It is not easy for Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand to participate in the NATO summit. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation still needs to experience the test of blood and fire!

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Author: Li guangman source: Li guangman freezing point review wechat official account id:ligm-479210127 has been reprinted with authorization

The biggest highlight of this year’s NATO summit is not the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but the participation of the leaders of Asia Pacific countries Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand in the NATO summit. No matter how the leaders of these four countries say, and no matter how other countries say that they are not aimed at China, the fact is that NATO has made substantive steps towards the East expansion of the Asia Pacific.

In the G7 communique issued on the 28th, China was mentioned for an unprecedented 14 times, saying that G7 Member States believed that China and Russia were the main common threats they faced. Kirby, the affairs coordinator of the National Security Council of the White House, said that the purpose of the G7 meeting and the NATO summit is very clear, that is, to focus on defining the common challenges of the West in the coming decades, “including the challenges posed by China”. The upcoming NATO new “strategic concept” is aimed at China.

Before the G7 summit, the Secretary General of NATO announced a major decision, that is, NATO decided to expand its troops by 750%, expanding the NATO rapid reaction force with only 40000 soldiers to 300000 soldiers. NATO is changing from a nominal military organization to a substantive military organization. On June 29, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg promised at the NATO summit held in Madrid that NATO countries will spend at least 2% of GDP on national defense, and 2% will be the lower limit rather than the upper limit. It is expected that all allies will abide by the 2% defense expenditure guideline by 2024.

On June 29, the heads of NATO member states adopted a new strategic document in Madrid. This latest strategic document describes Russia as “the most serious and direct threat to the security of its allies and to the peace and stability of the euro Atlantic region.” He said that Russia “attempts to establish a sphere of influence and achieve direct control through coercion, subversion, aggression and annexation. The country uses conventional, network and mixed means to deal with NATO and its partners. Its coercive military posture, rhetoric and willingness to use force to achieve its political goals undermine the rule-based international order.”

The document describes China as: “we are facing systematic competition from the people’s Republic of China, which challenges our interests, security and values and attempts to undermine the rules based international order.”

The final document of the 2019 NATO summit in London stated to China that “we recognize that China’s growing influence and international policies have brought opportunities and challenges, and we need to respond together as an alliance.” In 2020, because of the epidemic, NATO did not hold an offline summit, and the document published online stated that “it is best to be understood as a full band systematic opponent.” The NATO summit document held in Brussels in 2021 stated to China that “China’s growing influence and international policies may bring challenges that we need to deal with together as an alliance. We will contact China to safeguard the security interests of the alliance.”

Obviously, NATO’s attention to China was not very obvious until 2022, when NATO’s focus suddenly focused on China. NATO believes that the first is to face systematic competition from China, the second is that China challenges their interests, security and values, and the third is that China undermines the rule-based international order. Judging from the positions expressed by all parties, these three statements about China actually represent the intention of the United States and may not be the consensus of other European countries.

Zhao Lijian said, “as a product of the cold war and the world’s largest military alliance, NATO has long adhered to the old security concept and has long become a tool for individual countries to maintain hegemony.” He advised NATO “to give up the Cold War mentality, zero sum game and creating enemies, and not to try to mess up Asia and the world after messing up Europe.”

In addition to unifying the thoughts of all countries in the war between Russia and Ukraine, the focus of this NATO summit is obviously shifting to China, which is mainly reflected in two aspects: first, the summit invited Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand in the Asia Pacific region to participate; second, China is listed as a systematic competitor of NATO in the latest NATO strategy.

I think many people focus on the differences between European countries and the United States on China’s positioning when analyzing the just concluded G7 summit and this NATO summit, but they do not seem to focus on the eastward expansion of NATO to the Asia Pacific and the threat and harm this process has caused to China. However, I believe that the analysis of international issues must be based on the general trend and trend. The current trend is that NATO begins to expand eastward to the Asia Pacific region and begins to move from Europe and the United States to the world.

In this regard, I have the following ten aspects of analysis:

First, NATO is a military organization. The foundation and premise of NATO’s existence is the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia is now building a new theory of NATO’s existence, that is, the theory of NATO’s international military organization moving from both sides of the North Atlantic to the world, and the strategy and theory of expanding NATO’s enemies from Russia to China. The United States is a country that pays attention to strategy and theory. Now they are building a new geopolitical strategy and theory to unite the whole western countries, including Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, to strangle China.

Second, the United States is creating a kind of public opinion, that is, China is a threat not only to the Asia Pacific region, the Indian Pacific region, but also to Europe and even the whole world. That is, in the NATO strategic document, China is a systematic threat, a challenge to their interests, security and values, thereby making China an enemy of the whole NATO, the whole western countries and even the whole world, This is actually the real reason why the United States demonizes China by making lies about human rights issues in Xinjiang and making novel coronavirus from Chinese laboratories. Therefore, there is a moral reason for NATO to expand eastward to the Asia Pacific.

Third, the eastward expansion of NATO to the Asia Pacific is the transfer of NATO military forces from Europe to the Asia Pacific, which is different from the establishment of other alliance systems in the Asia Pacific by the United States. It is consistent with the U.S. strategy of returning to the Asia Pacific and the Asia Pacific rebalancing strategy. It is to shift the military focus of the entire western group to the Asia Pacific, to the periphery of China, and to build a military encirclement of China by the entire Western world.

