It is said that the dragon has six kinds of natural enemies. Which six are they?

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Dragon, the long scale insect, can be quiet and bright, thin and huge, short and long. It ascends to the sky at the spring equinox and dives into the abyss at the autumn equinox. It is one of the top mythical animals. According to the legend, the dragon has six kinds of natural enemies. Which six are they? The following Chinese story net Xiaobian will bring you detailed answers.

No.1 ?

It is said that it is the nemesis of the dragon family. It likes eating dragon brains. There is even a saying in the folk that “one dragon can fight three dragons and two Jiaos”.

It is also recorded in Shuyi Ji that “in the summer of the 25th year of Kangxi, in Pingyang County, there were three dragons chasing dragons from the sea to the air, fighting for three days and nights. People saw three dragons and two dragons, fighting one dragon and two dragons together, killing one dragon and two dragons. They also died and fell into the valley. One of them was twelve feet long, shaped like a horse, and had scale hyenas. After death, the scale hyenas still lit up with flames for more than ten meters, covering the valley.”


Although the theory of “eating dragon” spread widely, in fact, it was invented by people in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and it is not a creature in ancient myths. At first, it was just a man eating beast in the north. Later, it was adapted and interpreted for the book “Xuzi Buyu”, and became the apex of zombies, the evolution of dryland, a powerful and incredible zombie that controls the fire.

At that time, in people’s inherent concept, the dragon was the most sacred and powerful creature. Therefore, in order to reflect and contrast the strength of the dragon, the saying that “one dragon can fight three dragons and two Jiaos” came into being. It gradually evolved that the dragon is the enemy of the Dragon.

No.2 golden winged Dapeng

The golden winged ROC, also known as Kalura, is a Buddhist dharma protector and divine bird. It controls the world’s speed. One wing is 80000 miles. No living creature in the world can match its speed.

It is said that it was one of the two sons of the Phoenix who felt the innate Yin-Yang and five element Qi. The Phoenix was born with the innate Yin-Yang and two Qi. Although it did not turn the innate Yin-Yang and two Qi into a magical power like his brother kongxuan, its power was still powerful.

It is recorded in the samadhi Sutra for observing Buddhism that this bird can feed on dragons because of karma. Yan futi can eat a dragon king and 500 little dragons in one day.

The golden winged ROC feeds on dragons. It needs to eat one dragon king and 500 dragons every day. Therefore, it is not too much to call the golden winged roc the natural enemy of the dragon.

No.3 Kunpeng

Kunpeng, in ancient mythology, is a kind of extremely powerful divine bird. It was first seen in Chuang Tzu. Xiaoyao you: there was a fish in the northern underworld. Its name was Kun. Kun was so big that I didn’t know it was thousands of miles away; It turns into a bird. Its name is Peng. The back of Peng is thousands of miles away. If you fly in anger, your wings are like clouds hanging from the sky.

According to the myth and the view in the free travel, Kunpeng, as the overlord of the Beiming sea, is incredibly large in size and has two forms. One is the huge Kun fish posture in the Beiming sea, and the other is the pengniao posture soaring for nine days. Its pengniao posture is said to be the golden winged ROC.

Since the golden winged ROC feeds on dragons, as a roc with the posture of golden winged ROC, it naturally eats dragons; What’s more, no matter what kind of myth, Kunpeng and dragon are kings in the endless sea, and naturally they are hostile natural enemies.

No.4 chongmingniao

Chongming bird, a fierce and hand-to-hand divine bird in myths and legends, looks like a golden rooster, but its cry is the same as that of a Phoenix. When it meets a battle, it will shake off all its feathers and beat the enemy with its bare wings. Its melee combat is so strong that it can be called the most divine bird in the world. The most peculiar thing is that there is also a pair of eyes in its eyes, which are extremely rare with heavy pupils.

The ancients believed that ChongTong was the face of saints. In addition, chongmingniao was born with divine power and was extremely brave. It could expel beasts and monsters. Therefore, it was regarded as the patron saint. On New Year’s day every year, people either carve wood, cast gold, or draw the shape of a chicken and put it on the window slips to drive away evil and bad luck. Therefore, the folk legends about Chongming bird are extremely, and some of them say that Chongming bird eats dragon.

No.5 Phoenix

Phoenix, also known as the Phoenix emperor, is the king of birds in myths and legends. It not only controls the ultimate flame, but also has the ability to regenerate. It is an extremely powerful beast. In orthodox mythology, dragons and phoenixes are gods and beasts at the same level, and the relationship is excellent. There is even a saying that dragons and phoenixes are auspicious.

But in the myth of the flood and famine, the dragon and the Phoenix are naturally hostile. In order to compete for the reign of the flood and famine, they have fought for endless years. It can be said that they are each other’s natural enemies. On the other hand, the golden winged ROC feeds on the dragon and is the natural enemy of the dragon family. The golden winged ROC is born of the Phoenix, so the Phoenix is also the natural enemy of the dragon.


No.6 kylin

The saying that kylin eats dragon comes from some folklores, because in some folklores, kylin is the descendant of a fierce beast, Yu likes to eat dragon brain, and kylin naturally inherits this instinct, so it is said that kylin eats dragon.

In orthodox mythology, kylin is a auspicious beast of heaven and earth. He is docile and never easily injures creatures. Even flowers and trees will not be easily broken, let alone eat dragons. So in orthodox mythology, there is no such thing as a unicorn eating a dragon.

However, from the perspective of the legend of the flood and famine, the Kirin, who fought with the dragon for endless years and triggered the first mass robbery of the flood and famine, can also be called the natural enemy of the dragon. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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