Is zhoubaihao Hong Kong’s sole supporter? Why can zhoubaihao go on the bandwagon

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Mango TV’s recently popular variety show was held jointly by mango TV and Hong Kong TVB. Therefore, in addition to many mainland artists, many Hong Kong artists participated in this program. Zhoubaihao recently participated in this program. Is zhoubaihao Hong Kong Independence? Why can zhoubohao participate in Shengsheng? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Is zhoubaihao Hong Kong Independence

Sheng Sheng has invited Zhou Baihao in the latest program. Although netizens in the mainland are not familiar with Zhou Baihao, Zhou Baihao is still well-known in Hong Kong. Considering the audience rating in TVB, Sheng Sheng has invited many new generation artists and popular artists in Hong Kong. Zhoubaihao is also a very powerful singer. His representative works are the best. It is said that with love, he can share the sky, six days, great aspirations and so on.

However, there have been rumors on the Internet that Zhou Baihao is a Hong Kong independent. If Zhou Baihao is really a Hong Kong independent, why would mango TV dare to let him participate in Shengsheng? The reason why zhoubaihao is regarded as Hong Kong Independence is that zhoubaihao has several artists in the circle who have very good personal friends, all of whom are bright Hong Kong Independence. Zhou Baihao had made some very ambiguous remarks before, but he did not participate in the offline Hong Kong and Taiwan demonstrations.

Why can zhoubaihao go on the bandwagon

In addition, in 2019, when Hong Kong, China, experienced a storm of regulations revision, zhoubaihao was involved in the storm between Hong Kong and Taiwan. At that time, Zhou Baihao was scolded by many mainland netizens. However, in the end, Zhou Baihao stood up and directly aired his patriotic and Hong Kong loving remarks and China’s national flag on the social platform. Zhou Bohao has already declared his position in public and has chosen a side station, so the relevant departments in the mainland will not investigate whether Zhou Bohao is an independent Hong Kong. After all, the mainland doesn’t want to force these Hong Kong independent artists to death. The main thing is to recruit and install them.

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