It is said that after Lao Tzu was promoted to the fairyland, how did he recruit disciples?

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It is said that after Lao Tzu was promoted to the fairyland, how did he recruit disciples? This is a question that many readers especially want to know. The following is a detailed introduction to China story. Let’s have a look at it together with interested friends.

It is said that Lao Tzu actively wanted to do something for the celestial world after he was promoted to the celestial world, so he found that although the heavenly court looked very powerful, it lacked two key things, the fairy pill and the magic weapon. Immortals should have a magic pill that can quickly recover their vitality and improve their accomplishments to help those immortals who are too tired or injured when killing demons. Tianting should have more powerful magic weapons to deal with unexpected needs.

The magic weapon can also reduce the danger of every time the heavenly soldiers and generals are sent out, and speed up the speed of eliminating demons and demons; So the Supreme Lord refined a magic weapon eight trigrams stove with his own essence. The samadhi fire fanned by the plantain fan, plus his own magic power, will change completely after any weapon magic weapon is put into it. For example, the nine tooth nail palladium of pig Bajie and the demon subduing treasure battle of monk Sha are all his masterpieces.


The magic elixir refined in the eight trigrams stove has even more magical effects. After eating a whole gourd and nine turns of the golden elixir, Monkey King becomes invulnerable to weapons. The fact that water and fire are difficult to invade is a clear proof. Other effects include making ordinary people become immortals and eliminating difficult and strange diseases. After refining the elixir, the Supreme Lord began to cultivate new effective forces for the heaven. Naturally, he can’t count the number of people he has helped. However, there are eight particularly famous people. They are the eight immortals because of their high magic power, chivalry, benevolence and righteousness, and different temperaments and personalities. They have been praised by later generations.

As early as the Yan and Huang dynasties, there were two unknown gods, one named Huang Shenshi and the other (kuaiju) Shenshi, who were all religious hermits. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Huang Shenshi was born at the home of general Zhong lizhang. Since he was born as a 3-year-old child, he had a round forehead, a red lips and face, and a breast longer than his arm. He didn’t cry day and night for seven days. On the seventh day, his father suddenly spit out words. His father thought that this son knew how to despise heavy things when he was young, and would do great things when he grew up, so he named him Zhong Liquan.

It’s a pity that although Zhong Liquan is born with a strange vision, he grows more and more beautiful when he grows up. Although he is proficient in both literature and martial arts, he has lost a few battles when fighting. His luck is particularly bad. After another big defeat, Zhong Liquan met a Taiyi Immortal King Xuanfu, who was given a TAIA God lightsaber and learned the green dragon sword technique and the true formula of longevity. He met immortal Huayang again, and finally got away from the world and became an immortal. Later, he worshipped under the door of the Supreme Lord Lao Jun and became his younger brother.

He once wrote three quatrains that have been passed down to the world. Among them, “sitting ministers often carry a pot of wine and don’t teach their eyes to know the imperial capital”, “it’s not easy to meet true immortals, and when to return, they are willing to follow each other” and other sentences are full of fairy flavor. Another Chuo Ju Shen Shi was once a friend of Chi Songzi. However, when Chi Songzi became famous all over the world, his ability was only equivalent to that of the earth fairy.

Soon after, the Yellow Emperor unified the Middle Earth. In order to better manage the land of Shenzhou, a wide range of sages had found him; In order not to cause trouble, he changed his name to Li Ningyang to concentrate on seclusion and practice. It is said that Li Ningyang is tall and unrestrained. Because he has been practicing Taoism for a long time, he looks like an immortal. He is the first disciple of the eight immortals to formally join the sect of supreme Lao Jun.


But how did he become lame and ugly? It turned out that the Supreme Lord once took him on a tour of Huashan Mountain. He followed his master in the way of Yuan Shen’s out of body. When he left, he told his disciple that he would return in seven days. However, the disciple burned his body in the morning of the seventh day because of a sudden emergency at home. The return on the seventh day was the limit time for his yuan Shen to come out of body. But when he returned in the evening of the seventh day, his body was gone because he was afraid of Yuan Shen’s damage, In a hurry, I saw a beggar nearby who died of cold and hunger, so I jumped in. My God, this beggar is actually a lame man.

At this time, the supreme old gentleman appeared and advised him: “the level of Taoism is not based on the vulgar appearance of ordinary people.” He had a sudden enlightenment. From then on, he carried a big gourd on his back to help the world and play in the world. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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