Is the Nine Tailed Fox a demon or a God in fairy tales? When was the Nine Tailed Fox demonized?

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Nine Tailed Fox is a demon or a God. China story network editor brings you relevant content. Interested partners, come and have a look.

Nine Tailed Fox is a strange beast in ancient Chinese Han mythology and legend. In classical legend, Nine Tailed Fox is a four legged monster. It has fiery red fur all over its body. It is good at changing, bewitching, and likes to eat people. Its baby crying is often used to attract people to explore. It is said that there will be chaos in the world when Nine Tailed Fox comes out.


The Nine Tailed Fox was demonized at the latest in the early Northern Song Dynasty. Nine tail demon fox originated in ancient Chinese legends, and later spread to Japan, Korea and other Asian regions. It is one of the most famous ancient monsters. There are countless records, novels, movies, TV dramas, animes and comics about it. In Chinese mythology, the Nine Tailed Fox does not specifically refer to any Nine Tailed Fox. One saying is that after thousands of years of cultivation, there can be nine tails. Another saying is that Dayu married a Nine Tailed white fox in Tushan, which is a very beautiful thing for the Nine Tailed Fox. Later, the Nine Tailed Fox claimed to be a descendant of Tushan.


In the pre Qin period, the fox was regarded as a auspicious beast, and there were two connotations of auspiciousness. First, it is a sign of prosperity for the king. According to Wu Yue spring and Autumn Annals, Dayu didn’t marry at the age of 30. Seeing nine white foxes in Tushan, he thought it was a good omen for the king and married the daughter of Tushan. “Selected works · four sons’ theory of virtue” contains “the king of ancient literature should return to Zhou due to the Nine Tailed Fox”. The second is the omen of marriage and love. The nine white foxes in the case of Dayu meeting Tu Shan’s daughter obviously have the significance of marriage omen at the same time. The bookofsongs · a fox is a lonely, depressed and wandering fox, which is sung as a human being whose marriage and love are out of time. Therefore, Ban Gu’s “white tiger Tongyi” in the Han Dynasty took the fox as a symbol to show the virtue of “descendants’ proliferation”, thus laying the groundwork for later generations to use the performance of the fox as a metaphor for human sexual charm.

According to the Shanhaijing records, “the mountain of Qingqiu has an animal like a fox and nine tails, and its sound is like a baby, which can eat people, and the eater doesn’t poison”, and the dongshanjing records that “the mountain of Fuli… Has an animal like a fox, and nine tails, nine heads, and tiger claws, which are named as the nephew of the sun, whose sound is like a baby, are cannibals”, a large number of cannibalism records show the ferocity of the Nine Tailed Fox. In addition, after thousands of years of changes, the Nine Tailed Fox not only has a more prominent image of cannibalism, but also has a more attractive image of fox prostitutes.


The image of Daji, the Nine Tailed Fox in the romance of gods, pushes the ancient concept of the seductive Fox of the whore type to the extreme, pushes the concept of the Nine Tailed Fox of the most fox demon to the extreme, and also forbids the female color. The Nine Tailed Fox is a strange beast in the mythology and legend of the ancient Han nationality in China. In the classical legend, the Nine Tailed Fox is a four legged monster, with fiery red fur all over the body, good at change, bewitching, and likes to eat people. Its baby crying is often used to attract people to explore, It is said that the emergence of the Nine Tailed Fox is the culmination of the concept of chaos and the concept of women’s disaster that “women have never been more beautiful and subjugated”. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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