It will be completely cool if you can’t broadcast the drama within 5 years

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A few years ago, it was definitely the easiest drama to attract male traffic. However, after the order of mountains and rivers, the drama was suddenly stopped. However, a lot of delay modification plays are in full swing shooting, and many of the completed delay modification plays are waiting for the review and scheduling, etc. as a result, the above policy will not be able to broadcast the delay modification plays. Recently, it has been claimed that the TV series can not be broadcast within 5 years. Is it really cool this time? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

No broadcasting within 5 years

When the delay modification drama was suspended, there were still many delay modification teams shooting, and we didn’t realize the seriousness of the matter. Originally, I thought that after a year and a half, when the management was loose, the delayed drama could be launched again. But in the end, it was found that it was really difficult to see the light of day again, so now there is no delay in the start of the drama. Many of the reviewed delaying and changing dramas have been left unmanaged by the official microenterprises, and the form is quite severe.

It has been speculated that within three years, the delayed drama will not be broadcast. Now even more, an insider has revealed that the above has given a notice, and the drama will not be available within five years. Of course, there are exceptions. If this delayed change drama is an original script, you can argue that you are not delayed change drama, or simply a male group portrait drama. However, most of the dramas are adapted from the copyright of the bought tanmei novels.

The delay in changing the play is completely cool

Many of these works have changed their names. For example, erha and his white cat master have been changed into a white clothes shop, killing wolves has been changed into a beacon fire and flowing gold, and being wild has been changed into a left shoulder with you. These works attempt to draw a clear line with the original works by changing their names. Unfortunately, this method of getting rid of the shell of a golden cicada is simply not feasible. The more the big IP’s beauty novels are, the less hope the adapted drama will be broadcast.

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