Is the Japanese Prime Minister an ordinary post?

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The post reform Japanese Prime Minister has always been a high-risk post.

On October 26th, 1909, the outgoing prime minister of Japan, Hirofumi ITO, was assassinated by North Korean patriotic youth an chonggen during his talks with Russian finance minister kokovchev at Harbin railway station, China, and died on the spot.


On November 4, 1921, when the 19th Prime Minister of Japan Hara Kei planned to go to Kansai to attend the political friends’ meeting, he was assassinated by right-wing Gen Nakaoka in front of Tokyo station, Japan, and died on the spot.


On November 14th, 1930, the 27th Prime Minister of Japan, Nobuyuki Hamaguchi, was shot and injured by Japanese right winger Takeshi Satoyama at Tokyo station. On August 26 of the next year, he was seriously injured and died of bacterial infection.


On May 15, 1932, the 29th Prime Minister of Japan, dog Yangyi, was shot and killed by naval soldiers at the prime minister’s residence and died on the spot.


On February 26th, 1936, the 30th Prime Minister Saito and the 20th Prime Minister Takahashi of Japan were stabbed to death because of the coup launched by several young military officers.


How important is such a high-risk position? Or is this just an ordinary position?

Today, let’s talk: is the Japanese Prime Minister an ordinary post?

After Abe was assassinated yesterday, the public opinion field in China was agitated again. Everyone expressed their views on this matter: some were indignant and condemning, some were secretly entertaining, some were searching for the source, and some were thorough.

Among many different perspectives, one is particularly strange. The title of the article is as follows:


The author said:

No matter in Britain or Japan, what is the position of Prime Minister? It is nothing more than a job. Some privileges are also given by the people. Once the world changes, the people can take them back. The honor, disgrace and even life and death of the former prime minister are not as important as they seem.

And emphasize:

How to say? I really think these two things are not as big as we Chinese think. Let’s not project our life experience into life on the other side of the ocean.

In general, the meaning of the words is that the Japanese Prime Minister is ordinary. The Chinese people just attach great importance to leadership. After all, as he said, “no one is irreplaceable.”

Yes, the earth turns away from everyone, and the rights of all countries must also come from the people.


But is the Japanese Prime Minister really a dispensable, ordinary job?

Not to mention Abe’s political family, nor Abe’s contributions to Japan in recent years. Just look at Abe’s niche in Japanese politics.

The official name of the Prime Minister of Japan is the Prime Minister of the cabinet. In 1885, Japan established the cabinet system and renamed the original top official Taiji minister as the Prime Minister of the cabinet. For convenience, China translated this official position as “prime minister”.

The Prime Minister of Japan is the supreme head of the Japanese cabinet and the head of the Japanese government, leading the operation of various administrative organs. The first prime minister was nominated by the Japanese parliament and appointed by the emperor. Other cabinet members were appointed and removed by the prime minister and certified by the emperor.


On October 2021, Emperor Naruhito of Japan appointed Fumio Kishida as prime minister

After World War II, the Japanese Constitution was reformed, and the prime minister became the top leader of Japan. He can appoint and remove ministers of various departments at will without the consent of the emperor. The prime minister holds the supreme power in Japan.

Shinzo Abe is different from ordinary prime ministers, not to mention that he has served as Prime Minister twice, reaching the record of the longest serving prime minister in Japanese history.

More importantly, as mentioned above, the prime minister is nominated by the Japanese parliament, which, as the highest authority and the only legislative body in Japan, is set up in accordance with the constitution of Japan. The Japanese Parliament consists of the house of Representatives and the Senate. At present, there are 465 members in the house of Representatives and 242 members in the Senate.


The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) controlled by Abe is the largest party in Japan’s parliament, with a total of 293 seats out of 465 seats in the house of Representatives and 141 seats out of 242 seats in the Senate. In terms of control over Congress, the support of the Democratic Party in the United States is much higher.

