Is Yang Jian a scum? Why does Yang Jian turn black

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Many of the leading roles and actresses in the drama are official partners. Although the leading roles and actresses like each other in the frenzy, Meng Yu finally married supporting role Yang Jian. Is Yang Jian a scum? Why did Yang Jian turn black? Is it really for Meng Yu, as he said? The editor will introduce it today.

Is Yang Jian a scum

Yang Jian was a traffic policeman for the first time in the storm, but he came to be a traffic policeman only after taking turns. Yang Jian’s real identity was an anti-drug policeman. When Yang Jian appeared for the first time, he also destroyed Anxin’s good deed, making Anxin unable to send Meng Yu to the airport. Yang Jian later met Meng Yu, a reporter who was also investigating the drug case, and the two people also had more intersection.

Yang Jian also learned from An Xin that Meng Yu was the daughter of their police chief Meng Dehai. When he learned of this incident, Yang Jian’s eyes had betrayed him, and he could see that he wanted to catch up with Meng Yu. In addition to Meng Yu’s beautiful appearance, Yang Jian naturally wants to be with Meng Yu, so that he can climb the high branch. In order to become the deputy director of the power supply bureau, Yang Jian and Gao Qiqiang came together and started their own black road. When the truth was revealed, Yang Jian said that it was all for Meng Yu. The purpose was to deserve the identity of Meng Dehai’s son-in-law.

Why did Yang Jian blacken out

On the surface, Yang Jian loves his wife and daughter, and is considerate to his father-in-law and mother-in-law. He seems to be a perfect man, but many netizens roast that Yang Jian is a total jerk. The reason why Yang Jian became black was that he was greedy for money and power, not for Meng Yu. And when Yang Jian was finally desperate, he agreed with his partner’s proposal to let Meng Yu poison Anxin so as to buy himself time to escape. How can such a selfish man not be considered a scum man?

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