It is said that Confucius’ son-in-law, gongyechang, understood the language of birds and was sentenced to prison

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There have always been many talents in Zhucheng. Many legends shine not only in the history of Zhucheng, but also in the long history of China. In Zhucheng more than 2500 years ago, there was a strange figure. It was said that he could understand bird language, and was imprisoned for this. He was also acquitted because he understood bird language, and even made contributions to the country. He was the Minister of public metallurgy. He was deeply appreciated by his teacher Confucius and finally married Confucius’ daughter.

I got a magic skill when I saw injustice

The most magical legend about gongyechang is that he knows bird language. So how did he understand the bird’s song? There is also a touching story in it.

One day, when gongyechang went up the mountain to cut firewood, he found two big snakes on the mountain, one is a white snake, the other is a flower skin snake, and the two snakes are playing and intertwined. Gongyechang knew that these two snakes were not husband and wife, because every time gongyechang went up the mountain to cut firewood, he would encounter white snake and his husband black snake together. Now seeing that the black snake was not there, the White Snake was with a flower skin snake behind her husband’s back. Gongyechang felt that the White Snake should not be, so he picked up an axe and beat the flower skin snake away. The White Snake was also injured because he came forward to cover. After all this, gongyechang cut firewood and went home.

When it was dark, black snake returned to the cave and found that his wife White Snake was fine when she left, but now she was injured and there was blood on her body, so she hurriedly asked her wife what happened to white snake. The White Snake said wrongfully, “I was playing on the mountain and was hurt by the gongyechang at the foot of the mountain with a big axe!” The black snake said angrily, “it’s too much. I hurt my wife for no reason. I have to go to gongyechang’s house tonight and cut off his head to avenge my wife!” Then he went down the mountain to find the enemy gongyechang.

At this time, gongyechang had finished dinner and was telling his old mother the story of chopping a flower skin snake with an axe on the mountain. I didn’t expect that there was a black snake hibernating at the root of the dark wall outside the window to revenge. I just heard gongyechang say, “you don’t know, this white snake usually meets with the black snake. It’s good to look at the husband and wife, but I didn’t expect to entangle with a flower skin snake while the black snake is away. As soon as I was angry, I beat the flower skin snake away, and the White Snake stopped it, and accidentally cut the white snake.” Hearing this, the black snake had no intention to listen any more, and turned around and walked back.

Back in his hole, the black snake called his wife up and asked the reason for her injury. The White Snake hesitated. The black snake pointed at his wife with a knife and said angrily, “you are so shameless! In vain, I still love you so much, I’m really blind!” In a rage, he cut off his wife’s head and sat in the hole without saying anything for a long time. After a while, the black snake said to himself, “gongyechang helped me punish the hateful flower skin snake. I must repay his kindness.” That night, black snake gave Gongye a dream.

At midnight that night, the black snake picked up the head of his white snake and hung it on the door of gongyechang. At this time, gongyechang was dreaming. In the dream, he met an old man. The old man told him that there was a piece of meat on the door of his house, and he had to eat it at five o’clock. After eating it, he could understand the birds’ language in the future. When gongyechang woke up from a dream, it was five o’clock. Gongyechang thought of his dream, got up and opened the door. He saw that there was really a piece of meat hanging on the door. Thinking of what happened in his dream, gongyechang ate it in one bite.

Since then, gongyechang can really understand the bird language.

If you offend a crow, you will be jailed

Knowing bird language brings a lot of convenience to gongyechang. He can know many things that others don’t know by listening to bird language, and gongyechang is also imprisoned for accidentally offending crows because he knows bird language.

One day, gongyechang was sitting around at home when suddenly a crow flew over and shouted in gongyechang’s ear. Hearing this, the crow called “gongyechang, gongyechang, the tiger on the top of Nanshan Mountain eats sheep, you eat meat, I eat intestines.” After hearing this, gongyechang followed the crow into the mountain. Sure enough, there was a dead big fat sheep. Gongyechang then dragged the sheep home with a long hemp rope. He cleaned up the fat sheep, cooked the mutton and ate it with his family, but he forgot what the crow said. After eating the mutton, he buried his intestines and took a long nap. When the crow came, he found that gongyechang not only forgot his promise and didn’t leave his intestines for it, but also slept after eating the delicious mutton. So the crow was very angry and thought that gongyechang was not a friend enough. He was very angry and hated gongyechang, so he wanted to revenge him.

It was not long before that day that gongyechang was gathering firewood on the mountain. Suddenly, the crow said, “gongyechang, gongyechang, there is a dead sheep in Beishan. You eat meat and I eat intestines.” After hearing this, gongyechang thought that it was the same as last time, so he went to Beishan according to the crow’s words, thinking that this time he would simply deal with the sheep on the mountain and bring them back, so he took all the knives with him when he went up the mountain. On the north mountain, gongyechang found a crowd of people looking around far away. He thought it was another dead sheep, and he was afraid of being dragged away by others, so he shouted, “don’t move, I killed you, I killed you!” When he came closer, it was not a dead sheep lying there, but a dead man! Only then did gongyechang know that he was not only cheated by crows, but also framed by crows. Gongyechang was speechless. When the onlookers saw that he was holding a knife and admitted that he was the murderer, they tied him up and sent him to the county yamen. Gongyechang was imprisoned for unintentionally offending crows. Lei Gang anthology 135

Murder is a great crime. The chief smelter is bound to the government, and the county magistrate must be brought to trial.