Fourth, inviting Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand to participate in the NATO summit is the key and core to realize the eastward expansion of NATO to the Asia Pacific region, which is consistent with the Orcus alliance led by the United States and participated by the United States, Australia and Britain. The United States recognizes that it is too far away from China. Today, with the rapid rise of China’s military, it is difficult to rely on the military power of the United States to threaten or even defeat China. Therefore, the United States wants to build a nuclear submarine base in Australia, so that Australia can have nuclear power. Recently, South Korea is also hyping to restart and increase the THAAD missile defense system, and Japan is also hyping to share nuclear weapons. All these are of great relevance to the eastward expansion of NATO in the Asia Pacific region.

Fifth, the development of China’s military equipment is making significant progress. The recent launching of the Fujian ship and the success of the sixth land-based midcourse anti missile test tell us that it is difficult to realize the military threat to China in the Taiwan Strait and the so-called first island chain as we have imagined. Therefore, on the one hand, the United States should build Australia into a forward base for the United States to implement nuclear deterrence and strike against China, We will continue to deploy the THAAD missile defense system in South Korea to arm Japan with nuclear weapons. On the other hand, we will use the strength of the entire NATO to jointly deal with China.

Sixthly, there is an abnormal phenomenon in the whole western world. On the one hand, the economy of the whole west is in a state of recession, with slow economic development and serious inflation. Almost all western countries, including the United States and Japan, are relying on a large amount of money printing and borrowing. On the other hand, military spending has begun to increase significantly, or is ready to increase significantly. Germany, Britain, South Korea, Japan and Australia all have this trend, It can be expected that a more militarized, militarized and Nazi western world is reappearing.

Seventh, at present, the unipolar hegemonism of the United States has encountered many difficulties. It has led to high inflation through unlimited money printing, and the credit of the United States, which maintains the global hegemony of the dollar, has collapsed. The high-tech hegemony of the United States is facing a ceiling that is difficult to break through, and the military equipment advantage of the United States, which is ahead of other countries, is also losing. However, the United States did not realize that its national strength and military strength had reached the farthest border to maintain its global hegemony, but it was still promoting the eastward expansion of NATO in an attempt to crush and disintegrate Russia. As a result, Russia raised the table in Ukraine and angrily launched a war against Ukraine. At this time, the United States thought that Russia could lose its war capability through the most severe sanctions in history. What was the result? As you can see, not only Russia has fallen into a long-term war, but the whole NATO, including the United States, has also fallen into this long-term war, and Russia has not been defeated.

Eighth, at this time, the United States did not know what to do, and continued to lead the entire NATO countries to support Ukraine in an attempt to defeat Russia in Ukraine. However, the United States did not dare to fight head-on with Russia desperately, and could only fight a proxy war, which exposed the nature of the American paper tiger. Not only that, the United States will also expand NATO eastward to the Asia Pacific, regard China as the strategic enemy of NATO, and force China and Russia to form a de facto strategic alliance. Now as long as China continues to maintain trade with Russia, the United States will not be able to win the proxy war between Russia and Ukraine.

Ninth, what is even more strange is that the United States knows that the joint efforts of China and Russia are the nightmare of the United States, but it pushes China and Russia step by step to the state of joint resistance against the United States, knowing that provoking China on the Taiwan issue will only let China liberate Taiwan by force, but it still spares no effort to do so, not only the United States itself, but also with the whole NATO, whether in terms of national strategy or geopolitical strategy, It’s not good for the United States to do so, but what does it mean that the United States still wants to do so? Now we need to recall why Japan had to provoke the United States and sneak attack Pearl Harbor after its full-scale invasion of China? Now the United States keeps stimulating China on the Taiwan issue, which is actually the same as the Pacific War launched by Japan in those years. If the United States really forces China to launch the war for the liberation of Taiwan, and the United States dares to intervene by force, the final outcome of the United States must be the outcome of Japan in those years.

10. The United States is constantly creating conflicts on the Taiwan, China issue, challenging China’s bottom line, and stabbing China. This is a bet that China does not dare to use force against Taiwan, or that China does not dare to use force against Taiwan after the United States and Japan threaten to intervene in the Taiwan Strait issue. It is also a bet that if the entire NATO opposes China’s use of force against Taiwan, China also dares to solve the Taiwan issue by force. If this is a psychological war and a war of will, it is understandable, If the United States really gambles with China on this, it can only be said that the United States does not understand China, and they do not know, “the Chinese people cannot be provoked, and if they are provoked, it is difficult to do.” Why is it that the Chinese people cannot be provoked? Why is it difficult to upset the Chinese people? I think it needs the United States and the whole west to think about it.

After the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea ended, Peng Dehuai once said, “the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea eloquently proved that the era when western invaders could occupy a country as long as they set up a few cannons on a coast in the East for hundreds of years is gone forever, and an awakened nation that dared to fight for the glory, independence and security of the motherland is invincible.”

In fact, the United States still does not realize this. They think that as long as they pull a few robbers to form a bandit gang and threaten China, China can surrender and beg for mercy on its knees. But the fact is that the Chinese people and soldiers have never been afraid of war in order to protect their homes and defend their country, for national reunification, and to protect national sovereignty, security and development interests. If the United States wants to intervene in the war of the Chinese people to liberate Taiwan, it will only let the United States hit the head and blood, and then roll down the altar of global hegemony. The Chinese nation will achieve great rejuvenation, and China will achieve national reunification and become the most powerful country in the world, The Chinese people will be elated, and the weather of Han and Tang Dynasties will certainly reappear in the world.

China should attach great importance to and be alert to the eastward expansion of NATO to the Asia Pacific region, and be prepared to deal with it. However, there is no need to be afraid. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will not be achieved easily, and it must also experience the test of blood and fire. The 18 nation coalition was defeated by China. What about another 38 nation coalition? Although thousands of people, I’m going!

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