade Emperor is the Supreme God, the king of the heavenly sect, and the God of heaven in Taoist mythology. The following is a brief introduction to the relevant content in detail.

The Jade Emperor, honored as the supreme supreme god of Haotian Jinque, is also known as the supreme emperor Kaitian Zhufu imperial calendar, which contains the true body Tao Haotian Jade Emperor God, the Jade Emperor, the high Jade Emperor, the high heaven saint, the benevolent Jade Emperor, the Jade Emperor, etc.

The Jade Emperor, who always lives in the realm of miaoyou Wuji, is always in the supreme heaven. He has demonstrated the Tao body, Dharma body, himself, real body, trace body, response body, sub body and incarnation. He is the deification of the basic belief and the highest belief “Tao” of Taoism.

The Jade Emperor, who is in charge of 36 days, 72 places, gods, immortals, saints, human beings and everything in the underworld, has boundless power. Therefore, it is also known as the God of the sky and the king of the heavenly sect.

The belief of the Jade Emperor originates from people’s worship of heaven and earth in ancient times. The ancients called the highest god the emperor of heaven and God, that is, the highest god between heaven and earth.

According to the collection of high Jade Emperor’s Bank:


In ancient times, there was a king Jingde of Guangyan miaoye country. His queen was baomoonlight. The king and queen loved each other but had no children. They were very sad.

One day, after the queen fell asleep, she dreamed that the Supreme Master held a baby in her arms. After the queen woke up, she became pregnant.

Later, the queen gave birth to a son, the crown prince. The crown prince was brilliant since childhood. When he grew up, he assisted his father in governing the people, so he was deeply loved by people.

Later, the king died, but the prince had no intention of succeeding to the throne, so he left home and went to the mountains to practice Taoism. Later, after numerous disasters, he finally built a road, soared to the Ninth Heaven, won the support of all saints, and commanded the three realms. He was the Jade Emperor.

During the reign of emperor Zhenzong of Song Dynasty, he claimed that he dreamed that the divine man passed the order of the Jade Emperor to “do good to raise the common people”, so he officially listed the jade emperor as the object of worship of the national court.

In the age of strict hierarchy in ancient times, no one could worship the Jade Emperor except the Song Emperor. Even in today’s era, people generally believe that the Jade Emperor, the first of the gods, is lofty and great. Therefore, they dare not sculpture gods for him without authorization. Instead, they worship him with “heavenly stove” or “God ranking”.

Of course, as the leader of the gods, the ceremony to worship the Jade Emperor is also very strict and grand.

In Taoism, the Jade Emperor is the king of the gods and Buddhas, and he holds a high position among the Taoist immortals. The Jade Emperor is the supreme god of heaven and the emperor of heaven. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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