It’s impossible to boast!

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Original: Gu Ziming this article is authorized to be reproduced to wechat official account: political affairs hall plus2019

I remember that when I was studying in middle school, the most impressive sentence was the four words in Bian Que’s meeting Cai HuanGong, “a few people have no diseases”.

Although I played homophonic stem at that time, I also deeply remembered that CAI HuanGong, who always felt that the situation was a good second-class product, missed four opportunities to let Bian que treat his illness. I was stunned and killed myself.

On June 6, Wally adeyemo, deputy secretary of the US Treasury, released a heavy message that India was ready to participate in the G7 led price cap on Russian oil.

Although the Indian government is silent about this, as long as it does not deny it, it indicates that it is already under discussion.

This also indicates that the four pillars on which Russia’s oil regulation depends, namely, Türkiye, Saudi Arabia, Iran and India, have been captured one by one, leaving only India as the last line of defense for Putin the great.

With the end of the extermination campaign, the US launched a frontal attack on Russia.

The European Union, which has been stuck in the neck of natural gas by Russia, has become tough and announced that it will set a ceiling on the price of Russian natural gas. Ukraine, which has been pressured by Russia for half a year, has even mobilized troops to launch a major counter offensive.

Although the Russian military propaganda we saw was still that “the Ukrainian army suffered heavy losses in its attack” and described Zelensky as a clown, it was just like “Erdogan of Türkiye played with Biden”, “satsalman angrily resented Biden” and “Iran ignored Biden” we saw before.

But these, in the final analysis, are just four words: “few people have no disease”.

In the oil price decisive battle in July and August, Russia ushered in one diplomatic failure after another. Türkiye, Saudi Arabia and Iran went out of control, making Vladimir Putin almost lose the oil pricing power since the trump era.

With the end of the oil offensive, Russia turned to the defensive, from oil and gas to food, from military diplomacy to economy, Putin had to face attacks from all fronts everywhere.

Admittedly, Russia put pressure on the European Union by closing the Beixi 1 natural gas pipeline, and the Czech people also cooperated very well in making a Prague autumn to apologize to the European Union. However, the same move has been used for more than half a year, and the European Union has become more and more immune to it. The natural gas reserves of various countries for wintering have been basically completed, and the deterrent power has become lower and lower.

We don’t need to numb ourselves and think that “Russia will win”. If Russia really “wins” the decisive battle of oil prices in July and August, the oil price should rise from 130 to 250, instead of falling below 90 now.

Given that both China and Russia are facing pressure from the United States, and that Russia is forced to continue to expand the delivery of interests to us, we naturally hope that Russia can be tougher and fight with the United States on many battlefields.

However, single mindedly boasting about the victory of the Russian army and demoting the United States as an opponent will only make Russia fight 200000 with 100000 at the beginning of the war, and say that the advantage is mine, or like in the decisive battle in July and August, while saying that it has won, it has lost Türkiye, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and even continues to lose India.

Middle school students all know Bian que meets Cai HuanGong. The more they solve the problem at the beginning of the outbreak, the lower the cost and price they pay. The more optimistic they are to delay the disease, the higher the price they pay.

Next, unless the “ill” Putin issues a war mobilization order and uses overwhelming population advantage to crush it, the script of the “war of resistance against Japan” will also appear in the Russian Ukrainian battlefield. With the support of Britain, the United States and other countries, Ukraine will gradually consume Russia’s war potential, and Russia and Ukraine may even have to fight for “eight years”, which will slow the blood loss of the whole Europe and make up for Russia’s losses.

As an we media, I know very well that as long as I write that the United States loses and Russia wins, I will get a lot of praise and rewards from forwarding points, which is in line with economic interests. But ask yourself, writing articles like this is deceiving others and myself.

After all, I have written articles for so many years, so I have to keep some bottom lines.

The day before yesterday, the Propaganda Department of the Zhejiang provincial Party committee issued an article entitled “six forms of” low-level red “and” high-level black “. It was widely circulated. In the article, it criticized the” pompous style “of exaggeration and mindless praise, and denounced” winning in China “,” winning in hemp “and” playing big chess “.

After reading this article, I lamented that our propaganda machine has finally matched the national strength.

Because the real strength is the inner strength.

If a person or a country still needs external recognition to experience the taste of being strong, it can only show that he is not strong enough. Only when he no longer needs to rely on the boasting of the outside world and dares to face his own problems directly can he be truly powerful.

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