Is wuyating with David? Why did wuyating refuse David

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Many people like wuyating David’s pair of CPS very much after watching the delay in starting in spring. In the program, David also bravely confessed to wuyating. Although everyone can see that wuyating also likes David, wuyating politely refused David in the program. Is wuyating with David? Why did wuyating refuse David’s confession? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Is wuyating with David

The Spring Festival delayed to set out and invited eight guests, four men and four women, who came to the program with the pain of divorce, hoping to heal their inner pain in the program. After contact, it is obvious that wuyating and David have a good impression on each other. At the end of the program, David also bravely confessed to wuyating, but wuyating refused. In fact, David can also see that although wuyating rejected him, wuyating still has great waves in her heart.

David comforts wuyating, who refuses him, not to cry. As a result, after the two people separated, wuyating cried all the way. It’s not that wuyating doesn’t like David, but because as an adult, wuyating, who has two children after divorce, has too many things to think about. The program is over. Although David and wuyating did not succeed in the program, everyone especially hopes that they can have lovers offline and get married.

Why did wuyating refuse David

Moreover, after wuyating and David got off the show, they still had contact. Wuyating often does live broadcasts now. Before, David went to the live studio to visit the class. At that time, many netizens sent barrages, hoping that David and wuyating could be together. They were very embarrassed. Many netizens saw the interaction between David and wuyating, and wuyating’s shy expression when she mentioned David. It is speculated that wuyating and David should have been together privately. It was only because wuyating took into account the identity of her children and her public figures that she did not choose to open her relationship.

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