It is suspected that Wang Yibo and Zhang Wei will return to the program every day

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Tiantianupu is an old variety show of Hunan Satellite TV. As a result, this program was suddenly announced to be suspended last year. In fact, it is not surprising to everyone, because Tiantianupu’s current ratings are really poor. It seems to restart every day. Insiders revealed that Wang Yibo and Da Zhangwei will also return to the program. What exactly is it? The editor will introduce it today.

It seems to restart every day

The fixed members of Tiantianupward experienced many versions. The original members were Wang Han, Oudi, Tian Yuan, Qian Feng, Xiao Wu, Yano Haoer and Yu Haoming. However, these members left the program one after another for various reasons. Only Wang Han and Qian Feng stayed. Together with Zhang Wei and Wang Yibo, they formed a very stable group of four. There were also attempts to increase the number of cranes, but it didn’t take long for the crane to have an accident, so the host who made progress every day returned to the four-person mode.

It turned out that Qian Feng was exposed to a sexual abuse scandal in 2021, and then Qian Feng withdrew from the program. After that, the host team entered the three-person mode. As a result, Zhang Wei Da and Wang Yibo withdrew without warning. Only Wang Han was left by the host, and then a variety of new hosts were added to the program. Although the host team was growing, the audience rating was worrying, so the program was suddenly announced to be suspended.

Wang Yibo and Zhang Wei will return to the program

However, an insider has revealed that Tiantianupu will choose to return in 2023, and both Wang Yibo and Zhang Wei will return to the program and continue to host Tiantianupu. However, Wang Han will no longer host, and will completely retreat behind the scenes. There will certainly be some new hosts in the future. At present, the program team is still waiting for the final decision of the leaders of Hunan TV, as well as the sponsor and other issues. Are you looking forward to an upward return every day?

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