Is the Republic of Soviet Union coming? Johnson resigned and the cabinet scattered: the last collapse of the British and American pirate empire is coming~

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Author: zhouxiaoping from official account: draw (zg5201949)

Foreword: it is said that the sun never sets, and the Empire has already set. Indeed, Britain has been reduced from the original super colonial empire to today’s small Nordic countries, but the problem is that the sun never sets, and the Empire itself did not die, but parasitic on its descendants: the United States of America through “political seizing”. In other words, the pirate Colonial Empire itself continues because of the success of the capture.

With the support of the United States, although Britain itself has shrunk, there are still many colonies overseas, and the queen of England still has very strong real power. These powers include but are not limited to: 1. The queen of England has the power to dissolve parliament (including dismissing the prime minister). 2. All laws enacted by the British parliament must be signed by the queen of England before they can take effect. 3. The British royal family does not have to pay taxes. 4. The British Prime Minister must regularly report all state and personal affairs to the queen of England, and shall not hide or omit to report. 5. The head of the queen of England should be printed on the banknotes of Commonwealth countries to declare sovereignty. 6. The British queen is still the monarch of Australia, and the Australian Governor actually exercises power on behalf of the Queen’s plenipotentiary in Australia. 7. The queen has immunity from prosecution. She cannot be prosecuted or arrested, so she can do anything without being held accountable (including killing the prime minister or others). 8. The queen of England has supreme judicial power, and no person or institution can require the queen to testify or appear in court. 9: The queen of England is the supreme commander of the British army. Although the command of the British army is in the cabinet, the appointment of the cabinet is in the queen herself, so this power is also in the hands of the British royal family. 10: The queen of England can recall the prime ministers or prime ministers of all Commonwealth countries, including Australia, Canada and Singapore. Although the queen of England has not exercised this power in recent years, the Commonwealth Law itself gives the queen of England this real power.


British Prime Minister in front of royal family members

After reading these powers, you will know that the so-called “constitutional monarchy”, the so-called “the queen has no real power”, and the so-called “the royal family is just a mascot” are pure nonsense and very absurd. Since ancient times, where there is a royal family, there has been power. Without power, there is no royal family. It is difficult to be a king without real power, and it is impossible to continue the existence of the royal family without an iron curtain. In essence, the Commonwealth is an ancient enfeoffment country with a changed skin, which is no substantive difference from the feudal system itself before the Qin Dynasty in China. In the Shang and Zhou dynasties, the emperor also maintained his rule by enfeoffing various Dukes (federations).

So far, Britain still has 14 overseas territories, including Anguilla, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the British Indian Ocean Territory, the Cayman Islands, etc., which we are familiar with. At this time, there are still 16 countries in the world with the British monarch Elizabeth II as their head of state, including Canada, Australia and New Zealand. These countries have “governors” appointed by the UK to exercise power on behalf of the queen. Before the return of Xiangjiang, this administrative position also existed in the Hong Kong British period. Chris Patten, the last governor, was well known to the Chinese people. Besides him, there are many other British governors who continue to walk and be active in all countries around the world. At present, the governor of Canada is Mary Simon, the governor of Australia is David John Hurley, and the governor of New Zealand is Cindy keero.


This is Britain.

Of course, without the support of the United States, the British overseas territories and federal territories would have been unable to hold on, but even with the support of the United States, can Britain really hold on to these things that go against the trend of the times? I don’t think we can hold it. I’m afraid Britain will lose something more important, that is, the British Isles. At present, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are all clamouring for separation, which is more powerful than ever before. In the face of a split that is likely to happen soon, Britain’s smart and sophisticated politicians have fled in droves. Because once Su weiai’s separation is successful, Johnson will become the “last prime minister” and be permanently set on the ridicule column of history. However, Johnson is not stupid. Yesterday, he also announced that he agreed to resign and run away. Cabinet politicians who have seen through all this have long chosen to vote with their feet, protect themselves and resign to watch the fire.

Within two days, 31 British cabinet members resigned, and 46 cabinet members have resigned as of today, all after the Chinese ambassador’s visit to Scotland—— This is an unprecedented, earth shattering move, comparable to the 055 large destroyer straight into Portsmouth.

Things could not have come to this point, but the British are big, and they still want to eat more. As early as the issue of Xiangjiang, the British government has repeatedly illegally intervened, repeatedly uttered nonsense on international and diplomatic occasions, claiming that Britain still has “jurisdiction obligations” over Xiangjiang affairs, repeatedly criticized China’s internal affairs, and even MI6 has repeatedly collaborated with Ukraine’s Neo Nazi Asian speed camp forces to Xiangjiang to pay money, send people, and send weapons to support Hong Kong rioters, conduct on-site training, and incite rioters to commit crimes.


Just after the Hong Kong incident was over, the typhoon broke out again. This year, Britain took the lead in raising issues, claiming that Taiwan Strait affairs are also related to Britain, and repeatedly publicly announced that it would strengthen and ensure the defense capability of Taiwan Island, deepen Taiwan UK cooperation, strengthen economic and trade relations, and promote the green camp on Taiwan island to get more “international recognition”. When the situation in the Taiwan Strait was tense, Britain sent leaky aircraft carriers and warships to participate in the military exercises held by the United States, Japan and Australia in the South China Sea, aiming at China in an attempt to join forces to exert pressure. It can be said that in order to split China and tear China apart, Britain has done everything possible, from military to foreign exchange means to international influence, all aspects are trying their best to mess up China.

In the face of such Britain, we certainly don’t have to be polite. It is the so-called “repay virtue for resentment”, why repay virtue?? Of course, good for good, complain directly! It’s not rude to come but not to go. Your British Consulate can send thousands of people to Xiangjiang River to make a mess. Why can’t we in China even take a look at the scenery of Scotland? We just look at the scenery and travel. Is it always OK to travel—— Since you British think you still have the strength to reach out to our door, we have to kick our feet into your rice bowl, otherwise you don’t know that Lord Ma has three eyes.


Keen Chinese netizens have long found these unusual actions and signals, so even the country name has been figured out for them. Scotland + Wales + Northern Ireland, just three places each take a word as the new country name: the Republic of Soviet Union! When the time comes, it will be wonderful to directly implement the socialist system and let the song of love shine again in the northern European capitalist nest?

As the saying goes, there is no way for good or bad, only people can recruit themselves. Good and evil are rewarded, and follow their shadow. If China wants to establish new rules of fairness in the world, it must let the world see our ability to maintain fairness and justice; Since some people are afraid of authority and refuse to obey virtue, we must take advantage of the situation to show others. Only with clear rewards and punishments can we return to the world. Killing Yingjing monkey must have a good effect.

It is worth looking forward to the debut of the Republic of Soviet Union. Because the tearing of the British Isles not only means the death and decay of the old empire, but also marks the decline of American hegemony; Because this shows that even with the United States as the destroyer of the pirate Empire, the ultimate destruction and death will still come, and the final death knell of the European pirate Empire has sounded.


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