Is Zhaoyun, the five tiger General of the Three Kingdoms Shu Han, a woman?

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In march2005, an archaeological team unearthed Liu Bei’s tomb and found a large number of cultural relics of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Among them, the most amazing thing is the discovery of the manuscript of Liu Bei, the former leader of the Han Dynasty, and the unveiling of an unknown secret for 2000 years. Zhao Yun, the famous general of the Three Kingdoms, was disguised as a man and had more than just a relationship with Liu Bei!

In the manuscript, Liu Bei mentioned many times to discuss Zhao Yun’s fame with Zhugeliang. Unfortunately, due to internal policy relations, the official only released part of the contents of the manuscript, and did not mention the key contents. However, some scholars analyzed the well-known stories of the Three Kingdoms and pointed out that there were traces of Zhao Yun’s gender. Www.lishi Today, I will take you to analyze it. Welcome all netizens to clap bricks. Www. 68mn.

1. In his early twenties, Zhao Yun followed Liu Bei from Jieqiao to Changbanpo for 18 years. Later, he followed Liu Bei and Zhugeliang to visit the eastern Wu several times. However, he was still young and beautiful, with a clear face. Unlike other men, he had a stubble beard.

II. In the first battle of Nagasaka slope, Liu Bei himself left his wife and children behind. Instead, it was Zhao Yun who saved little ah Dou by going in and out alone. What is not a woman’s maternal nature? And in the fierce battle, little ah Dou not only didn’t cry, but slept soundly. Which big man has such ability?

Third, Zhao Yun rescued Xiao Adou and returned to Liu Bei array?. Liu Bei actually said, “my little boy is in danger of losing my great general!” Talk, and then throw down your children? The importance of adjusting Zhao Yun. It is clear that Liu Bei cannot express it in words? Zhao Yun was so grateful for his dedication that he had to throw a Dou to show the importance of Zhao Yun in his mind.

Fourth, Zhao Yun himself followed gongsunzan and met Liu Bei in the battle to save Kongrong in the Beihai. According to the annals of the Three Kingdoms of Chen Shou, Liu Bei and Zhao Yun were “reluctant to part with the hand of Yun” when they were leaving. When a man sees a man, he knows the hero, values the hero, and respects each other. How can he be reluctant to part? It can be seen that Zhao Yun is a beautiful and refined beauty.

Fifth, Zhaoyun is unwilling to get married. Zhaofan wants to introduce his widowed sister-in-law to Zhaoyun. According to common sense, it’s ok if Zhao Yun doesn’t want to, but he turned against Zhao fan, forcing Zhao fan to oppose Liu Bei again. Why does a man hate to marry a woman so much? This is also very suspicious.

Vi. Zhao Yun disguises herself as a man. Liu Bei and Zhugeliang must know that. Therefore, Liu Bei arranges Zhao Yun to protect his family. When someone else changes, Guan Yu blushes. He is neither willing nor confident. Zhang Fei is also a rude man. He is not careful enough. Other people can’t trust him.

VII. Zhao Yun has excellent skills and is loyal to Liu Bei. However, Liu Bei and Zhugeliang have always refused to put Zhao Yun in important position and rarely given Zhao Yun the opportunity to lead the three armed forces alone. Zhao Yun has never tried to be a prefect of a city. He just follows Liu Bei as a private bodyguard every time. If you think about family status, aren’t Guan and Zhang from humble backgrounds? If it is distrust, it will not entrust the lives of the whole family to Zhao Yun; If you don’t know his courage, Liu Bei himself said that “Zilong is full of courage”. Why wouldn’t a brave general not be reused? The reason is very simple. Liu Bei is not willing to take too many risks with his women.

VIII. Why did Cao Cao order that no arrows should be fired in Changbanpo, as long as Zhao Yun was captured alive? If we say that we cherish talents, such as Wen Pei and Chen Gong, Wu Yanliang, Wen Chou and Lu Bu, who were captured alive, he killed them. He doesn’t care at all. Why does he care about Zhao Yun? As long as you think that Cao Cao is a playful old goat, you should know the answer. How could Cao Cao know this secret? The greatest possibility is that Xu Shu told him.

IX. when Liu Bei was plotting to seal off the five tiger generals, Guan Yu was furious and said that he would not associate with Huang Zhong and other veteran generals. However, when he was working for Cao Cao, Guan Yu modestly said that he was not as brave as Zhang Fei. Why would such a modest man be angry with a veteran? It can be seen that the truth of the matter is that Guan Yu is not angry at all for being with a veteran general, but for being with a woman.

X. just because Zhao Yun disguised himself as a man and followed Liu Bei for a long time, he also had gratitude and resentment with Liu Bei’s wives. Mrs. moose jumped into a well to commit suicide. It was just a one-sided statement by Zhao Yun. There is no proof for her death. It is hard to guarantee that this is not a murder committed by competing with others and taking advantage of the chaos.

Xi. The special relationship between Zhao Yun and Liu Bei makes him dare to do what others dare not. As a military general, Zhao Yun can manage Liu Bei’s family affairs and draw a sword at Mrs. sun. She almost forced Mrs. sun to jump into the river. Even Zhang Fei, the sworn old man, felt that it was too much. Zhao Yun could do it. This was entirely determined by Zhao Yun’s special position in the Liu family.

12. Liu Bei went to the eastern Wu to get married. He took Zhao Yun with him. Zhugeliang gave Zhao Yun three brochures. In the past, there were wax pills in the secret letter, or a box like Cao Cao. It happened that Zhugeliang gave Zhao Yun brochures for women. What was given to other women would make others unhappy. Zhugeliang also knew this, so he gave Sima Yi women’s clothes at wuzhangyuan in order to provoke him. However, he gave Zhaoyun the brocade bag, one received it and the other received it. This is evident from his good intentions.

XIII. Zhaoyun’s death was stabbed to death by Mrs. Zhao. Why does Mrs. Zhao have such a deep hatred? From the analysis, it must be Zhao Yun who pretended to marry and adopted two children in order to hide people’s eyes and ears. But Mrs. Zhao must know the truth. She thought she had been cheated all her life. Can she not be angry? Therefore, Zhao Yun, like Joan of arc, is a unique woman who dares to show her talents with her own skills and courage in a patriarchal society in troubled times.

Only in that feudal society, they could only disguise and play a distorted male image to avoid social exclusion. Joan of arc prevented the British invasion to the South and historically saved the whole of France. Although Zhao Yun does not have the influence of Joan of arc, twothousand years later, she still lives in the hearts of the world with her special charm.

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