Is the original book of the list of gods very scary? What is the original book of the list of gods?

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Today, the editor of China story network brings you an article about the list of gods. Welcome to read it~

Since ancient times, there have been many legends about gods and ghosts in China. Basically, every novel in ancient times has some mythological color. In many ghost movies, the childhood shadow is deeply impressed by the fact that Liaozhai is made into a film. There are many terrible pictures in it, which makes many people dare not stay alone in a space for a long time. In ancient novels, there is not only love between people and gods, but also love between people and demons, and love between people and ghosts. People at that time were really brave!

Many people should have seen the romance of the gods. In recent years, there have been many remakes of this play, especially in recent versions, which have been criticized by people. Daji is an important role in the film and has high requirements for actors. As a beautiful woman who makes the rulers unable to extricate themselves, Daji needs to be particularly beautiful first, but this is not the key point. The key point is to show Daji’s charm and scheming. Therefore, the female stars who played Daji were not spared by people at that time.


In ancient times, monarchs took the lead in worshipping God, praying for people and their rule. However, when praying for blessings, the king of Shang took a fancy to the beauty of the fairy and expressed in his words that he wanted the fairy to be his concubine. This gave the fairy a great atmosphere, and the fairy sent a fox to punish the king. The fox used the most beautiful body of Su Daji at that time to approach the monarch. The fox was cruel and cruel. He took advantage of the monarch to eat people’s hearts and drink people’s blood. He also killed the queen by cruel means. The monarch was only immersed in the beauty of Su Daji, and he did what the peerless beauty asked him to do.


Faced with such a cruel and unreasonable leader, the people below naturally refused to accept it and wanted to overthrow the Dynasty and rescue the suffering people. Therefore, there were many scenes of fighting and killing inside, which were very bloody. At that time, this novel was shot for the first time, but it was not broadcast after only five episodes, and the content after that was also deleted and adjusted. Why is this? At that time, the technology was still very backward, and many scenes needed to be simply and directly displayed. The scenes of fighting and killing we see now were obviously fake, but the effect of shooting at that time was very realistic. The cruel scenes such as blood and flesh blurring, head separation and so on were vividly displayed.

Moreover, there are many ambiguous scenes in it. The shooting at that time required to restore the plot of the novel to the maximum extent. However, some things are normal in the novel, but once they are on the TV screen, they appear very elegant and some contents are very sensitive. The violence and pornography inside are not suitable for viewing, and are particularly easy to affect children. At that time, compulsory education had not yet begun, and many people had not received a good education, so these contents were afraid of having some bad effects. After five episodes were broadcast, they were asked to be removed from the shelves. After that, the content of other versions of the title list was also processed. Although it is not the same as the previous fit novel, it is also very exciting and more suitable for people and children to watch.

Many TV dramas are remakes of novels, just like the romance of the gods. Many people who like to read novels will complain that the TV dramas they shoot are not good at all and do not conform to the plot of the novels. It’s simply destroying the three outlooks, so many people think it’s not worth it after the first Fengshen romance was banned. Why can’t such a highly restored conscience TV play be broadcast. As a media, TV plays have good communication value and are easy to have an impact on people. Therefore, when any TV play is broadcast, the ratings and interests are secondary. The important thing is whether the contents of this TV play can bring people correct ideas and will not have a bad impact. The media should pay more attention to social responsibility. Therefore, it is very reasonable to ban this TV play. How horrible is it to face the original book of the list of gods? It was filmed, but only five episodes were broadcast and was called off! What do you think of this? Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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