It is easy to short India, but it is too difficult to snipe Modi!

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Author: Kafka is very busy Source: the horizon of outsiders (ID: hooyar_380097485)

Modi is not so much a politician as the head of the new Hindu religion.

In the political arena, any politician who wants to fight against the religious leader is purely seeking for death. Although the Congress Party, which is composed of a group of superior people in Europe and the United States, is making a lot of noise there, in India, where the religious country is established, the religious leader casually moves his little finger. This group of traditional politicians should ask themselves, can life safety be guaranteed?

Don’t forget, we Modi Laoxian grew up in the youth training camp of the National Volunteer Service (RSS). He began to practice hard from a young age. He broke his love and never loved. He was a lifelong abstinence and vegetarian. Even his centenarian mother could be ruthless enough not to look up or visit.

It was the National Volunteer Service (RSS) that assassinated Mahatma Gandhi in February 1948. The reason was that Gandhi was too weak and sacrificed the interests of Hindus to please Muslims. Of course, there was another reason not to say that Gandhi’s nonviolence was actually a surrender to the colonialists, trying to replace the struggle with cooperation, and settling disputes by giving up interests, which was too disobedient to the wishes of the populists.

After Gandhi was killed, RSS was listed as an illegal organization, but because they were rooted at the bottom of the society and had huge influence, by 1949, Gandhi had only died one year, and RSS was legal.

You see, this power is so powerful. Mahatma Gandhi killed him and then killed him. It was just a year in the snow, and then he swaggered out again, because the Congress Party, which was talking at that time, also had its own sufferings.

The Congress Party relies on uniting a group of social elites to achieve independence, which is a bit like the Chinese Revolutionary League in those days. If you want to come, anyone can come. It seems that there are many people, but in fact it is all on the surface. India, unlike China, has a tradition of thousands of years of unification, including the Han nationality as the main ethnic group, the newly independent India, which has hundreds of ethnic groups and thousands of languages, The only thing that can be used as adhesive is Hinduism and the fetters of the same former colony. But the right of speech of Hinduism is in the hands of RSS, so what can you do with it?

Religion has been secularized in China for thousands of years, and Buddhism, which originated from Hinduism, has been treated very honestly by several events of eliminating Buddhism. Many people think that Buddhism is naturally tolerant, and then they think that Hinduism is also the same. In fact, it is a big mistake. Once religion wants to combine with the real regime, it will inevitably go to extremes.

In order to better rule India, the British paid special attention to the use of ethnic minorities, such as msl, such as Sikh.

No matter how rich the Indian mainland is, it is not enough for the colonists to suck blood. What’s more, under the intentional division of the colonists, the rights and interests of Hindu believers will be divided into more than half of the minority groups, but the high-caste groups have been bought by the colonists, so the people at the bottom poured their own suffering and anger into the MSL group.

The reason why RSS has developed rapidly and prospered is that the Hindu people at the bottom have been at a disadvantage in the fight with MSL for a long time, so that religious people have joined forces to form groups and formed paramilitary religious groups.

Can sectarian organizations built with this original intention not be extreme?

The headquarters of RSS is currently located in Nagpur, and nearly 35000 branches have been set up in various parts of India, with a total of nearly 2 million members. It is the most influential religious organization in India at present. Its extreme and strict organizational discipline make it the most militant and organized group in the Hindu sects.

The expansion of RSS started with dolls. Every year, a group of teenagers are regularly recruited from all over the country to join the training camp for training. They practice penmanship in behavior and martial arts in physical strength. Modi is an elite who has learned from childhood and practiced both hard and martial arts. His hands are known as iron tongs. Politicians from all countries shake hands with Modi with painful expressions. This is a great effort.

Think about it. In Indian politics, how can a man from grass roots become prime minister and govern the country with a powerful iron fist? Can it be done without the full support of RSS?

In 2016, Modi vigorously implemented the “banknote scrap order”. You should know that India is a highly cash-dependent country, and more than 90% of the transactions are completed in cash. In this context, by abolishing 86% of the banknotes in circulation at one time, the economy can be directly suspended! According to the cognition of general economists, Modi played such a big game and was so anxious that the Indian people should rise up in a collective rebellion.

However, with the intervention of RSS, the door-to-door work and policy explanation were carried out carefully. At last, many people at the bottom thought that it didn’t matter if my own interests were damaged. As long as those vested interests above suffered more, I would be happy.

The United States and the West have always been naive in thinking that as long as the Indian economy is screwed up, the Indian people will naturally jump out against the Indian Party and overthrow Modi. They know nothing about the mobilization ability of religion, and can bear to waste the money in their pockets. What else can they bear? Extreme religions have promoted penance for you. What do you think is the hardship of breaking down the economy for religious fanatics?

