It’s so magical! Britain, Russia and the United States join hands to devalue politicians!

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Author: Xusheng source: Xusheng (official account ID: lxlong20) has been authorized to reprint

In history, Britain and Russia were a pair of entangled friends who always loved each other and killed each other.

For most of history, Britain and Russia were hostile to each other. For example, Britain always likes to lay out around Russia to support its opponents. For example, the purpose of supporting Japan back then was to target Russia. The most typical example is that Britain supported Türkiye to win the Crimean War, which directly angered the Tsar and lost Alaskan. Now it is fully supporting Ukraine and trying to drag Russia to death.

But at the crucial moment, Britain and Russia will stand in the same trench again. For example, in the war against Napoleon, Britain and Russia had a good relationship. For example, in World War I, Britain and Russia were also basic friends in the trenches. Another example is that in World War II, Britain and the Soviet Union fought Hitler with guns.

Now, Britain and Russia have started to make trouble together again.

First of all, let’s look at Britain’s new female prime minister truss. She is a role that can be tossed about.

Let’s take a look at a picture first. This old woman standing on the tank is truss.

On November 30, 2011, Tesla took a tank for a ride while visiting Estonia.

This photo quickly stirred up waves of public opinion:

1. It seems that it’s not a good idea to go for a ride on the tank in the cold and snowy weather, which gives people the feeling of being unreliable.

2. Truss was the British Foreign Secretary at that time, and he was supposed to play the role of coordinating the relations of all parties; Running for a ride on a tank is a signal of war.

3. Truss is a woman and should release her soft attraction; Instead of acting like a war fanatic.

In fact, truss was deliberately playing that way because she wanted to imitate Mrs. Thatcher.

As we all know, Margaret Thatcher was the first female Prime Minister of Britain, known as the iron lady; When he visited Germany in 1986, he took a tank ride and won a lot of political praise.

Margaret Thatcher is the British prime minister who has been reelected for the longest time in the whole 20th century. She has made profound and extensive changes to the economic, social and cultural outlook of Britain. Her political philosophy and policies are called “Thatcherism”. In fact, her most critical contribution was to work with Reagan to deceive and disintegrate the Soviet Union.

Generally speaking, Margaret Thatcher can be called an outstanding female politician in British politics in the 20th century. Truss took a fancy to Mrs Thatcher’s political legacy and imitated her in everything.

Truss’s imitation of Thatcher’s tank for a ride is just the tip of the iceberg; She even imitated Margaret Thatcher’s dress style, words and deeds. But to tell the truth, truss is doomed to be Margaret Thatcher.

The first reason is that truss is, in the final analysis, a high imitation, which can not be compared with the authentic Thatcher.

The second reason is that truss is still trying to manage “Anti China devices” and advocates being tough on China. Because politics is in essence an art of compromise, not a single-minded call for toughness.

Although Thatcher was known as the iron lady in those days, she knew how to compromise when it was time to compromise. For example, on the issue of Hong Kong’s return, Margaret Thatcher did not pointlessly insist on being tough.

At the present stage, Britain’s Anti China policy does not conform to its national interests, but simply follows the United States in opposing China. So when truss clamored against China, she was doomed to be inferior to Thatcher. However, her series of imitations of Mrs. Thatcher will make her very cheap. After all, if the quality of the copycat version is too poor, it will also lower people’s recognition of the original version.

Truss’s predecessor was Johnson, who was also a tossing character.

But Johnson imitated Churchill.

If Margaret Thatcher is the most outstanding female politician in Britain in the 20th century, Churchill can be called the most outstanding male politician in Britain in the 20th century.

Before Johnson became prime minister, he deliberately imitated Churchill, and after taking office, he wantonly showed his toughness.

Tough Johnson first led the UK to leave the EU, and then fired Ukraine.

In a sense, there would be no war in Ukraine without the United States and Britain.

The break between Russia and Ukraine originated from the color revolution in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Color Revolution was designed by the United States (it was orchestrated by Biden when he was vice president).

But in the years before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Britain had been fanning the flames. During Johnson’s tenure, Britain provided Ukraine with military training and weapons support. After the outbreak of the war, Johnson ran to Ukraine from time to time to try to stop the peace talks between Ukraine and Russia.

Johnson’s series of seemingly tough strategies did not make him the new Churchill, but pushed Britain into the abyss of hyperinflation. So Johnson stepped down and became one of Britain’s shortest lived prime ministers.

In fact, Johnson’s way of stepping down is very disrespectful. He was ousted by his colleagues through mass resignation. On the surface, it is because of the so-called “cronyism”. In fact, everyone can’t stand him, and they can’t find an excuse to let him go.

After Johnson’s blind tossing and imitation, the original Churchill also began to depreciate. The media began to discuss that it was in Churchill’s hands that the British Empire disintegrated and became the British Empire.

Johnson, on the other hand, followed Churchill’s path to further reduce Britain’s influence in the world.

It can be expected that no one will imitate Churchill in British politics in the future. In the future, Margaret Thatcher will follow Churchill’s footsteps and devalue with truss.

Boris and truss’ main opponents are Putin.

Objectively speaking, Putin is one of the better politicians in today’s political community, so he can make Johnson and truss very embarrassed. But Putin also faces the dilemma of devaluing Peter the great.

In terms of Putin’s status and actions in Russia, he is on par with Peter the great.

The trend of the war in Ukraine is obviously not as good as Putin’s expectations.

Although some people think that Putin just wants to fight slowly and drag Europe to death. However, judging from the current situation, it is very difficult for Putin to win Ukraine. In fact, no matter whether he can win Ukraine or not, Putin cannot reach the height of Peter the great.

In history, Peter the great not only reigned for a long time, but also profoundly changed Russia, mainly in two aspects:

First, it changed the Russian system and made Russia strong. We all understand this.

Second, it has completely changed Russia’s barren scientific soil. Few people understand this. Before Peter the great, Russia was a mathematical desert. After Peter the great, there were many mathematical talents in Russia.

In contrast, Putin is likely to catch up with Peter the great only during his time in office. He has neither changed Russia’s social form nor promoted Russia’s scientific and technological progress. But now the public opinion circle often compares him with Peter the great. Over time, many people will think that Peter the great is on the same level as Putin.

At this stage, Putin’s biggest opponent is Biden. The reason why we say this stage is because Biden is likely to step down in a few years, and Putin will continue to rule Russia.

Biden often imitates Roosevelt because Roosevelt was the most outstanding Democratic president after the civil war. Roosevelt’s global layout laid the foundation for American hegemony today.

And Roosevelt was not in good health when he was in office. Now Biden is also old and often reported to be in poor health, which makes it easier to resonate with Roosevelt. Biden covets Roosevelt’s political legacy and often imitates Roosevelt in his administration. For example, relying on the “Roosevelt New Deal” to implement its own policies, and implementing assistance to Ukraine through the “lease act” is also a way to follow Roosevelt’s example in assisting Europe during World War II.

But to tell the truth, if Roosevelt were at Biden’s level, it would be difficult for the United States to have future glory. In 2020, Biden also received the highest number of votes in American history. Just two years later, Biden’s approval rating has dropped dramatically, and he is once again threatened by trump.

Whatever Biden’s election situation, his imitation of Roosevelt will devalue Roosevelt. Because after Biden, many people who do not understand history will think that Roosevelt is also Biden’s level.

Why did this happen?

The reason is very simple. This is an era lacking politicians. Politicians can’t come up with effective solutions and can only imitate politicians in history. Many times, politicians’ imitation of politicians will end up in a dilemma of “drawing a tiger but not a dog”.

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