It was revealed that Gao Haining was changed because he refused to renew TVB’s contract. I responded that the two sides were in negotiation

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Gao Haining is an actress of TVB in Hong Kong. She is well-known for her role in the mainland TV series of 30. Although she does not play much in this drama, she still plays a lot of fans with her unique temperament. It was revealed that Gao Haining was replaced because he refused to renew his contract with TVB. Gao Haining also responded to this rumor, saying that the two sides were in negotiations. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

It was revealed that Gao Haining was replaced because he refused to renew his contract with TVB

After thirty, Gao Haining has a lot of work in the mainland. Recently, he also participated in the sitcom of the opening bar of the variety program of China Eastern satellite TV, in which Gao Haining also performed very pleasantly. Gao Haining, who is developing better and better in the mainland, has recently been exposed to have no intention of renewing his contract with TVB. Hong Kong media said that the contract between Gao Haining and TVB expired at the end of this year. TVB naturally hoped to renew the contract with Gao Haining, but Gao Haining did not seem to have a very positive idea of renewing the contract.

Hong Kong media said that was the case, so TVB gave the role originally intended for Gao Haining to Huang Zhiwen. Gao Haining was also asked about this matter when he returned to Hong Kong to participate in activities recently. Gao Haining said that he was still negotiating with the company about the contract, and both parties were very sincere, but it was inconvenient to explain the specific details. After all, it was related to her future, so it was better for him to think clearly. Hong Kong media asked whether Gao Haining would develop in the mainland for a long time in the future. Gao Haining also said that he did not know at present.

Gao Haining responded to the change of roles by TVB

Looking at the current situation of Gao Haining, if there is a job in the mainland, Gao Haining should still be willing to come to the mainland for development. After all, the remuneration in the mainland is much higher than that in Hong Kong. But TVB still wants to keep Gao Haining, and Gao Haining is not sure that he will develop better in the mainland without TVB, so he is still hesitating. Of course, if TVB is willing to offer particularly good conditions, Gao Haining is still likely to renew his contract with TVB.

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