The county magistrate’s surname is Hu Mingxing. This person’s trial has always been unclear and confused. He believes that whoever is reasonable is reasonable, and it is useless to call wronged people wronged again. At this moment, he was flattering himself in front of his wife. The yamen runner reported that he caught a murderer named gongyechang, and he was immediately promoted to the court.

When gongyechang was brought to the court, Hu sentence immediately asked, “prisoner gongyechang, why did you commit murder? Recruit it truthfully!” Because there was no murder, the director of public metallurgy resolutely refused to admit that the dead on the mountain were killed by themselves, “the grass people have never killed!” Gongye replied, and told the county magistrate exactly how he understood the bird’s language, how he was helped by the crow, how he turned against the crow and was framed by the crow. But the county magistrate can’t believe it! Hu sentenced to slap the house with a startling slap: “dare to create trouble for the people, how dare you make up nonsense, cheat my Lord, and don’t commit a big punishment. I’m sorry you won’t recruit!” With that, he ordered the Yamen to torture the chief of Gongye. Poor gongyechang couldn’t bear it, so he had to confess against his heart. Hu sentenced him to be arrested, and gongyechang was immediately put into death row.

Understand the bird’s language and do meritorious deeds

Hu decided the case in such a muddle headed way and quickly reported it to the court. It didn’t take long for the approval document to be issued. The head of Gongye killed someone and deserved to pay for his life. He was sentenced to death and was beheaded in the Mid Autumn Festival in August.

The death penalty was getting closer and closer. One day, the magistrate came down under an order to review the case. When reviewing the murder case of the director of Gongye, he thought that the evidence was insufficient and there were many doubts. After hearing Hu Xuan’s story of the trial, he became more suspicious, so he decided to try the case again.

The magistrate ordered people to take gongyechang out of the death row and asked gongyechang, “gongyechang, if someone accuses you of murder, will you accept it?” Gongyechang replied, “the grass people are really wronged!” So he told the story of being able to understand birds and crows calling him twice. The magistrate listened, frowned, meditated for a while, and suddenly got a plan.

There was a nest of swallows under the eaves of the county yamen. The magistrate told others to step back and take out several baby swallows in the nest alone, and then put them in a drawer. When the mother swallow saw that he had taken away his children, she kept screaming. The magistrate ordered someone to bring gongyechang over and said to him, “gongyechang, say you can understand bird language. Listen to what the swallow says?” Gongyechang listened for a while and said, “master, the swallow is talking about the magistrate, the magistrate, I have no grievances with you in the past and recently, and I haven’t made you angry. Why did you lock my children in the drawer?” When the magistrate heard this, gongyechang was right.

However, the magistrate was still very cautious. Although he could basically judge that gongyechang could understand bird language, the crow had flown away and still could not completely get rid of gongyechang’s suspicion. So gongyechang was temporarily imprisoned in the prison.

One day, a bird “chirped” on the prison window. It said to gongyechang, “gongyechang, gongyechang, the Qi people led the invasion of our Xinjiang, yishuibin and Yishan, don’t hesitate to resist.” Gongyechang immediately asked to see the magistrate and told him about it. The magistrate privately believed that gongyechang understood bird language and it was important. The magistrate immediately reported it to the monarch. Although the king of the state of Lu was skeptical after hearing this story, he hurried to send troops for just in case. Sure enough, Qi soldiers invaded by Yishui bank and Yishan mountain. The king of Lu sent special soldiers to raid and beat Qi soldiers to the ground. Only then did the king of Lu believe that gongyechang’s bird talk was true, so he immediately issued an order to release gongyechang from prison, greatly rewarded him, and wanted to make him a doctor. Gongyechang felt ashamed to get Lilu because he knew bird talk, and declined the kindness of the king.

The muddle headed county magistrate Hu Xing was also removed from his official position and went home for the people because of repeated mistakes in the trial.

Marry Confucius’ daughter

Although a series of stories about gongyechang’s understanding of bird language are legends, in history, gongyechang was a disciple of Confucius, one of the 72 sages, and ranked 20th. Confucius finally married his precious daughter to this poor boy in Zhucheng, of course, not because he understood the language of birds. Although gongyechang was poor from childhood, he was diligent and thrifty, intelligent and studious, knowledgeable and polite, with both political integrity and ability, and did not pursue official positions all his life, which was deeply appreciated by Confucius. Gongyechang studied all his life. The monarch of the state of Lu repeatedly asked him to be a doctor, but he should not at all. Instead, he inherited Confucius’ will, taught and educated people, and became a famous scholar. The hard-working spirit of gongyechang, who was born in poverty but studied hard, and his noble demeanor of being buried in calligraphy and etiquette all his life without leaving office, had a certain impact on the future Dongwu students.

The fifth chapter of the Analects is called gongyechang. This chapter has 28 chapters, mainly focusing on commentators. There are Confucius’ disciples and other historical figures. It can be seen that Confucius’ requirements for “benevolence” are quite high, and he will never easily grant people “benevolence”. The Analects of Confucius’ gongyechang chapter records this: the son is called gongyechang, “but the wife is also. Although it is in Li Xi (the rope that binds the prisoner), it is not his crime.” With his son and wife. Confucius commented that gongyechang could marry his daughter to him. Although he was imprisoned, it was not his fault. So Confucius married his daughter to him.

As the teacher of gongyechang, Confucius had a comprehensive understanding of gongyechang. If Confucius can marry his daughter to him, then gongyechang should at least have benevolence. This is Confucius’ repeated request to his students.

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