IV. talk about poison teaching materials | those who really want your life have always been two devils!

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Source: a bad potato (id:iamhtd)

After reading yesterday’s article “three talks on drug teaching materials – perhaps we have never understood the real root of American power!”

Some people say that American enterprises do this because American politics is correct and because American brainwashing is successful.

So what do you do? Blame America?

Yes, if American enterprises are not in line with the national direction, they will face a serious public opinion crisis, the society will die, they will be denounced, and they will lose the market of American Western Group

What about Chinese enterprises?

Our environment is much better than that of the United States. Let’s not say anything else. Some enterprises have openly jumped out to sanction Russia, some enterprises have comforted the U.S. military, and some enterprises have openly resisted going public in the United States How about singing and dancing? The products are still very popular.

What should I do?

The United States media and the country are united. The United States is politically correct in hypocrisy, so blame the United States?

The United States is brainwashing well, and we want to “internationalize”, so blame the United States?

Some people say that because the United States has a strong national power, American enterprises love the United States, and our strength is not enough.

Well, today’s China is

The second largest economy in the world

The only industrial overlord in the world

The five permanent members of the United Nations and the nuclear weapon states

The world’s largest trading nation


Is this strength not enough to be loved?

So what do you do? Blame America?

Is it true that, apart from the United States, more than 200 other countries in the world do not have the necessity or qualification to carry out patriotism education?

What about 70 years ago? More than 100 years ago? More than 180 years ago?

At that time, there was nothing in China, but people loved it!

Over the past three years, the people’s heroes who died in the people’s Liberation War and the people’s revolution will live forever!

Over the past three decades, the people’s heroes who died in the people’s Liberation War and the people’s revolution will live forever!

This goes back to 1840 years. Since then, in order to oppose internal and external enemies, strive for national independence and the people’s freedom and happiness, the people’s heroes who have died in previous struggles will be immortal!

Chinese enterprises are not as powerful as the United States, so can they be unpatriotic?

Ask Lu Zuofu, chenjiageng, xiangsongmao, why they are patriotic. Was China strong 100 years ago?

So what do you do? Blame America?

Some people say that American enterprises are all for the sake of interests. Although they listen to the government on the surface, they actually hate the national party. Are they anti American

Well, I’m not so demanding. First of all, can we listen to the government on the surface?

Even if American enterprises, American media and American people hate the United States so much that their teeth itch, and even if the American people have a Chinese heart in the United States, why is there no toxic teaching material in the United States?

What can we do? The U.S. government is strict, so blame the United States?

Many people left me a message yesterday: This is what the United States did. How can you blur the concept?

Yes, the United States did it. What can we do?

Do you think it’s obvious?

It is the United States that shows its face. This is Biden’s performance.

Who’s losing face?

Even if there is clear evidence, do you think the authorities will say that the United States did it?

No, I can’t afford to lose this man, OK!

The United States said I forced you to go to trial with a gun? I made you paint with a nuclear bomb?

My aircraft carrier surrounded you and forced your university to internationalize?

Just like Lao Wang’s wife gave Lao Wang a green hat, Lao Wang didn’t want to solve his wife’s problem first, but also went everywhere to shout?

You still think you’re showing up?

Besides, it was Lao Wang’s wife who ran out to seduce others.

Do you think Lao Wang will be pitied by others when he yells everywhere?

A normal person would think:

First, Lao Wang couldn’t control his wife;

Second, the “adulterer” has the ability

As I wrote last time, it’s easy to scold the United States, but it’s really difficult to fight against the black and evil forces.

The devil is not terrible. He can’t catch you across the Pacific Ocean, but the two devils can really kill you.

Scold the United States as an individual city, and scold the village tyrants The village bully will kill you.

It is an individual city to learn how to scold the United States.

Learning from Sima Nan who risked his life to fight against reactionary forces such as pseudoscience will come at a price!

It’s easy to donate 10billion yuan to the country. That’s not a matter.

But donating two cows is really difficult!

Some people say that your recent articles are becoming less and less passionate?

Well, I wanted to write about the Texas shooting case yesterday. After writing for a long time, I really couldn’t write any more. My own tower was stolen. In my hometown’s words, my own shop was lost. I really have no face to laugh at others.

I write articles. Anyway, I can only write real ideas. I really can’t write such an article if you let me write that heaven is living up to China.

I saw someone leave me a message for several times: the textbook has been infiltrated, which is a contradiction between ourselves and the enemy, not among the people.

You’re right, but who is the enemy?

In the international order, there is no permanent friend, only permanent interests.

In every country in the world, the enemy is not constant.

Of course, our enemy will certainly be the United States for at least a few decades in the future, but in the past few thousand years, and in the next tens of thousands of years, all countries have an eternal and common enemy.

People of all ethnic groups in the world hate this enemy.

Its name is traitor.

In China, it also has a name called traitor.

I think the foreign ministry made a very good statement last year: China never wants to surpass the United States, and China just wants to be the best China.

This is highly consistent with my belief, and it is also presented to you:

Excellent people look for reasons from themselves, while unsuccessful people always look for reasons from others.

As a big country like China, the United States and Russia, it will always be their own who can defeat them.

Just like Russia, who has caused the greatest loss to Russia since the Russo Ukrainian war? Neither the United States nor Ukraine, but the spy who gave Putin false information by the intelligence agency, messed up the whole battle plan.

Of course, we don’t need to reflect on the war between Russia and Ukraine, but when the children’s textbooks are all out of order, it’s really unreasonable not to reflect.

Of course, my article yesterday has no intention of blaming anyone, let alone anyone who is unpatriotic. I think my central idea has been very clear:

It is time for us to pay the price for our long-term slackness in patriotism education.

Some people say that I am accusing enterprises of being unpatriotic.

Sleeping trough and teaching materials have been infiltrated. I will accuse fart people of being unpatriotic. I am not so stupid, OK.

I just hope that the popularity of this article will not fall down so soon, and that it will not be settled

Fortunately, China has long been a country good at self-improvement and self correction. I believe that after this incident, the forces behind the poison teaching materials will be uprooted!

what…. What will you do if you say the matter goes away?

How could it be!

Even if it is possible, it will appear in another fantasy parallel space-time.

In another fantasy parallel space-time, what if it really ends up?

So Let me teach you a lesson.

This move can be invincible in the world if God blocks and kills God and Buddha blocks and kills Buddha.

This is what trump taught me. Its name is:

Blame America!

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