Is there something fishy between brothers? Why did Liu Bei not confer Marquis on Guan Yu

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Is there something fishy between brothers? Why did Liu Bei not confer Marquis on Guan Yu

In order to protect people’s minds, strengthen their paws and teeth, show their prestige and show their favor, ancient emperors often used the addition of officials, Jin Jue, marquis, etc. as an effective means. As you can see from the annals of the Three Kingdoms – Shu Shu Shu, Liu Bei’s western Shu also used the magic weapon of marquis.

There were many Marquises in Western Shu. Because Zhang Fei broke the bridge under the water and was able to protect him, Liu Bei granted him the new Marquis of the pavilion. In the first year of Zhang Wu’s reign, he was granted the Marquis of Xixiang; Because of the battle of Dingjun mountain, Huang Zhong killed Xia Hou and made great contributions, and granted him the Marquis of the pass; Machao, the emperor of Han Dynasty, originally granted the title of Duke of capital Pavilion, and in the first year of Zhangwu, he was granted the title of “Xiang Hou”; When pangtong died, Liu Bei chased him as the Marquis of the pass; When FA Zheng died, Liu Bei granted his son FA Miao the Marquis of the pass. In the first year of Jianxing, Zhaoyun was granted the Marquis of Yongchang; In the first year of Jianxing, he was granted the Marquis of Wei Yandu; In the sixth year of Jianxing, Zhugeliang was granted the title of Marquis of Wuxiang.

Not only the well-known were granted Marquises, but also some less well-known ones were granted Marquises, such as Ma Dai as Marquis Chencang, Dong Jue, marquis Yunting, Liu Min, Marquis Anhan, and Wang Ping.

Looking at this list, people will be puzzled. First, Zhugeliang, who has made great contributions to the world, has been a long time coming. Second, Guan Yu is not known here. He is Liu Bei’s sworn brother. He is the assistant of Liu Bei. He has great literary skills and military strategies. He has made outstanding contributions, has little righteousness, and has a great reputation. Why didn’t he get the job?

Or did not Guan Yu have the title of Han Shou Ting Hou? However, this was not Liu Beifeng’s, but in the 5th year of Jian’an, Guan Yu refused Yuan Shao because he helped Cao Cao, killed his senior general Yanliang, and relieved the siege of white horses. Later, Guan Yu was sealed by Cao Cao. By the way, even Liu Bei’s marquis in Yicheng came here because of Cao Cao.

Or did Guan Yu not have the name of marquis Zhuang Miao? But this was the posthumous posthumous posthumous posthumous posthumous posthumous title. In a sense, it even borrowed the light of Liu Chan’s favor to Chen Zhi. Because Shu Shu Shu clearly stated: “in the early days, when he was the first lord, only FA Zheng saw the posthumous title. When he was the second Lord, Zhugeliang’s merits and virtues were unparalleled. Jiang Wan and Fei Yi also saw the posthumous title for the importance of the state of he. Chen Zhi favored him with a special award. Xiahouba came back from afar, so he won the posthumous title. So Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, pangtong, Huang Zhong and Yun pursued the posthumous title.” The specific contents are as follows: Fazheng posthumous title is Yi Hou, pangtong posthumous title is Jing Hou, Guan Yu posthumous title is Zhuang Miao Hou, Zhang Fei posthumous title is Huan Hou, machao posthumous title is Wei Hou, Zhugeliang posthumous title is Zhongwu Hou, Zhaoyun posthumous title is Shunping Hou, Huangzhong posthumous title is gang Hou, Jiangwan posthumous title is Gong Hou, Fei Yi posthumous title is Jing Hou.

A small article in the manuscript of Dongqian written by Zhao Yiqing of the Qing Dynasty, a textual research on Guan Zhuang Miao’s knighthood, raises the question: Guan Yu, “is there no knighthood alone?” “Chen Shou’s annals only said that ‘the title of the founding father’ was not known because of his lack of names.” What the hell is going on? Why? The explanation he gave was: “the emperor of the Han Dynasty was given a name by the public, so he did not change it, and set up a county as a public capital.”. That is to say, Duke Guan already had the title of nobility given by Cao Cao in the name of the royal family of the Han Dynasty. Liu Bei showed his respect for this title, so he followed it and used it instead of giving a new title. He just “analyzed that Jiameng County of Guanghan county is Hanshou County” as Guan Yu’s Fengyi.

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