Is the nude poster of Love Apartment 3 true? Is it too big

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Love Apartment is the representative work of comedy in the field of Chinese TV dramas. The third season of Love Apartment was released in 2012. The actors in this season are basically familiar old members. Is the nude poster of Love Apartment 3 true? This scale is too big. How could several actors agree to shoot? The editor will introduce it today.

Love Apartment 3 nude poster

During the publicity period of many TV dramas, some posters of TV dramas will be published. The posters must be attractive so that more audiences can pay attention to the drama. As soon as the nude poster of Love Apartment 3 came out, it immediately brushed the screen. Many netizens can’t believe what they see in their eyes. They all think that this poster must have been PS, but it is really true.

The four male protagonists of Love Apartment 3, Chen He, Sun Yizhou, Jin Shijia and Wang Chuanjun, together shot many funny posters, including a nude poster. However, in this nude poster, only Chen Hesun Yizhou and Jin Shijia are naked, while Wang Chuanjun is completely dressed. Many netizens even teased this poster as“ Wang’s Man”, Because Chen Hesun Yizhou Jin Shijia was not only naked, but also posed in various enchanting poses, and then surrounded Wang Chuanjun. Wang Chuanjun stared at the camera with a domineering face, which was really funny and shocking.

The poster of Love Apartment 3 is very large

It is impossible to have such a big scale in current TV dramas. The actors are serious about shooting posters. The nude poster of Love Apartment 3 has been hotly discussed by netizens, and many people said they could not accept it. However, it is really a matter of the times. In 2012, the atmosphere of the entertainment industry was very relaxed. The poster of this scale was still acceptable to the public and would be viewed in an entertaining manner. At that time, the entertainment industry was also diversified. It can only be said that the current entertainment industry has really degenerated and become more and more conservative than before.

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