The Abe faction is the largest faction of the Liberal Democratic Party. Although Shinzo Abe left office, he always firmly grasped Japan’s political rights and political direction. The current Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida holds key positions in the cabinet all by members of the Abe faction. It is not too much to say that he is an invisible prime minister who can decide who will be prime minister.

Such a person is rendered as “ordinary”, “ordinary”. This can’t help but make people feel a little “cognitive confusion”.

In fact, we often see some comments on the Internet that in “some countries” national leaders are ordinary people, and they are just like ordinary people from their jobs.

In the eyes of some people, there has never been any “power game” or “political struggle” in this world. Everything is so sunny, so fair, so gentle, courteous and frugal. A head of state is an “ordinary job”, and it is only a “small matter” if there is really any “Assassination”.


If this is an ordinary job, this is a small matter,

So why are hundreds of millions of Americans who supported mega and refused to recognize the last US election so persistent?

So, are they innocent of the nearly 100 people who died strangely in order to investigate and expose the Clinton Hillary family? (Epstein doesn’t count. Although he died strangely, he was not innocent)

So, what is the purpose of the brutal struggle of being imprisoned after stepping down in South Korea’s political arena?

Not to mention the death lists, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran, Ukraine


Do not recognize the objectively existing status and problems in this world, describe the ruthless “international politics” as a “little lucky” among adults, and describe the “great change that has not happened in a century” of the tragic game as a child’s family

Perhaps, my heart is so pure that I see the world too simply

Reference reading:

What is the biggest bet made by the financial capital of Wall Street in the past month, the real owner behind the U.S. government? Short Japanese government bonds.

These people began to buy a large number of positions in Japanese government bonds last year, and then hoarded them in their hands, waiting for the deterioration of the international situation, with the focus on waiting for the deterioration of the Japanese economy.

The interest rate hike of the US dollar and the weak export of the Japanese economy worsened, and the yen began to depreciate sharply, facing great pressure to raise interest rates.

At this time, these people began to take action and sell some of their hoarded treasury bonds. For example, in the third week of June, they concentrated on selling about $35.3 billion of Japanese bonds.

In order to prevent the collapse of Japanese bonds, the Bank of Japan can only be forced to buy the sold treasury bonds without restrictions. Although international capital sold only $35.3 billion, the Japanese people sold $45.5 billion, that is to say, the Bank of Japan was forced to buy about $80.8 billion of treasury bonds this time. At present, the national debt held by the Bank of Japan has accounted for 49.2% of the total national debt, and may approach 60% in the future.


The reason why the Bank of Japan can purchase treasury bonds without restrictions is that it has always maintained an ultra-low interest rate policy. In the past month or two, the Federal Reserve has been asking Japan to raise interest rates. The reason is to suppress inflation and protect the global economy. However, once Japan raises interest rates and the national debt collapses, Japan’s losses will be counted in trillions.

It is the governor of the Bank of Japan, Haruhiko Kuroda, who has been pursuing independent monetary policy under the pressure of the Federal Reserve, and Haruhiko Kuroda has been in this position for ten years, mainly because Abe is his biggest supporter

Shinzo Abe appointed Haruhiko Kuroda as governor of the Bank of Japan as early as 2013, when he launched “abenomics”.



Looking at the world, we are facing a great change that has not been seen in a century. Since the new century, a large number of emerging market countries and developing countries have developed rapidly, the world’s multi polarization has accelerated, the international pattern has become increasingly balanced, and the international trend is irreversible. The Communist Party of China has united and led the Chinese people in their tenacious struggle and work hard. The Chinese nation has ushered in a great leap from standing up, becoming rich to becoming strong. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation shows an unprecedented bright prospect. As long as we hold fast to the green mountains and forge ahead bravely along the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, our country will become increasingly prosperous, will increasingly approach the center of the world stage, and will increasingly make new and greater contributions to mankind.

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