Italy is the vane of victory!

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Author: ye Lihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

Italy has a tradition of secession.

There is always someone who does not deal with another person. The two sides are tit for tat and uncompromising on international and domestic policy issues.

Before World War I, there were two forces in the cabinet of Italian King Emmanuelle. The pillar of one was overseas trade, which tended to unite with Germany to seize the market together.

Another pillar industry is mainland trade, which tends to form an alliance with Britain and France to deal with German capitalists.

The two men in Emmanuelle’s cabinet fought head to head. They wanted to kill each other and then quickly. The king of Italy decided to try it separately. He first formed a shallow alliance and joined the alliance.

In 1915, seeing that the situation was wrong, the king quickly changed his cabinet, tore up the treaty, turned against the water and joined the allies, winning the first World War.

During World War II, Italy was divided into two groups. One group was based on trade with Germany, acting as a middleman, selling German goods to the third world, hoping to join the axis powers and help Germany grab the market.

Another faction of Germany’s economy is based on local industry. It hopes to join the allies and develop its own industry with American German loans. This time, the dispute between the two factions is so big that it is impossible to sit down and discuss issues. The former faction controls power and becomes fascist, while the latter faction takes up the gun and goes into the mountains to fight guerrillas.

In 1943, seeing that the situation was wrong, Italy quickly reversed its direction, launched the axis, declared war on Germany, Mussolini fled overnight, and finally was caught by the guerrillas and hung the street lamp.

Italy won World War II again.

I don’t believe in national destiny. I just believe that national conditions have played a decisive role in all the swings in Italy.

Italy has its unique national character. It’s a good habit to bet on two sides, but they don’t mean to bet on two sides subjectively. The reason why the two party system in the United States can come and go is that their agenda is not completely divided.

For example, the Republican party opposes abortion, supports the fight against illegal immigration, and believes that the government should be as small as possible, be an indifferent government, and do not pay attention to environmental protection.

The Democratic Party supports abortion and opposes cracking down on illegal immigrants. It believes that the government should be as big as possible, be a nanny government and pay attention to environmental protection.

Under the two party system in the United States, any issue concerned by voters will be divided into two camps to ensure that the two camps will not completely oppose each other. If one accepts a party, he must accept all the ideas of the party with his nose pinched.

A person wants the government to be more responsible for social affairs, which is the proposition of the Democratic Party, but he has to support illegal immigration. Why?

A person wants women to have the right to abortion, which is the proposition of the Democratic Party, but he has to support illegal immigration. Why?

This is precisely because American democracy is designed to make the ideas of the two parties incompatible within themselves. No normal person will fully accept the president of one of the parties. Everyone supports a party on the issues they are most concerned about and pinches their noses on other issues.

Normal voters in the United States have to think about “which issue do I attach the most importance to”, which leads to the split of voters in each party. This is their original intention of designing the system until trump appeared, not engaging in these issues, jumping out of the framework and directly engaging in personal division.

Italian democracy is natural democracy, not designed, and there will be no tacit understanding to prevent extremes.

In other words, the infighting between the two factions is not a tacit agreement between the two sides, but a natural state, a country is to split like this.

The uniqueness of Italy is that the two factions in Italy have always been close rivals, which makes it extremely fast in policy changes. You can catch up with victory every time. Although they are not initial shareholders, they are always the first to smell victory.

This is the national condition of Italy.

Draghi resigned and stepped down, but this national condition played a role for once. There are two schools in Italy, one is European and American school, the other is Oriental School.

As the third largest economy of the European Union, Germany and France are followed by Italy. Now Germany’s Angela Merkel is stepping down, and France’s macron is serving as a microphone for Biden. The European Union can’t guarantee its own energy supply, and it is still supporting Ukraine.

A large number of Wall Street financial capital came in to short Europe, and the European Union was still supporting Ukraine, so Germany’s environmental protection plan came back, and tombery became tombery.

The fact that the Germans have returned doesn’t mean that the European Union can return. Macron called Putin or Biden asked me to give you a message, so the differences between France and Germany came out.

Now, Italy has become the winner and loser that determines the future and destiny of the European Union.

Draghi is a representative of the European and American school. He has rejected several Chinese acquisitions. We can understand who he prefers without saying.

Now Draghi can’t stay in office. Because of an aid bill, the ruling coalition disintegrated, and Italy’s political arena is about to take out a century old tradition, split into two factions and start to disagree.

It has nothing to do with us about the outcome of the feud.

I can only say that if the two sides within Italy are handled well this time and do not enter the cycle of history, it must decline.

Not only the recession, but also the overall recession in Europe will be wiped out, so that Meimei and I can spend this difficult time.

If Italy can’t handle it well and enter the cycle of history again, they will immediately stand firmly by one side. After standing on one side for a period of time, he firmly stood on the side of victory.

For example, the the Belt and Road.

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