Jade faced fox was killed. Why did Zhu Bajie go up and take off his clothes?

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When the Tang Monk’s teachers and disciples passed the Flaming Mountain for scriptures, they had to go to Princess Iron Fan to put out the fire, because only her banana fan could put out the fire on the Flaming Mountain.

Monkey king thought it was a simple thing, but he didn’t expect that Princess Iron Fan not only didn’t borrow a fan, but also turned his face with him because of the red boy. Monkey king had no choice but to go to his sworn brother, ox demon king. Who knows, the ox demon king doesn’t buy it. What should I do? Then fight.

The result of the battle is that the ox demon king is afraid of one enemy and three. Just when he felt awesome, the four-way Buddha soldiers sent by Tathagata plus King Li and his son came. With the monkey king, he was surrounded by five directions.

Zhu Bajie took advantage of the opportunity, led by the land, to carry the nest of the little lover of the ox demon king, and also killed the little beauty jade faced fox. Strangely, after he was killed, he still peeled off his clothes to have a look.

Why did he do this?

In fact, it’s not only Zhu Bajie, but also Jiang Ziya who needs to strip off his clothes to kill foxes and other monsters.


At the beginning, Jiang Ziya was expelled from the school by his master. Although he can’t continue to practice with his master, he has learned something in heaven at least. In order to earn a living on earth, he set up a stall in the capital and made a living by divining for others.

After all, he followed the gods in the sky, so Jiang Ziya’s divination technology was OK in the world. Before long, he was a little famous in the capital with his superb divination technology.

After hearing the story of Jiang Ziya, a monster was upset and deliberately came to find fault. To say that this demon is also a bit of a source, because she is a fox demon sent by Empress Nuwa, and naturally she is also a little capable.

But the fox demon underestimated Jiang Ziya’s ability. As soon as she came to Jiang Ziya, Jiang Ziya immediately saw that she was a monster, and immediately pressed down her lifeline and controlled the other party. At the same time, she also took out a spell and stuck it on the monster’s forehead. Then she took off her clothes and stuck a spell on the position of her heart, which made the monster unable to move, and finally killed her. After she was killed, she was stripped and examined before she was burned.

Jiang Ziya is also a man of cultivation. Naturally, he won’t be greedy. Then why did he untie the monster’s clothes?


It turned out that a long time ago, there were often wars between the fairy world and the demon world, and monsters suffered heavy casualties. In order to prevent this phenomenon from continuing, a big man in the demon world invented a unique trick, the corpse removal method. This trick sounds terrible, but it is actually used by them to protect their lives.

How powerful is this unique skill? If a monster is killed in battle, as long as he has a trace of spiritual power, he can immediately resurrect. Many monsters deceived the enemy with this trick and picked up a life. This is also the reason why Sun monkey beat Baigujing three times before killing him.

So whether it’s Bajie or Jiang Ziya, they have to strip off their clothes to have a look after killing the monster. In fact, they are afraid that the monsters will pretend to be dead and escape by dismembering the corpse. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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