Japan has no future!

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Author: ye Lihua source: qiushichu (ID: gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

14 hospitals in Kyoto Prefecture issued a joint statement. It is said that the epidemic situation in Japan has reached the level of disaster and the medical system is collapsing.

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The spread of the epidemic in Japan has overdrawn the medical resources of the whole society. Now no hospital can accept new patients. It is impossible to get into an accident, injury or heart attack because there is really no bed.

In the past years, Japan’s epidemic prevention was all about fake coexistence and real prevention and control, and travel was restricted every day. Therefore, the epidemic was not powerful. It is also a truth that the coexistence faction in China always took Japan for example.

But this year, Japan really lay flat without epidemic prevention. Life seems normal, but a new premise has emerged. The premise of a normal life is not to get sick.

As long as you don’t get sick, life is normal. As long as you get sick, you can’t go to the hospital. Because covid-19 patients found that it was not a cold, it really had a great impact. Those who survived said the sequelae on the Internet every day, which increased the fear of the infected people. The infected people rushed to the hospital, and a large-scale medical run occurred.

What is more frightening is that the fear of spreading in the Japanese cyberspace makes people who have got covid-19 unable to get treatment. Once they hear of covid-19, the ambulances do not come. The most serious time is when the ambulances go 36 hours later. Someone had a car accident and was supposed to go to the hospital. Once the nucleic acid test was positive, the ambulance directly returned him to the accident site.

The Japanese still do not lie flat completely. According to the theory of the coexistence school, only by lying flat completely can these secondary disasters be avoided. There is a problem with the Japanese concept. When people get a new coronavirus, they will have sequelae. Why are they afraid of infecting themselves?

Japanese ambulances are the same. If people have a new crown, they should pull it. If they have a new crown, they will not be saved. They are afraid of the new crown. How can we let the coexistence faction in China take Japan as an example? You grandfathers of the coexistence faction surrendered first. How can the grandsons of the coexistence faction in China still talk about coexistence?

The Japanese man was rejected after the car accident. The Japanese old man made 100 phone calls and no one died at home. The Japanese medical service was run. The grandson of China’s coexistence faction did not say a word. It was embarrassing.

If they change their nationality to our country, they will immediately say that it is all because of epidemic prevention. Their nationality is Japan. If Japan does not prevent epidemic, the coexistence faction will not speak.

But come out and say something?

Japan has also exposed its own problems by beating China’s coexistence faction.

Internal affairs and foreign affairs are always related. We have long expected that this result will appear in Japan. This is also the fundamental reason why we have great confidence in Japan’s diplomacy.

We can talk about everything we can now. As early as July 14, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government of Japan adjusted the COVID-19 infection level to the most serious. We have noticed this for a long time.

On July 14, it was said that the infection level was adjusted to the most serious. According to the law of COVID-19 virus transmission, it would take 2-3 weeks before it could fully bloom. The bed utilization rate reached 75% – 105%, and it also took about 2-3 weeks.

The number of newly infected people per day depends on the number of people when the number of infected people is small, and the detection capacity when the number of infected people is large. The reagents are not produced out of thin air, but are all produced. There is a limit to the productivity.

Before Japan adjusted the level of infection on July 14, the reagent production capacity and labor cost in Japan were calculated to support the detection of about 100000 tubes a day. On June 19, the covid-19 symptom rate in Tokyo was about 7%, and the number of critical beds was 11%. When the Japanese government did something, that is, on July 14, the covid-19 symptom utilization rate was about 31%, and the number of critical beds was 41%.

We predict that by July 14, this wave of epidemic had only reached half of the station in Japan, with a total of 25 days from June 19 to July 14.

It will be 25 days before the epidemic in Japan reaches its peak, which is August 13.

After reaching the peak, the comprehensive breakdown of the medical system is no longer a material problem, because the material has been broken down. When to announce the breakdown has become a question of the will of Japanese medical personnel. In other words, how long the medical system can last in the case of the comprehensive breakdown depends on the will of people.

During the Second World War, the Japanese army fought a decisive battle with the US Army in Guadao. After the supply system was punctured, the Japanese army persisted from December 3, 1942 to the end of the month. This was persisted for 28 days.

During the period of Showa, the willpower can last for 28 days, and when it comes to Linghe, it can only last for 5 days. It is obvious that the Japanese are getting worse from generation to generation.

If a country wants to develop and rise, it doesn’t matter if its material strength is temporarily weak. As long as there is one breath and the spirit is still there, we can work out a new day every day.

After decades of economic development, the Japanese have completely lost their willpower. With this loss of willpower, it is the future of the country.

Since then, it has been difficult for East Asia to have a place for Japan. Japan is a country with no future.

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