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Author: Li Da, an idle man source: an idle man outside Di’an gate (id:damyyxr)

Next month, the 301 tariff initiated by the leader of Sichuan University will officially expire.

Besides Biden’s white gloves and Dai Qi, the Democratic Party is red faced in opposing the cancellation. Another is agriculture secretary Vilsack.

Vilsack was a worthy vassal. He first served as governor of Iowa, a major agricultural state in the United States, for eight years, and then served as secretary of agriculture for eight years under Obama.


US Secretary of agriculture Vilsack

Trump thought he was a Democrat and pushed him out of the court. However, with his super-high position in the Jianghu, he has been the chairman of the powerful American Dairy Products Export Association for several years, and his reputation is even more prosperous.

Now Biden is in power and has put him back in the position of secretary of agriculture.

Although Vilsack’s political energy can not catch up with Clinton and Pelosi, he can definitely be called the spokesman of the Democratic Party in the vertical field of agriculture.

Vilsack’s opposition to the abolition of tariffs is a crime without excuse,

Speaking is for the basic plate behind it.

Agriculture is a very secretive field, which has received less attention in public opinion. Although the United States is the largest agricultural country in the world, the main agricultural states in the United States are economically backward and the income of farmers is declining.

If an industry is developed as a whole but the individual is poor, the reason is very simple, that is, large capital dominates the ecology and sucks blood for a long time.

Although the agricultural output value of the United States is getting higher and higher, the employment threshold is getting higher and higher, and the employed population is getting smaller and smaller.

The reason is that with the progress of science and technology, the market is monopolized by oligarchs with lower cost and higher efficiency, and small and medium-sized farmers are squeezed out one after another, even bankrupt.

The so-called American farmers now are just “tenant farmers” in the traditional sense. They are all wage earners who do not possess the means of production. The farms are all “old white men” abandoned by the times. The traditional agricultural state belongs to the iron plate of the Republican Party. After the supreme leader came to power, he fought a trade war and asked big countries to buy more agricultural products in order to give the iron plate a lead and continue to vote for him.

If the Republican Party is fighting a trade war for votes, now the Democratic Party’s Vilsack has returned to big capital to find a market for old money.

During his tenure, Vilsack approved record transgenic varieties, including Monsanto’s soybeans and alfalfa, Syngenta’s corn and cotton; It also follows the Democratic Party’s clean energy agenda and promotes the use of corn ethanol.

The layout of big capital is hidden and superb. Some transgenic varieties are indeed high-yield and few insects, but like mules bred by horses and donkeys, they are powerful, but the second and third generations are particularly vulnerable to degradation. They can only keep buying seeds from the United States.

Form dependence, but can not be independent, and only be beaten and obedient. After all, the United States will be able to ban the supply of seeds to you tomorrow, just as it does to Russia now.

This is the reason why some people in the academic circles object to overseas GM, rather than what will get sick after eating. Unfortunately, the average scientific and political level of the public is too low to understand this interest.

U.S. capital is also largely distributed in the main producing areas.

Argentina was once known as “the world’s granary and meat depot”, with a large area of corn, wheat and vast pastures.

However, since the debt crisis in the 1980s, Argentina’s agriculture and animal husbandry have been comprehensively transformed by US funds. Traditional agriculture has been fully transformed into a single agriculture. The government has no say in what and how to grow.

The left-wing president of Argentina now wants to be tough, but he really has no bargaining chip in his hand. He went to the United States to hold the summit of the Americas not long ago, which is helpless.

The main grain producing areas in the world are concentrated in North America, South America and the Black Sea. At present, Ukrainian agricultural products cannot be transported out, and the supply of Black Sea origin is basically cut off; The rest of the north and South American production areas are in the hands of American investors.

Kazakhstan, India and Indonesia, which are not major grain exporters, are also restricting or banning the export of agricultural products, and the external conditions for food shortage have been met.

The competitors have all died down, and the US capital has almost completely mastered it in 2022

The bulk pricing power of grain.

In the past, this was only a paper possibility; Now, it has become a reality.

It is conceivable what these capitalists who only see profit will do.

The bottom line of the eastern powers has always been very clear, that is, to keep the red line of cultivated land and ensure the autonomy of rations. Even if there is a crisis, if we can’t import soybeans and eat meat, we can still feed more than a billion people on our own rations.

In troubled times, it is even more necessary to guard the granary, catch moths and protect the internal defense line.

After all, the diplomatic competition is ultimately internal affairs.

Therefore, the recent punishment of principal officials and the appointment of veteran comrades returning from the border areas to the Central Committee to deal with agricultural issues are to explore new models and paths and find a new way in the changing situation.

The situation has changed. I have said this a hundred times, but I have nothing to say again.

Now it’s not about who can run fast, but who can stay steady.

In the face of a global recession that may occur at any time, only those who can survive and survive can occupy the pole position of the next round of development.

However, the future of a country without the conditions and courage of an eastern power can already be foreseen

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