Since its integration with RSS, the Indian People’s Party is no longer the loose organization that anyone can join. They have taken on the religious power and achieved the coverage and mobilization of the entire Indian society by relying on social organizations such as the Indian Workers’ Federation, the Indian Farmers’ Federation, the Women’s Volunteer Group, the All-Indian Students’ Federation, the Global Hindu Congress and so on.

Modi reorganized the Indian Party, just like Trump transformed the Republican Party. When Trump visited India, Modi and Trump were more or less sympathetic, but this tacit understanding naturally made the Democratic Party very unhappy.

Recently, there has been a lot of uproar. India’s richest man, Adani Group, has been short sold by the United States. In fact, it is a dream to make money by shorting Adani through financial means in India’s exotic stock market game. Shorters make money from bulls. Adani has never been listed in the United States. Shorting it can only go to the Indian market. Whose home is the final say, big funds have long known that India makes money from Indian flowers, If you want to take it home separately, the most important thing to play this kind of long and short game is that a country’s financial market is completely “open”.

Soros knows best whether India is open or not. Since 2020, Soros has publicly criticized Modi on many occasions, saying that “Indian nationalism is rising horribly”, and that Modi “is building a Hindu nationalist country”.

Emphasizing nationality is a disguised emphasis on sovereignty. When sovereignty is extended, the set of free access and leek cutting laws played by financial capital will naturally fail.

This wave of short selling of the main force of Adani Group, the Hindenberg Research itself, has become a mystery. The founder went to Israel as a driver for a period of time, and then came back to become a financial giant. Do you believe this is a simple American dream fighter?

It is said that since 2021, a team has joined Hindenburg, doing nothing and staring at Adani every day. Xiang Zhuang’s sword is meant for Peigong. Soros himself is a dog fighter sent by the Federal Reserve. The so-called Wall Street bigwigs, one by one, are all playing inside collusion. Destroying the country is just a kind of business.

Do you think people are busy trying to contain China every day? The rise of China cannot be stopped. In case that India also rises at that time, India’s nationalism really glues the country together on the scale of India, and the United States can only see if the position of the third can be maintained.

It is impossible to use India to contain China. On the other hand, Americans should think about how to contain India. All those who play with finance know that as long as the Indian People’s Party and Modi are removed from power, a group of compradors represented by the Congress Party can return strongly, and the national problem of MSL is dealt with, and India is torn apart, the threat will be eliminated automatically.

So this wave of short Adani is short India, short India is actually to let Modi step down. Soros is the one who falls into the eye of money. These money slaves always judge the success or failure of others by their own standards.

Soros believed that Modi would step down if there was a problem in the Indian economy.

So we short Adani economically, let the National Congress Party hold on to the relationship between Modi and Adani Group politically, and then let the BBC take the lead in public opinion to spread what Modi did to MSL again to the world, which is to stir up the relationship between the YSL country and Modi.

Didn’t Abu Dhabi International Holdings want to invest in Adani before? Perhaps there are Arab brothers fighting for money. This is called using religious contradictions. If both sides want to cooperate again, it depends on the mood of the religious community.

Modi was very angry, and the consequences were very serious. The BBC branch in India was closed down by the police, and the tax department came to investigate the tax.

As for those who are YY by many people, once India turns against the United States, it is easy to fall into the national bankruptcy crisis.

Many people confuse the difference between the monetized national strength and the real national strength. India’s energy is extremely dependent on the outside. Why does the United States try to pull India to fight against Russia? India speaks very freely, but acts very pro-Russian?

Because once India can exchange its currency with Russia for energy, what kind of bicycle will it need?

There is no feeling between countries. India’s long-term trade deficit can be balanced by American investment in industries? Dream! What exactly does the United States want to do? These ultra-nationalists are always holding the strings of anti-colonialism!

Now Russia has been isolated by the international community, but how can India do it? It has a big market there, a population there, and the value of the united front there, which is doomed to be unlikely to be abandoned by the capital. In India’s own interest, of course, I hope that the energy trade between Europe and Russia will be completely destroyed, and I can use my own currency to get cheap Russian energy for my own use or to be a secondary dealer, This can solve the current trade deficit problem.

Some people said that this wave of India took out a large order of 470 planes to make peace with Europe and the United States.

I’m laughing to death. What should I do when I meet a straightforward Indian buyer? Unless the money is paid in full, don’t believe what others say! This is the experience gained from repeated lessons.

After all, India is an Indian country, a religious country. If you use a secular way to trick people into overthrowing the religious leader, you have to take out a large amount of real gold and silver. It is purely by drawing big cakes. The British and American cakes lack a little curry flavor, which is not to people’s appetite.

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