Is Zhang Yuqi banned? Why is Zhang Yuqi banned

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Zhang Yuqi’s recent new play “refueling mother” is on the air, and her audience rating and reputation are also rising. However, Zhang Yuqi herself has fallen into controversy because of her speech on her microblog. Has Zhang Yuqi been banned? Why was Zhang Yuqi banned? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Has Zhang Yuqi been banned

Some time ago, the Tangshan beating incident triggered the public anger of Chinese netizens, and many stars also spoke out for it, condemning those who beat people. Zhang Yuqi is also one of the stars who speak, but the voices of other stars are supported by netizens. Only Zhang Yuqi’s voice has attracted angry scolding. Because many of Zhang Yuqi’s articles have been questioned as engaging in women’s rights and eating women’s dividends.

Because Zhang Yuqi directly opposes men and women in her article. She is not targeting the men who beat people, but all the men in China. In her article, Zhang Yuqi accused all the scum men of being punished, saying that the onlookers who did not stop beating people were teddy bears, and that Chinese men should go to military service, etc. Some netizens angrily denounced Zhang Yuqi’s article, which was full of malice towards men, and roast complained that she was engaging in women’s rights. Zhang Yuqi’s remark has been deleted. It seems that she doesn’t want netizens to continue to use this article to condemn her.

Why Zhang Yuqi was banned

And netizens also found that after Zhang Yuqi’s article was deleted, she never made a sound on the platform again. You should know that the refueling mother starring Zhang Yuqi is still on the air. As a rule, she often sends messages to publicize the play. So some netizens speculated that Zhang Yuqi had been banned and had been banned. In fact, Zhang Yuqi has not been blocked, but is just avoiding the wind. Therefore, she needs to keep a low profile, or she will be sniped by some netizens. Zhang Yuqi’s studio still normally publicizes refueling mother and sends Zhang Yuqi’s beautiful photos.

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