Japan is destroying itself!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: planting flower city (id:hqsycn)

There is nothing important today. Let’s briefly talk about a mistake Japan is making.

Since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Japan has continued to attack Russia. It has not only advanced and retreated with Europe and the United States, but has always stood in the front line of sanctions against Russia. It has also proposed reforming the Security Council, embargoing Russian coal, setting a ceiling on Russian oil, and challenging the South Kuril Islands.

In addition, Japan continues to find fault on the Diaoyu Islands, cooperate with NATO to reach out to the Asia Pacific region, and cooperate with the United States to contain China.

Japan’s actions will have three consequences:

1. Destroy the delicate balance between Europe and Asia and bring trouble to yourself

There is a delicate balance between China, Russia, East Asia and Europe. Europe and Russia cannot move eastward, and East Asia and China cannot touch Europe.

Whoever breaks this rule will only aggravate his own pressure.

This is also the reason why Russia has not been involved in the East and South China seas, and China has not been involved in European affairs such as the Black Sea and Ukraine. If Russia violates this rule, it will face dual pressure from Europe and East Asia, as will China.

Similarly, Europe cannot touch East Asia, and East Asia cannot intervene in Europe, otherwise they will face simultaneous pressure from China and Russia. Therefore, Europe, whether France or Germany, sent warships to the Asia Pacific region earlier, but their meaning can be understood by everyone, just to give face to the boss of the United States and come here symbolically.

But now, NATO and Japan and South Korea seem intent on breaking this balance. NATO intends to expand in the Asia Pacific region, while Japan’s behavior is as described above.

NATO will not talk about it for the time being, but only Japan. It not only attacked Russia, but also went to Europe to attend the NATO summit, which will lead to Japan facing pressure from China and Russia at the same time. The problem is that the United States is still not good enough. Can Japan really withstand the pressure from two big countries at the same time?

Medvedev said recently that Japan may not get oil and gas from Russia;

On July 4, Chinese and Russian warships appeared in the waters of Diaoyu Island almost at the same time;

At the end of June, the Chinese Fleet circled the Japanese island for a week;


A series of actions between China and Russia have attracted Japan to scream, constantly protesting, protesting and protesting again!

? video screenshot of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida

2. Japan may lose technology and future

The world science and technology center has been constantly shifting, from Europe to the United States. Now there is a view that a new round of science and technology center transfer is taking place in the world, from the United States to the Asia Pacific, mainly East Asia.

In this situation, Japan and South Korea should cooperate vigorously with China to welcome the arrival of the “science and technology center”, but Japan runs counter to it and engages in confrontation.

China’s rise is inevitable. Japan’s scientific and technological strength in the 1990s has now been almost defeated. If we miss this era again and miss this major opportunity, we may lose the future.

3. Betting on the United States may not be lucky again

In the early years of the confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union, the reason for the failure of the Soviet Union has been the focus of historians and international political scientists. Although some people have written millions of words into a book, they still can’t tell the whole truth one by one.

The author doesn’t want to describe it in detail, but only the core factors. There are many reasons for the failure of the Soviet Union, but the most critical point is that the United States’ scientific and technological strength is unique (the Soviet Union’s science and technology is only strong in aerospace and military industry), and science and technology is the primary productive force. Therefore, the Soviet Union, which is less productive than the United States, will eventually lose the United States.

Now the three powers of China, the United States and Russia are competing. The really wise countries all know to be as “neutral” as possible, while Japan chooses to stand on the side and bet on the United States.

The problem is that in today’s global technology, although the United States’ comprehensive strength is still the strongest, it is difficult to excel alone. The old technology has been chased more and more, and the distance is getting closer and closer; Future technologies such as AI, quantum computing, artificial sun, Internet of things and so on have also made everyone move forward together. In particular, China and the United States are equally divided, even surpassing the United States in 5g and other directions.

When the United States cannot dominate in science and technology, it means that it cannot ride the dust in the direction of productivity. Therefore, the United States may not be as lucky as the United States and the Soviet Union in the past.

Naturally, the outcome of Japan bound to the American ship can also be imagined.

In the past, a careless move led to Japan’s “loss of 30 years”. Now if Japan makes another directional mistake, it may lose more than 30 years.

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