It’s time for a clean-up!

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Although the treatment is in progress and the victim’s injury results have been reported, I still want to write two more sentences about Tangshan.

Public opinion has the logic of public opinion, one after another. Every group has seen itself and society, and they should express their emotions and yearn for justice.

However, justice has never been neutral. It is only when it is put into the specific social reality that we can see things comprehensively and thoroughly.

Tangshan, which still ranks first in Hebei’s economy, is dominated by coal, steel, machinery and other resources and manufacturing industries. In the last hot-blooded industrial era, Tangshan, an iron and steel city, stood up an unyielding backbone for the development of the Republic.

However, the times always need to develop. If we do not reflect on the past glory in time, it will become a drag on the next era.

I have said that globally, decarbonization is the general trend.

The world has entered a green and technology driven era, and the economic structure formed in the industrial era is accelerating restructuring.

The current double carbon target is a national strategy to adapt to the global economic transformation, and the task is arduous.

At present, the idea of transformation in all walks of life is to establish before breaking. But if we can’t stand up now, when we break down, we will fall into the hands of people, and there is no possibility of catching up.

Listen to me, this is not a thing to wait for.

Coerced by the trend of the times, they will be left behind if they fail to catch up. No one will pity the laggards.

Resource-based economy is easy to breed a human society and big brother culture. The violent philosophy at the bottom and the human relations at the top become the only principle of distribution.

Under the supervision of the central government, Tangshan has tried to transform itself by introducing running water from outside, but it has many difficulties.

There is no place to go if you are excluded, bullied or forced. Elder brother can’t allow new forces to challenge the mountain.

This is not unique to the north and Tangshan. The same is true of the Ruhr Industrial Zone in Germany and the Detroit Motor City in the United States.

I have also done some research work on Detroit for some time before. In fact, the specific situation is much worse than the pictures on the Internet. Detroit, on the other hand, is far from the worst in America.

This is the so-called resource curse. Once the environment in which bad money drives out good money is formed, the social environment will be like a backwater, and the younger generation will either be infected or lost.

I don’t need to look at the population of Tangshan. Closing my eyes, I guess it’s also a net outflow.

If it is not strongly maintained, the danger of housing price collapse looms in Tangshan, and the hidden dangers of urban operation are reborn.

The little things of the barbecue stand happen by chance, but the contingency is always contained in the inevitability.

I am not an idle person who has never been to the grass-roots level. I know too much about the intricate interests. Those shady activities, those insidious, those superficial and dirty collusions.

In addition to the well-known coal mines, gravel, transportation, entertainment, etc., many livelihood industries are also entrenched with hidden vampires. For example, have you ever noticed why the local dishes and meat are 10 cents more expensive than those in neighboring counties?

A trickle gathers, but it can also surge. When the white washed people came ashore, they even put on their bright skins. After drinking and preparing, they got into the gap of the national cornerstone, took root and sprouted, and had no fear.

I’ve been in the Abalone Restaurant for a long time, but I don’t smell it.

Many places have accepted this reality. If you can’t control it, you might as well ignore it.

Why not? I dare not ask.

Why is the city getting more and more gloomy? I dare not ask.

But people’s anger has been unbearable.

Some people say that Tangshan only injured a few girls, but no one died. Is it necessary to make a mountain out of a molehill?

I have nothing to say. I need it!

We are using our anger to open the way for others. We are using our anger to rush the way blocked by those who stink all over.

Just this year, Hebei has been replaced by officials who have experienced the Sino US trade war and have insight into the global economy; Tangshan is dominated by officials who have experienced the baptism of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and have insight into the green development of science and technology.

But it is easy to shake mountains, but difficult to shake people’s hearts.

The operation of order can hardly be substantially changed only by the will of the officers. After all, they are afraid and tired.

Only when all people are aware of its seriousness and harmfulness, no longer insensitive, and use their sonorous public opinion to keep the officers alert and alert at all times, can they get the brake and everything can be

There is a turn for the better.


As for what face, what should it do.

Open the lid and let the sludge see the sun, so that these bloodsuckers can panic and expose their feet, and then catch them all.

We are not spectators. Your stop, your concern and your anger are gathering forces to attack the dirt and determining the direction and conclusion of this matter.

Keep justice and win the future.

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